When it concerns the ideal portable induction cooktops, Secura has actually a lot of trust and happy customers.

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It’s one of the leading tiny appliance manufacturers in phibìc America and also has marketed 8 million products in the united state alone. They have two popular brands under which they have induction cooktops and also other little appliance – Secura and Duxtop.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Secura 9100mc portable induction cooktop.

The ideal thing about Secura 9100mc portable Induction cooktop is the 15 power levels (up come 1800w). At this price range, most of the induction cooktops come v a strength level 1500 watts max. 1800w provides its performance capability a rise with lessened time in cooking.

1800 Watts makes it high performance and permits you to cook food much faster and more efficiently.

It has great and huge temperature varieties which are an ext than the conventional portable induction cooktop This adapts to the cuisines needs of different varieties of consumers easily.

Before we jump into the an excellent and bad of the Secura induction cooktop, let me conveniently give friend a summary of the product.

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How Secura 9100mc portable induction works

Secura 9100mc Portable Induction Cooktop – Product Description

Place the Secura induction cooktop unit on dry, stable and level non-metallic surface.

Allow at the very least 4 inch gap in between each next of the induction for suitable ventilation.

Place the cookware with the food over the induction follow to the alignment that the heating element and also plug in the cord. Switch the induction on v power ~ above button. The default power mode setting of 5 will be displayed in the LED display. Press the + or – buttons to rise or diminish the power. Similarly, the default temperature mode switch is 320 Fahrenheit. Push the + or – buttons to readjust the temperature setting. The fan beneath will begin to run.

If you do not call for a particular temperature setup it is far better to cook under strength setting. For boiling, power setting should it is in used and also for frying temperature setting should be used. This is since a integrated micro procedure monitor regulates the cookware temperature to the preset temperature to prevent burning the food.

Similarly, frying or browning under power mode might overheat the cooktop and also lead to damages of the cooktop and the cookware.

To use the automatic timer, push the timer button. 0 will certainly be displayed in the LED readout. Use the + and – buttons to collection the desired food preparation time. The timer has actually 1-minute intervals each time the switch is pressed. Press and hold for rapid increase or to decrease of time. Time can likewise be readjusted at any type of time during operation. When the time has actually passed the cooktop will certainly beep and also shut down.

After food preparation the cooktop will certainly flash hot and also fan will certainly run because that 2-3 minute to cool the Induction. The security indicator will turn from hot to cool. After this, the is for sure to clean through a mild solution and also a wet cloth. When it is clean, wipe v a dried cloth. It is a an excellent idea to safeguard the cooktop unit indigenous dust by putting a sheathe on it when it is not in use.

Caution while making use of Secura 9100mc Induction

Do not location objects weighing an ext than 25 pounds ~ above the cooktop.

Make sure the cool wait inlet is not blocked and also neither should the area approximately the fan. Clean it off debris from time come time.

Do not place objects affected by a magnet like a credit transaction card, radio, tv near the induction while the is switched on.

To prevent stray radiations, always place the cookware very first and climate switch on the Induction.

Never block the rear or political parties of the induction. Constantly keep a distance of 4 customs for proper ventilation.

Clean it just after switching it off and removing from the socket. Eliminate the plug after ~ the cool indication has flashed. Avoid cleaning the cooktop with metal scouring pads and also abrasives. Never immerse the cooktop or the cord in water.

Customer Care

Secura Duxtop inductions offer an excellent customer care support on your website. Because that safety and liability, they need proof the purchase, product name and model number, and also detailed information about the issue. The an answer is fast within 48 hours. As a method, they favor to interact via email fairly than phone because that product connected questions.

They likewise have excellent customer care company via telephone for checking the condition of order distribution when the stimulate is placed directly with them.

They room also accessible on Amazon and Amazon has an excellent tracking device for customers to see their order and to track the delivery.


The manufacturer that Duxtop induction cooker warrants to the initial purchaser the the cooktop will certainly be complimentary from any defects when used normally for 1 year after ~ the date of purchase. This applies when you have actually purchased native an authorized reseller or directly from the distributor.

In situation of damage, the manufacturer has the ideal to view and also inspect the damaged product. All price of shipping the damaged product because that inspection and warranty will be borne by the purchaser. Proof of initial receipt is required.


Duxtop induction experts have manufactured wonderful Secura 9100mc 1800w portable Induction cooktop.

This beats all cooktops due to superior performance. It screens an elegant user-friendly architecture with slick black color. What’s an ext endearing is that is lightweight and angled regulate panel because that a better experience.

The control panel is simple to understand and operate and fulfills all the necessary requirements the the cooktop. It does not have facility features and also operations and this renders it easy to use and a favorite among the masses.

The integrated safety features include a crown come the already top-notch cooktop. Secura uses the finest quality and also comfort in this portable induction.

It is easy to clean and also maintain as result of its material and making. The voltage alarm is not found usually in other induction cooktops. This is a highly desirable feature in those locations where over there is higher voltage fluctuation.

Higher strength levels ensure speedy cooking procedure. You can say goodbye come long-lasting cookings in the kitchen.

It has a vast array of strength levels and also temperature level to choose from. The integrated timer ensures hassle-free food preparation as over there is no must keep one eye on the Induction.

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Built-in micro procedure monitors control the cooking process and create a safe atmosphere for cooking. They offer a pleasant stress-free cooking experience, unlike any kind of other cooktop.