Now we"re rolling. After part technical difficulties that delay the release of the first two hidden fight stars below inFortnite,we"re now back to our consistent schedule of searching down free battle stars within of loading screens. A slightly elevated schedule, actually, because it looks like we"re getting free battle stars every week now. They"re a little bit simpler to achieve than they provided to be, together well: this time every you have to do is complete three goals in every little thing the restricted time mission is this week. In this situation it"s referred to as "The Leftovers", and also today we got the drop of the third difficulty necessary to unlock the loading screen. So review on for a map, guide and also location for wherein to discover the battle star surprise in "The Leftovers" loadings screen.

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Let"s take it a look at the screen:

This one is a tiny tough, mostly since of the means that whatever in this admittedly awesome picture is very dark. However if girlfriend look closely, you can see a acquainted ice cream head top top the van there:

So that"s wherein we"re going: to the SofDeez ice cream Cream shop in the desert. It"s close to the racetrack, in the direction of the eastern edge that the map. Here"s where you desire to drop:

Note that this is one old map indigenous the start of the season, however the relevant parts are the same. As soon as you gain down to the ice cream cream shop, cave a best inside the store. The battle star is ~ above the respond to by a soda machine. Here"s what that looks favor on the ground:

Just run in and also grab it come grab you yourself a cost-free tier. As usual, this won"t be available unless you"ve gained access to the loading display in the very first place, yet you have actually a couple of more days to acquire that excellent if friend didn"t acquire it ideal away. All you need to do is complete any kind of of the three objectives before the mission goes away next week, so the really shouldn"t it is in too lot of a problem.

Check back for an ext as the season progresses. The mission system is an odd adjust to the difficulty format, but I much prefer these to the old daily challenges.

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