Weekly challenges are now accessible to all users. Keeping track of all these challenges at the end of the season is going to it is in an uphill task. Instead, it’s ideal if all the difficulties are completed the exact same week it comes out. The majority of these obstacles involve landing and eliminating opponents. In short, these difficulties can be completed with the aid of “Team Rumble” mode.

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Unlike the previously days, Team Rumble is no much longer an LTM and it looks favor it is a permanent part of the game’s playlist. Re-spawning promises you activity with the tools you already had. Hence, because that elimination challenges, make certain you reach the location early to obtain those kills. Psychic the storm closes in quite fast and watch out for those supply drops.

Season 8 – mainly 2 complete Cheat Sheet


The above Twitter user, SquatingDog has uploaded a cheat sheet because that Week-2 challenges.

Here’s the encourage order to follow while completing the challenges.

Challenges to finish While play Solo:

Land at the Block, Dusty, Polar Peak, Snobby and Paradise PalmsVisit the north, south, east and west end of the mapUse Campfires and also Medkits

The first two challenges are usually “landing spot challenges” and can be done back-to-back if in the solo mode. In the team rumble mode, due to the fact that the re-spawning choice is accessible it’s most likely you’ll forget to usage campfires and medkits. Hence complete the “campfire and also medkits” an obstacle is Solo/Squad/Duo modes.

The ones the finish rapid (such as the landing challenges) ideally have actually multiple areas in them. Don’t it is in bothered about finishing with a win, rather press for a much faster game-play when the challenge is done.

Challenges to complete in Team Rumble

Deal damages to supply dropsGet 3 eliminations at Haunted Hills or salty SpringsSearch Chests in multiple locationsDeal damages with pirate cannons

Team Rumble attributes multiple it is provided drops at various stages the the match. As soon as the one is decided you deserve to see various supply drops marked on the map. Shoot the parachute transporting the supply box for 200 Hp and also the difficulty is done. Finding a supply box is reasonably easy in Team Rumble.

The glider re-deploy feature is accessible in team rumble indigenous the an extremely start. Rotations between multiple locations are faster and easier. Make certain to open chests while relocating about. A total of 3 chests in ~ multiple places are needed. Top top re-spawning make certain you switch places to finish this an obstacle easily.

Dealing damage with Pirate cannons is the trickiest/hardest difficulty of the bunch. The bulk of the streamers perfect this an obstacle by heading straight to Lazy Lagoon and also hoping for opponents to show up. Apart from Lazy lagoon, you deserve to refer to the cheat sheet for multiple locations where you can discover pirate cannons.

The an essential is come observe whereby the last circle is most likely to end up. Once the circle is finalized, consult the cheat sheet and also head to a ar where you can get a pirate cannon. After ~ you acquire hold the one, make sure you stick with it throughout the match and also keep shooting cannons in ~ opponent’s structures that room being built. The cannons deserve to break through structures and also cause damages to opponents.

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That’s pretty lot what you’ll have to do to complete this week’s challenges.

How many obstacles of mainly 1 have actually you finished? have actually you finished the “Deal damages using Pirate Cannons” challenge?