Source: CBS.comLast week’s illustration of Scorpion sent out a few of the team members spiraling into a horrifying alternate reality sparred by their deepest fears. Wow, that sounds familiar. Oh wait! almost that specific same phrase deserve to be supplied to define the “Playtest” illustration of black Mirror! except instead the a virtual video clip game reality, Happy, Sylvester, and Cabe room trapped inside their own heads ~ they room exposed come a deadly, hallucination-inducing fungus. They are all trapped in separate rooms that the facility and if they are exposed to the fungus for too long they will die, so it’s a gyeongju to save their lives.

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What i really enjoyed about this particular episode the Scorpion to be the intimate watch we ultimately get right into Happy’s mind. Over the food of the series, Happy Quinn has actually grown indigenous a quiet, emotionally detached, blowtorch yielding badass to a caring, also at time sensitive, blowtorch yielding badass. There have been many of times and also scenes wherein Happy lets a little of feeling out and viewers have the right to infer the resource of her pain, but this illustration actually permits us to view Happy’s fears together she look at them. This is especially an effective when we discover that Happy’s innermost fear is being left alone, together a son at the orphanage and now together an adult, through Toby. The sequence is an especially heartbreaking due to the fact that we know that Happy’s reluctance to be with Toby stemmed from the fear that he can one day flourish disinterested and also leave her.

But of course, we know Toby Curtis and also we know that there is nothing in the world he loves more than Happy, and also he walk on come proclaim such in a beautiful speech. AHH i LIVE for QUINTIS MOMENTS!

Next we view that Sylvester’s deepest fear is… chickens? Yes, literal chickens. However also, quite poetically, his deepest fear is gift a chicken himself. In the middle of Sylvester’s effort to win a local election (a plot point which has actually spanned most of season 3), Sylvester must confront a hard opponent in an upcoming debate, and Paige talks him through his fears till he is able to rid himself of the hysteria and also get the end of the room.

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Finally, we view that Cabe’s are afraid is obtaining older, i m sorry is imagined with Cabe in a 50s sitcom. It’s approximately Walter to pull Cabe the end of his hallucination, and at very first he doesn’t think he will be able to because he doesn’t understand just how to attend to an feel as complicated as fear. Paige help him by saying Walter’s greatest are afraid is troubles he can’t solve and also saving Cabe is he trouble right currently so he must face his are afraid or rather Cabe will certainly die. The entirety episode is very meta. Walter brings his reasonable to the are afraid issue, questioning why precisely Cabe fears acquiring older in the an initial place. The determines the it is not since Cabe fear death, together Cabe constantly faces the opportunity of fatality through his occupational at Scorpion. Rather, what Cabe truly fears is ending up being weak. Walter explains that Cabe is the strongest male he has ever known and also age does not make you weak, yet is a collection of strength.

The three face their fears and make it the end of the infected building, however not prior to we’re giving a glance of what appears to be Paige’s biggest are afraid — Walter do out v a really hot girl. I’m not even kidding. The moment is simply a few seconds long, yet it appears Paige and Walter really have actually some points to speak out. GOD once ARE THEY just GOING TO get TOGETHER?! 

They do it ago to LA whereby Sylvester wins his conflict thanks to his recently learned capability to challenge his fears and we’re left through an adorable scene of Happy dreaming that her and Toby met countless years ago as children and were always meant to it is in together. AWWW!

So when will Paige & Walter actually get together? that anyone’s guess. Will certainly Waige be the season’s large finale moment, or will certainly the authors opt for heartbreak end romance?