Coronavirus Update: In accordance v recommended safety protocols and government orders, our office is closed come the public and we room operating remotely in ~ this time. Our priority is the safety and security of our clients, staff, and community. We continue to accept brand-new clients and offer digital appointments in addition to phone call conferences. Give thanks to you because that your ongoing trust in Schulte Anderson.

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Who us Are

Schulte AndersonDownes Aronson & Bittner, PC

Of modest size but huge in ambition and ability. The is a expression that describes both Portland, Oregon and also Schulte Anderson. In end 100 years in the City the Roses, our firm has actually grown and matured through the city we speak to home. Native a pioneer town recognized for timber and agriculture in the 1800s to a high tech hub and a leader in sustainability in the 2000s, Portland has consistently revolutionized herself so to continue to be relevant and vital. Schulte Anderson complies with that Oregon born spirit and also has itself grown and adjusted over the years relocating from the banking and real heritage law emphasis at its founding in 1909 come the litigation focused firm it is today. Like the city we contact home we have actually grown and also we have changed over the years, and like Portland has stayed true come the pioneer spirit she was established under, we have actually stayed true come the principles of ours founders namely of providing value and also service come the client.

Where us Are


811 Southwest Naito ParkwaySuite 500Portland, OR 97204(map + directions)


(503) 223-4131 tel(503) 223-1346 faxcontact


Family regulation is not simply divorces and also child support, it likewise includes custody, visitation, and domestic partnerships. Ours attorneys are some of the optimal in Oregon. That is the representation you want.


Disagreements cannot be fixed without assistance. Our litigation team handles every little thing from personal injury instances to catastrophic landslides. Even if it is a service deal, neighbor dispute, or an accident, we can help.


811 Southwest Naito ParkwaySuite 500Portland, OR 97204

(503) 223-4131 | tel(503) 223-1346 | faxcontact

Thomas A. BittnerMichael J. FearlSimon J. HardingGuy KeatingPeter DiamondAmy D. FasslerWilliam J. MartinMatthew K. SorensonStephanie K. RempelLee AronsonWilliam F. Schulte

FamilyLawAppealsChild CustodyChild RepresentationDivorceDomestic PartnershipsMediationsModification the JudgementsParenting TimePreemarital AgreementsCollaborative Divorce

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