1 Hakone Gardens21000 big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070An oasis of serenity in the love of Saratoga, California, Hakone Gardens is just one of the oldest Japanese gardens in the West. A timeless timeless Japanese-style estate has a selection of distinctive gardens through their very own atmosphere: A koi pond, moon bridge, dried landscape, lush bamboo grove, and more. A strolling garden consists of a grassy hill and also a pond, and also a traditional tea home offers warm cups of green tea. The cultural Exchange facility is located in a faithful reproduction of a 19th century home and also shop that a Kyoto tea merchant. The heritage sprawls across 18 acre on the Saratoga hills, overlooking Silicon Valley. That is noted on the national Register of historic Places.​Phone: 408-741-4994

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3 Montalvo arts Center15400 Montalvo Rd, Saratoga, CA 95071The Montalvo Arts center is a facility for the arts in Saratoga, California, snuggled in the foothills the the Santa Cruz Mountains. It contains an art and cultural center, a park v hiking trails, and the historic Villa Montalvo. The villa is a Mediterranean revival mansion built in 1914 for California business man James Duval Phelan. ~ Phelan died, the whole estate was donated to the State of California come be provided as a park and also later together a social and art center. The villa and the arts facility sit ~ above 175 acres with several big buildings surrounding by gardens and also natural areas. The center has two theaters, an art gallery, and an artist residency complex. Besides hosting arts exhibitions, the mansion also hosts plenty of weddings and other celebrations.​Phone: 408-961-5858

5Fremont older Open an are PreserveEntrance in Cupertino, CA 95014Fremont larger Open space Preserve is a 739-acre park in Santa Clara County, California. The park has actually 14.7 miles of long walking trails, almost every one of them open up to horseback riders and also bikers. Previously owned by mountain Francisco newspaper editor Fremont Older, the residential or commercial property was purchase by the ar in 1975. Older's house, recognized as Woodhills, is a exclusive property but allows guided tours. It has an exciting architecture, combining the shingle style and modern movement. Several of the most interesting spots in the park room a 900-foot bald hilltop referred to as Hunter's Point, famed for spectacular see of the south Bay Area, Maisie's Peak, the highest suggest in the park, and Garrod Farms.​Phone: 650-691-1200


9 The Plumed Horse14555 big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070An elegant restaurant situated in a little bungalow in downtown Saratoga is a favourite for the Silicon valley elite as soon as they have actually a one-of-a-kind occasion. The large dining room with white tablecloths, fiber-optic chandeliers hanging native vaulted ceiling, and a substantial glass-fronted alcohol cellar produce the vibe of standard luxury in a 21st century setting. The open up kitchen to produce a show for the dimers and also sends out pieces of edible art. The menu is California at its best, through imaginative combine of ingredients and unexpected treats such as southern Texas antelope v blueberry sauce served with parsnip and also Brussels sprouts. The best deal is chef’s tasting menu. Pair the with some of their outstanding wine choice and a white coco mousse because that dessert and also you will be in a gourmet heaven.​Phone: 408-867-4711

11South Bay music Theater13777 Fruitvale Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070South Bay musical Theatre, originally established as the Saratoga Drama Group, has been entertain the southern Bay Area v high-quality musical theater for an ext than 50 years. Every annual season presents three completely staged productions through their very own live orchestra. Your program includes both musical classics and also less known yet equally entertaining shows. The theatre was formed in 1963 by the Saratoga Federated Church. The theater team presented at an early stage productions in the Saratoga church’s Richards Hall. As the audiences prospered too huge for its existing venue, the team moved to the 300-seat Saratoga the supervisory board Chambers. The program additionally grew and also started presenting bay Area premiers of famous Broadway musicals such together Mame, Hello, Dolly, and also State Fair. In addition, their continuous season featured specials such together the Night tourists at Christmas time.​Phone: 408-266-4734
13Saratoga space Trail28700 CA-9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006The Saratoga void Trail is a 4.7-mile-long partial loop trail, considered fairly an overwhelming and seldom crowded. The trail deserve to be hiked year round, yet it is ideal in so late winter and spring once Castle Rock drops is at its peak. The trace starts in ~ 3,090 feet and it gains one more 1,000 feet in elevation. Part sections of the trail space pretty steep, and also there are segments that require quick scrambles on exposed, narrow courses with upright drop-offs. The finest view the the waterfall as it autumn 75 feet is native the viewing platform at about 3.85 miles. Saratoga void Trail is considered one of the finest hikes in the just Area.​Phone: 650-691-1200
15Cooper-Garrod legacy Vineyards22645 Garrod Rd, Saratoga, CA 95070The Garrod household farm was developed in 1892, and also the family members started a wine making operation a year later after to buy the land native the mountain Eden Orchard and Vineyard Company. They well-known that sunny days, cool nights, a long farming season, and also the high altitude of the Santa Cruz mountains are appropriate for world-class wines. By 1972, the old grapevines had been replaced with varieties that would thrive in this microclimate. The vineyards now occupy 120 acres over Saratoga, consisting of 28 acres with 7 varietals indigenous the four main grape-growing areas of France. The estate’s historic tasting room, named the Fruit House, is open up daily and also with their selected wines they offer charcuterie, artisan cheeses, olives, and also crackers.​Phone: 408-867-7116
17Mindego Ridge Tasting Room14598 big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070Mindego Ridge is a little 10-acre vineyard and also winery perched on a south dealing with slope in the Santa Cruz Mountains, just 8 miles from the Pacific. The vineyard produces 100% estate get an impressive pinot noir and chardonnay do in tiny lots with minimal intervention. Mindego Ridge share a tasting room with Lexington wine Co., offering little batch Bordeaux varietal wines made from grapes native the very same area and produced making use of the exact same style. The tasting room is located in downtown Saratoga, supplying informative alcohol tasting experiences generally attended through the proprietors and winemakers the Mindego Ridge Vineyard and also Lexington alcohol Co. Walk-in visitors space welcome. The available five-wine flight is continually changing.​Phone: 408-647-2579
19The Basin14572 large Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070The basin is an upscale yet unpretentious American eatery, spacious and also bright and also with a emphasis on necessary produce and sustainable seafood. This popular Saratoga restaurant in the Madronia historic Area offers a classic American menu with a strong Spanish and Italian influence and enough the their own twist ~ above the everyone’s favourite to make them much more interesting. There is a lover patio, i m sorry is a bit much less noisy. The menu has a nice choice of small plates such as the lamb sliders, paella pequena, burrata and truffle fries. The fresh shucked oysters and house cured wild salmon are superb, and so is the Pork N’ Clams through a tenderloin native Snake river Farms and littleneck clams. They market 18 rotating wines through the glass, around 100 in bottles, and also imaginative handmade cocktails and also beer.​Phone: 408-867-1906
21The hill Winery14831 Pierce Rd, Saratoga, CA 95070The hill Winery in Saratoga, California, to be originally called the Paul Masson hill Winery and belonged come Paul Masson, a pioneer that wine farming in California. The winery is recognized as a California historic Landmark and has had actually a long and also turbulent history. It stopped producing wine in 1952 and became a concert venue, hosting few of the music greats such together Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, Carlos Santana, and also Ray Charles. The estate started making alcohol again in 2004 together the hill Winery through the well known winemaker Jeffrey Patterson, planting 3.5 acres of pinot noir and 2.5 acre of chardonnay. The winery is currently open because that tours and also their really popular tasting room in Saratoga is a good spot to try their great wines in a warm atmosphere, surrounded by paintings of the vineyard and also the property by Ansel Adams.​Phone: 408-741-2822
2 big Basin Vineyards Tasting Room14598 big Basin way Suite B, Saratoga, CA 95070​Big container Vineyards was founded in 1998 on one old ranch cleared up in the so late 1800s in the Santa Cruz Mountains, simply next to huge Basin Redwoods State Park. French immigrants started wine grape farming on the ranch in the early on 1900s. Large Basin Vineyards are well known for your 2015 coast Grade Pinot Noir, which was selected as one of the finest wines in the people by alcohol & soul Magazine. Vineyard has a beautiful tasting room in downtown Saratoga, with a cozy indoor room that doubles as a collection for regional artists and also a charming stone patio surrounded by flower bushes. They market five-glass flights of their rotating wine choice and pair wines from their cellar through live music top top Throwback Thursday.​Phone: 408-564-7346
4 Sanborn Park16055 Sanborn Rd, Saratoga, CA 95070Hugging the steep political parties of a canyon on the slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Sanborn ar Park spreads end 3,453 acres alongside Castle absent State Park. The park is densely forested through towering redwoods, coastline live oak, huge leaf maple, Pacific madrone, and tanbark oak. The trees administer pleasant the shade year round, making the park very popular v hikers from adjacent Saratoga. The very first part the the only Area Ridge trace passes with the park. The follow extends along the high ridge that the Santa Cruz Mountains and eventually i do not care the Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail, which continues to the Pacific Ocean. The whole Bay Area Ridge follow is 500 miles long and circles the whole Bay Area. The Lake Ranch Reservoir, a tiny hill lake, is also part of the park. It have the right to be got to using a steep canyon trail in ~ the end of Sanborn Road.​Phone: 408-867-9959
6Mount Eden Vineyards22020 Mt Eden Rd, Saratoga, CA 95070Mount Eden Vineyards is a little wine estate around 50 miles south of san Francisco, situated at 2,000 feet in the Santa Cruz Mountains and also overlooking Silicon Valley. The winery was founded in 1945 and is among the initial California “boutique” wineries. They emphasis on small lots the pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon and also chardonnay. Mountain Eden’s low-yielding estate vineyards room planted in austere, infertile shale on a cool and also exposed mountaintop, and also they have developed high-class wines for an ext than half a century. Mountain Eden does not have a tasting room, but it does sell weekday tours of the upper wine cellar that include a tasting of three of your wines, as well as a sit tasting two Saturdays a month.​Phone: 408-867-5832
8 Skyline come the Sea Trail15451 CA-35, Los Gatos, CA 95033The Skyline-to-the-Sea trail is a renowned 29.5-mile hiking trail the runs down the ridge of the Santa Cruz mountains to the Pacific Ocean. That passes v two huge parks: castle Rock State Park and large Basin Redwoods State Park, the earliest state park in California. The trail overcome by a number of beautiful waterfalls and through several of the oldest, largest, and tallest redwood woodlands left in the world. The follow starts on the ridge at Saratoga Gap, in ~ the intersection the Skyline Boulevard and also SR 9. Countless hikers like to start at lock Rock. Most hikers take three days to finish the entire trail, going from the ridge come the ocean. Over there is a 31-mile ultra-running race on this trail a pair times a year. A detour come Berry Creek trail to view the waterfalls or to continue to be at the camp at Sunset follow Camp add to 2.7 miles to the hike, but it is well worth it.​Phone:831-338-8861
10House family Vineyards13336 Old Oak Way, Saratoga, CA 95070House family members Vineyards winery is situated on 73-acre household compound over Saratoga, California. The House family members Estate wines are mostly made native grapes get an impression in their very own Old Oak Vineyard ~ above the estate, but they additionally use grapes from several very closely selected California vineyards the have free terroir and also are farmed in the same high-touch style. House household Vineyards winery is known for the compensation winning merlot, chardonnay, Syrah, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and also Petit Verdot made from grapes get an impression on their estate. They additionally make sauvignon blanc, zinfandel and pinot noir using grapes from other vineyards. Their Vineyard allude Tasting Room is open up on weekends and also offers panoramic views of the Santa Cruz Mountains and also Silicon Valley.​Phone: 800-975-7191
12Saratoga Quarry Park22000 conference Springs Rd, Saratoga, CA 95070Located simply a quick drive from downtown Saratoga, Saratoga Quarry Park is a serene and picturesque 64-acre haven native the constant hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley. Saratoga Quarry Park supplies a glimpse into the previous and accessibility to the Santa Cruz Mountains. In the at an early stage 1900s, there to be two active lime quarries top top the site, convert in 1908 into a gravel quarry and closed by the county in 1967. Ar employees installed picnic tables, barbecue pits, and play areas and also brought their family members for picnics, parties, and also weddings. The City the Saratoga to buy the property in 2011, with a preservation easement the assures that it will certainly be provided as a organic scenic space.​Phone: 408-868-1259
14Garrod farms Riding Stables22647 Garrod Rd, Saratoga, CA 95070Garrod farms was established in 1892 by the Garrod family, i beg your pardon emigrated from southerly England. The farm switched from farming to riding stables ~ the second world war, with ten horses. They opened the stables for service in 1962, adding barns and also an arena. Today, Garrod ranches occupies 120 acres with pastures, stables, vineyards, and also family homes. They have access to 23 mile of beautiful riding trails on the Fremont larger Open an are Preserve. They market guided tours, talk lessons, camps and horse boarding, steed riding classes for teenagers, and also group and also private lessons. Garrod farms is residence to world and also national champion vaulters and vaulting teams. Vaulting is the arts of gymnastics on horseback.​Phone: 408-867-9527
16California survival School23600 huge Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070California survive School uses the new kind of entertainment and also team-building experience that by much surpasses a job of bowling or golfing. Their wilderness-based adventures take any type of team’s soft skills and techniques to the next level with a series of wildly exciting outdoor survival difficulties at one of their distinct outdoor locations. The training is led through nature awareness and primitive survival experts with decades of experience. Lock teach essential survival skills such building a friction fire and a primitive shelter, animal tracking, camouflage, finding wild edibles, and rock blade making. The training not only offers a superb team building experience, but likewise leaves all participants armed with actual outdoor survival expertise that can one day save their life. California survival School has actually a network of places for your courses, including one in a personal redwood grove in ~ Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards in Saratoga, California.​Phone: 877-256-3214
18Lexington wine Co.19501 Skyline Blvd, Woodside, CA 94062Lexington alcohol Co. Produce wines indigenous grapes grown in high-elevation mountain vineyards on the slopes that the Santa Cruz Mountains. Their goal is to make unique and also distinctive wines that room representative the the far land they come from. Many of the grapes provided by Lexington wine Co. Come indigenous Gist Ranch vineyard, located at an elevation of 2,400 feet on the Pacific bowl in Santa Cruz County. The cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, sauvignon blanc, and semillon vines to be planted in 2000 through the Fogarty family. The wines are made to it is in not conventionally Californian, through a vibrant energy, depth, and complexity. Your wines are available directly native Lexington wine Co. Or from the small tasting room in downtown Saratoga lock share with Mindego Ridge Vineyard.​Phone: 408-647-2579
20Big container Burger Bar14413 big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070Big container Burger Bar is a lively, upscale, an extremely popular eatery In downtown Saratoga well-known for the superb burgers, excellent an option of craft beers, and fun atmosphere. That is a ar to get along with friends or co-workers for lunch, after-work drinks, or dinner. Your burgers space made from grass-fed beef, natural turkey, or essential bison. The most popular option is the “make your own burger”, v hundreds of options for developing a perfect meal. Burger Bar likewise serves gourmet salads and also fabulous appetizers (try the Crab Mango stack – layered crab meat, avocados, mango salsa, and also micro p sprouts). Inspect out their residence special that the week, there is constantly something interesting.​Phone: 408-647-2136

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22Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards23600 congress Springs Rd, Saratoga, CA 95070Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards is located on 53 acres in the east foothills that the Santa Cruz Mountains, just over Saratoga and also the well known Silicon Valley. The vineyard is ideal known for your pinot noir wines do from estate and also other regional grapes. The winery additionally produces award-winning zinfandel wines, do from the original zinfandel vines planted ~ above the estate in 1910. These vines are the oldest still producing zinfandel vines in California. The estate also grows cabernet franc, planted in 1920, chardonnay, port, and also a number of other varietals. The vineyard is open for tours and the winery’s famous historic Redwood Tasting Room uses all their good wines and also live piano music on Saturdays and Sundays.​Phone: 408-741-2934