To make reservation in breakthrough you need a valid ID. Or MX- counsel i would or Sellers Permit and also Business License. You may purchase a an are the same day of the event. A brand-new seller have the right to come double a year without a seller permit.It is compelled to salary the City license at the moment of your purchase. Through the 3rd visit, Seller must existing their Seller Permit v the Swap Meet resolve & our service License indigenous city of san Fernando. Sellers that don’t purchase the City company License would have to pay $12.00 dollars, every time when a seller purchases a space. Located at these locations:

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State board of Equalization 25360 Magic mountain Parkway, Suite 330 Floor Santa Clarita, CA 91355 661-222-6000
san Fernando service License City Hall mountain Fernando 117 McNeil St. $100.00/yr san Fernando Ca, 91340
health and wellness Permit 14500 Roscoe Blvd. Fifth Floor Panorama City, CA 91402 818-672-2200

reservation office opens up monday 8:00-2:00pm & thursday 6:30-1:00pm & friday 6:30-2:00pm tuesday & saturday & sunday 6:30-2:30pm

an are Types Monthly Price daily Price
Tuesday Regular Space $125.00 $45.00
Fence/Corner $145.00 $50.00
Discount Space $120.00 $30.00
Thursday Regular Space $64.00 $20.00
Fence/Corner $84.00 $26.00
Friday Regular Space $64.00 $20.00
Fence/Corner $84.00 $21.00
Saturday Regular Space $180.00 $70.00
Fence Space $200.00 $80.00
Corner Space $245.00 $80.00
Discount Space $120.00 $30.00
Sunday Regular Space $220.00 $70.00
Fence Space $245.00 $80.00
Corner Space $310.00 $80.00
Discount Space $120.00 $30.00
Flyer Price Per enntrance gate Gate Thursday Friday $21.00 One human Only
Tuesday $40.00 One human Only
Saturday Sunday $65.00 One human Only

Restricted items for brand-new Vendors vitamin & Herbs/ Candy/ Chips/ Music/Movies/Animals *For brand-new Furniture Vendors can be offered on Thursday & Friday only *For new Jewelry Vendors have the right to be sold on Thursday & Friday only *For new Close the end Vendors can be marketed on Thursday & Friday just For more information on offering Food & Beverages etc... Please speak to Aristeo Paredes in ~ (626) 945-5521

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