Yandy Smith-Harris and also Samantha Wallace space still feuding. Wallace, the mom to one of Mendeecees Harris‘ children, threw a jab in ~ Smith-Harris via Instagram on Friday, April 17. The two reality stars indigenous “Love and Hip-Hop: new York“ space publicly hashing out their differences almost three year after your blowout.

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The Season 7 reunion that “LHHNY” was filled with drama in between Smith-Harris, Mendeecees Harris’ wife, and Wallace. The 2 women gained into a cook exchange, and their struggle spiraled out of regulate after Mendeecees’ sister defended Smith-Harris. Smith-Harris’ sister-in-law tried come fight Wallace, however the show’s defense intervened and broke up the virtually physical altercation. The 35-year-old Wallace was attacked by a member of the audience, who later on turned the end to it is in Smith-Harris’ sister.

Yandy Smith-Harris outside (Photo):

The reunion drama stirred up rather a little of debate online. Countless fans defended Smith-Harris’ personality in the incident.

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“But by the watch on Yandy’s face, she certainly did not know her sis to be going to operation up, but she knew that was her sister,” one user said.

“Y’all can call Yandy a liar, yet y’all CAN’T contact her a SNITCH.”

“I’m dead Yandy is me