Saints Peter and also Paul Church san Francisco is in the north Beach i beg your pardon is also known come the locals as the "Little Italy" District. This beautiful roman inn Catholic Church is a quick stop and free to enter.

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You will uncover its spires towering high above Washington Square Park. It"s ornate details both inside and also out room a sight to watch for every visitors.


One of the reasons that the is so famous is the it"s additionally the place where Joe DiMaggio married his very first wife and also took images with his 2nd wife, Marilyn Monroe.

Read on because that visiting tips, an ext on the background of the church including an ext on the DiMaggio marriages, wherein you"ll discover it featured in the movies, and how to obtain here.

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Visiting Tips

You will find Saints Peter and also Paul Church san Francisco in ~ 666 Filbert Street. It"s ~ above the northern side the Washington Square Park in north Beach. It"s component of the Archdiocese of san Francisco.



The church is open up to tourists 365 job a year. The visiting hrs are Monday v Friday native 7am to 4pm. On Saturday and Sunday, the church welcomes travellers from 7am to 6pm. Anyone can come and also visit together there is no requirement about your beliefs or religion.

It closes early twice a year. On Christmas and Easter, Saints Peter and also Paul Church mountain Francisco closes after mass at 1pm.

Dress Code

The church employee asks the you dress moderately when visiting the church. Lock request the no shorts or tank tops be worn throughout your visit. Women carry out not need cover your heads as soon as entering, yet they welcome those that wish to perform so.


Saints Peter and also Paul Church mountain Francisco offers several masses throughout the week. They additionally offer Italian and Chinese masses once a week. They offer a Latin mass once a month.

Here is their present schedule the services.


English: 7:30, 8:45, 1:00 & 5:00 P.M.Chinese: 10:15Italian: 11:45Latin: 11:45 to be (First Sunday the the month only)

Weekday Masses: 7:00 and 9:00 A.M.

Saturday Masses: 7:30, 9:00 A.M. & 5:00 P.M. (Vigil)

They request the all travellers be respectful during their visit as soon as mass is in session.

North coast Tours

If you desire to learn more about Saints Peter and Paul Church san Francisco, girlfriend will discover a variety of phibìc Beach tourism that encompass it in your itinerary. Many do not enter the church yet will stand external explaining some of its well details. You can then go into on your very own time to inspect out the interior.

North Beach complimentary Walking Tour: SF City guides (part the the SF publicly Library) offers a free walking tour of phibìc Beach. The tour starts at the church with details on its background and why the been an essential part the this neighborhood for a long time. Find out an ext details and also upcoming tour dates and times.

North coast & little Italy wade Tour: This guided tour uses you the opportunity to find out all about North Beach. It has some tastes and also treats along the way as well together a stopping allude at the church for you come learn an ext about it. This 3-hour tourism runs most days at 10am and also 2pm. Visit Viator to learn an ext and check for ticket availability.

Additional north Beach Tours

About Saints Peter and Paul Church mountain Francisco

You will love this complimentary San Francisco attraction as it features plenty of gorgeous details. Its twin spires with crosses at the top reach up 191 feet each.

On the former facade, you will view a ribbon of city from Dante"s "Paradiso." The translate in is "The glory that Him that moves all points penetrates and also glows throughout the universe."

The front additionally showcases four pets on pedestals. They represent the complying with four evangelists native the Bible:

An angel: MatthewA lion: MarkAn ox: LukeAn eagle: John

Below is a photo of 2 of them.


The stained glass on the inside is additionally gorgeous. As soon as you enter, make sure to turn around and check the end the large rose glass display over the enntrance gate area. This magnificent piece is 14 feet in diameter.



History of Saints Peter and also Paul Church san Francisco

The first Saints Peter and Paul Church san Francisco was built in 1884. It was on the corner of Filbert Street and also Grant Avenue, i beg your pardon is just a few blocks native its current location. Unfortunately, the 1906 earthquake and also fire destroyed the initial building.

The current church was constructed in 1924.

Shortly after ~ it to be rebuilt, it came to be at target the anti-Catholic activities. Indigenous 1926-1927, there were five separate bomb attacks. A battle attempt in 1927 ended with the police shoot the two activists and also both of castle dying.

History the Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio prospered up in the phibìc Beach District and also was component of Saints Peter and Paul Church san Francisco during his childhood. The married his very first wife, Dorothy Arnold, in the church in 1939. Castle divorced but did not obtain an annulment which way he was still married come Arnold according to the church.

This is why, once he married Marilyn Monroe in 1954, the was no able to acquire married at Saints Peter and Paul Church mountain Francisco. They were married in san Francisco"s City hall in a civil ceremony and also then pertained to the church to take images outside. Rumor has actually it that it was a way to present is family earlier in Italy the he had actually a "proper marriage."

DiMaggio"s funeral was additionally held at the church in 1999.

Inside the church, you will certainly still watch a photo of DiMaggio and his very first wife on their wedding day.

Saints Peter and Paul Church san Francisco in the Movies

The church is featured in a selection of movies and TV shows. In this films, you can gain a sneak peek at this historical gem.

The Ten Commandments (1923)Cavalcade of san Francisco (1940)Dirty bother (1971)What"s increase Doc (1972)One illustration of The roads of san Francisco, Target Red (1974)Sister action 2: earlier in the Habit (1993)The Bachelor (1999)

How to get Here

Saints Peter and Paul Church mountain Francisco is in the love of the city and also easy to get to from plenty of popular districts. If you have the time, you might easily walk right here from both Fisherman"s Wharf and Union Square.

Public Transit

You will find quite a couple of public transit options adjacent the church. It"s mostly buses and also cable cars that run v this component of town.

Buses: The 30 & 91 protect against along Columbus Street. Their closest prevent is at Columbus and Filbert i beg your pardon is around a block away. The 8 and the 39 also have stops nearby at Filbert and also Powell. The 41 and 45 have actually stops ~ above Union in ~ Columbus Avenue.

Cable Car: The Powell Mason cable auto comes with North Beach. You will uncover a avoid at Columbus and Lombard. This is around four blocks away from the Saints Peter and also Paul Church mountain Francisco.

Hop ~ above Hop turn off Bus Tour

The Hop top top Hop turn off Bus tour is another good way to get here. Over there is a avoid on the western side of Washington Park. You can discover out much more about City Sightseeing"s famous one-day tour including other stop on the route.


721 Filbert Street: Parking garage about a block away

1636 Powell Street: Garage around three blocks away

North coast Garage: This is just one of the bigger garages in this area. You will find it at 735 Vallejo. It"s around four and also a fifty percent blocks far from the church.

Places to stay Nearby

If you are interested in staying near Saints Peter and Paul Church san Francisco, I have a couple of recommendations because that you. The phibìc Beach district doesn"t have really many large hotels. Therefore, your best bet is to stay in one of the few small boutique hotels.

Here are a pair of an excellent local hotels in this district.

Washington Square Inn (1660 Stockton St): Just across the street you will uncover the Washington Square Inn. This 3-star historical hotel offers modern amenities through an Old-World vibe. I love their evening wine and also appetizer happy hour. Inspect for more details and check because that availability.

Green turtle Hostel (494 Broadway): This hostel supplies both dorm rooms and also private rooms with common baths. It"s a great way to conserve a little money on her stay. It"s a very social hostel with game nights and other events, so it"s the perfect method to meet and spend time with fellow travelers.

San Remo Hotel (2237 Mason St): north of Saints Peter and Paul Church san Francisco is the cute mountain Remo Hotel. This European layout pension provides private rooms with all mutual bathrooms. The prices are great too and also it"s a wonderful means to conserve some dollars when you visit here.

Fisherman"s wharf Hotels: girlfriend will likewise find a large selection that hotels less than a mile far in the Fisherman"s powhatan district. Here you will certainly find large better-known hotels consisting of a Marriott, Hyatt, and a few other brand name options. Find a list of my favorites by budget.

Other points to check out Nearby

Coit Tower: This mountain Francisco tower sits high over North coast on Telegraph Hill. The most well-known things to execute at Coit Tower is inspect out the sweeping views and admire its historical murals. Learn more about visiting here.

Comedy Clubs: you will find a couple of great comedy clubs in this district. You will check out both local and also internationally known performers on stage. Examine out the upcoming schedule that comedians for this district and every one of SF.

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Diego Rivera Mural: The famed fresco artist Diego Rivera has one that his pieces in north Beach. It"s in the mountain Francisco art Institute which is around 6 blocks away from Saints Peter and Paul Church mountain Francisco. It"s complimentary to visit this fresco and also it"s a item you will never ever forget! Learn more here.