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Walmart has great deals for your home!

Hop on over to wherein you can snag this Rubbermaid push & Lock Easy discover Lids Food storage Containers 42-piece collection for just $17.99 (regularly $39.99)!

This Container set features leak-proof functional lids that are straightforward to open and also close. Plus, the covering snap on come the container bases for this reason the ideal lid is always at her fingertips.


These containers additionally nest with each other to give you an ext storage an are and assist keep food fresh in her fridge, pantry, or freezer. This collection includes 5 0.5-cup containers, 4 1.25-cup containers, 4 2-cup containers, three 3-cup containers, three 5-cup containers, 2 7-cup containers, and also Easy uncover Lids!

Thinking it over? examine out this reviews…

I love these containers! over there is a good variety of sizes in the 42 piece set. Mine favorite feature is just how well whatever stacks together. The lids space flat and stack on height of every other. This saves so much room as soon as storing them! Also, the covering lock so fine on the containers. No leaks!

These are basic to store and use.

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I love the the lids can sit appropriate under climate so no hunting for the appropriate one. I additionally love that also with the renowned spaghetti sauce over there is minimal staining.