Eligibility Programs

The department of social Services supplies a wide variety of programs and also services to families and individuals to assist them in meeting their basic needs because that food, clothing, shelter and medical care.

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Children and also Family

Children and also Family Services gives preventive and protective services to children, adults and families in your time of need, always with the score of keeping family members intact.

Foster Care

Foster care provides youngsters age child to 21 with temporary, safe, loving homes, once their own family members are can not to treatment for them.

Section 8 Housing an option Voucher (HCV)

The Housing choice Voucher regime is a lottery-based process. The dates of the lottery are announced in public notices, affordable real estate websites, the DSS website and social media posts.

Adult Services

Under the Managed treatment Program, clients room to receive all your home care needs through the managed Care setup they have actually chosen or have been assigned.

Legal Services

The Legal section comprises 4 units: family Law, Legal, one-of-a-kind Investigations and resource Recovery. Additionally under Legal services is child Support Enforcement.

Administrative Services

The department of social Services has actually several devices that carry out administrative, fiscal and support services to the Agency.

Information & Referral

The Rockland County room of society Services provides intake and assessment services for casework referrals for both Children and Adults.

Emergency Rental help Program


Department of society Services


Rockland County neighborhoods will enjoy an setting where individuals and also families thrive, room safe, and also have jae won security.


Our Mission is come partner and also engage with individuals, families and also communities in Rockland county by giving services to safeguard the vulnerable, authorize them to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency, administer financial assistance, safety and support; v compassion, respect and dignity.

Our Values

We space all one department, one team, working toward one goal: to improve the safety, financial security and well-being of people & family members in Rockland County.Honoring social diversity and respecting the dignity and well-being the all.Acting with integrity, honesty, genuineness, compassion and objectivity v all person interactions.Promoting accountability, transparency and quality in all services we deliver and also programs we administer.

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Programs & Services

The Rockland County department of Social services (DSS) offers a wide selection of eligibility programs and services come families and also individuals to aid them in meeting their straightforward needs because that food, shelter and also medical care. 

We also offer a broad range of support services, including services to strengthen family life, prevent family disruption, promote individual functioning and also keep families together; short-term placement in foster homes, group homes or institutions; and services to assist the yonsei or disabled continue to be in their own home.

Below is a quick description of numerous of our eligibility and also support services. Please click on the navigating bar to the left to obtain added information and, if applicable, application instructions.