Surviving a Risk of Rain 2 run means knowing which types of shrines are most useful to you at any given point in time.

Risk Of Rain 2 Combat Woods Shrine
There are six Shrines that make an appearance in Risk Of Rain 2. Each one serves a different purpose that can help or hinder a player’s progress through the game. For completionists activating each one is required and often times multiples must be triggered to get the achievement.

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But for a player trying to beat the game, especially on a higher difficulty, it pays to know just how useful each shrine is. Some will make harder playthroughs much more manageable while others may not always be worth activating. Here are all the Shrines a player can encounter and which ones are the most useful.

Risk Of Rain 2 Combat Shrine
The Combat Shrine is a single-use shrine that can be encountered throughout the game. Once triggered it summons a single powerful enemy like an elite or boss or it can summon a group of enemies either elites or normal. The summoned opponents will be based on the environment the Shrine is found in.

It essentially creates a new optional boss-level fight for the player to deal with. Victory can net helpful experience, gold, and item drops especially with the Artifact of Sacrifice, but only if the player wins. Often times these Shrines can be more trouble than they’re worth as the difficult of the encounter is entirely random. Even the best prepared players can find themselves locked in brutal combat that leaves them battered and broken for little reward.

Risk Of Rain 2 Mountain Shrine
The Mountain is a singe-used shrine encountered in various areas. When activated it turns the boss battle at a Teleporter into a Mountain Challenge. A Mountain Challenge will cause multiple bosses to spawn and give the player an additional item for winning the encounter. Up to three Shrines can be triggered giving three bosses and three reward items.

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The downside to stacking the effect is that it can cause an elite variant to appear which is much more difficult to face. There is also the risk of activating a Horde of Many spawn which can often be far more difficult than the traditional boss or even the elite variant. On the other hand triggering two shrines unlocks the Royal Capacitor which is an immensely powerful item.

Risk Of Rain 2 Chance Shrine
The Chance Shrine is a multi-use Shrine that appears in various locations. In exchange for some gold it has the chance of generating a random item of random rarity. Each time the Shrine is activated becomes more expensive and the Shrine turns off after two items have been received.

This can result in the player getting powerful items early on for a discounted price making it a handy Shrine. But it can also result in the player getting absolutely nothing or a very basic item at a higher cost. If the player has a lot of excess gold this Shrine can be very useful but if the player is low of funds its probably not worth bothering.

Risk Of Rain 2 Woods Shrine
The Woods Shrine can only be found in the Distant Roost, Scorched Acres, and Siren’s Call. The Shrine by itself does absolutely nothing and will not benefit the player in any way. Fully upgrading one however will unlock the Gnarled Woodsprite for use in future playthroughs.

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Gnarled Woodsprite is a piece of equipment that will constantly heal the player by 1.5% of their max health every second. It can also be activated to heal an ally by 10% of their max life with a 15 second cooldown. It’s an incredibly useful item and there are few items that can justify replacing it. So while the Woods Shrine by itself is utterly useless the gains obtained in a subsequent loop make it important to upgrade on sight.

Blood Shrines can be found in various areas and used more than once. Once activated the Shrine will consume life or shields in exchange for gold. The amount consumed can either be 50%, 75%, or 93% and it will kill the player if they do not have enough life to meet the cost.

The gold awarded is based on the activator’s max life so characters with more health receive more gold. It’s strongly recommended to only ever activate this Shrine with at least 94% health. The damage can be blocked with Tougher Times. Having a Fuel Array on hand is bad as it’s guaranteed to explode with this Shrine so avoid these if trying to unlock REX. But if the player has a full health pool and a method of healing it’s a great Shrine to activate.

By far the best Shrine in the game is the Altar Of Gold. It’s a single-use Shrine that’s incredibly rare and can appear anywhere. It’s very similar in appearance to the Chance Shrine but will appear covered entirely in gold. Activating this Shrine gives the player a tremendous amount of gold and places a Gold Orb on the Teleporter.

This Gold Orb will enable the Teleporter to create a Gold Portal after the player beats the boss. The Gold Portal will send players to the secret area Gilded Coast. Here the player can fight the Aurelionite to get the Halcyon Seed to summon it in future battles. While this fight costs a tremendous amount of gold the Halcyon Seed is well worth the cost.

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