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I quote from last week’s review, ‘They can’t end the series where things are because if they do, next week’s review might not be a happy one’. Be assured that this review will be full of my endless love for this amazing series. I admit I purposefully delayed watching the episode by a day. I wanted to feel mentally ready for that something amazing that would close the curtain for a while. Actually… I sobbed throughout the whole episode and that’s a good thing…!

Well, for the last time (for a while) how did this isekai end (for now)?

Japanese Original Title: 盾の勇者の成り上がり


Glass and Naofumi duke it out while the rest of Naofumi’s party take on L’Arc and Therese. During the commotion, Naofumi is questioned about his reasoning for fighting and Glass unveils why she has come to this world to fight the four other heroes. L’Arc, Therese, and Glass eventually call a retreat, giving Naofumi and others some down time. During this time, he surprises Raphtalia with something special.

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Episode Highlights

Glass: I don’t know why but I found it satisfying for the last episode to cover a bit more about Glass’s character. She isn’t some villain but a hero from another world like Therese and L’Arc. They are all fighting the same cause to protect their homeworld from the waves and in order to do this, they must kill other heroes. Because of this reveal about Glass and the others, a second season is almost certain. It only makes me want to know more about the waves. Though Glass has a minor part in this season, next round I believe she is going to play a major one. So it’s understandable for new watchers seeing her character earlier in the series would presume that she doesn’t matter for the story.

My Reasons: A warning Fitoria told Naofumi that the road would be harder for him. One of those roadblocks came this episode when Glass questions Naofumi’s reasons for protecting this world. Naofumi I think had closed himself from thinking about it but when he faced it, it’s understandable he felt conflicted. But I’d say screw this world, just for the hell he’d been put through. The people beside him are enough of a reason to protect it. Saving grace Raphtalia comes to the rescue anyway to remind Naofumi how much he’s come to care for his party, or should I say friends now, haha. It was so CUTE CALLING EVERYONE HIS FRIENDS.

I got teary-eyed the moment Raphtalia pleaded Naofumi to never return to his world. Haha, for sure I was waiting for Naofumi to say he must go back, instead the series decided to flip that on its head in the most touching way possible, for me to sob buckets in the end. Naofumi expressed his eternal gratitude for meeting Raphtalia and everyone and he now knows what it’s like to want to protect something, feel support from others etc. These precious people had become the sole reason for wanting him to stay and protect this world as the shield hero. He’d found his own sense of belonging.

Hug: Naofumi and Raphtalia embraced… all I did was squeal and then some. I request for Season 2: can we have more of that and uh just any moment? You know us fans just ship this pairing die hard so just make it happen!

Lord Naofumi: Naofumi’s selfless acts just touch my soul like Tohru’s selflessness nature big time. Naofumi letting previous party member of Itsuki’s group join his group AND THEN BECOMING A LORD!! All in the benefit of not just himself but rebuilding Raphtalia’s hometown. The look on Raphtalia’s face just . . . any girl would be happy to be beside hunky Naofumi by god. I think this selfless act of Naofumi was the best one, giving so many people a new start, nothing can buy that. This is why we love this guy !!!!!

Run Into Them: I couldn’t stop laughing when Naofumi expressed his dislike for living in the capital for the fear of running into ‘Trash’ and ‘Bitch’. Just hearing Naofumi say it made me think back to that grand episode when those evil people got their karma.


I was worried about how they would wrap up the Glass saga but AGAIN I was surprised. She was a hero from another world like the others. The girl was ready to lay down her life to protect her world, because up until now I presumed she was evil and was working for the one causing the Waves. I was wrong and this has only made me curious about what role she will play for the next round. That’s right. There WILL BE A NEXT ROUND!!

This episode laid itself out brilliantly. It addressed why Naofumi is fighting the waves and protects this world. He became a lord of Raphtalia’s region and started a new life for himself and the reasons fot wanting to start fresh are genuine. They are pure reasons and they exist because the people closest to him gave him purpose and helped him in accepting the role of the shield hero. But ultimately what gave the reason for a new season away was L’Arc, Therese, and Glass’s retreat. L’Arc said to Naofumi they’ll see each another again. There were a lot of obvious hints we’re getting another season so I’m a happy girl over here.

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The scene between Raphtalia and Naofumi was when the waves of tears hit me finally. I thought Naofumi was going to say he wanted to leave but turns around and says to ready themselves for future waves, make their team stronger for bigger challenges ahead… and then THEY HUG!! Ah I ship them too hard, can you tell? It was just a bloody great note to end the series on. Everyone gathered around Naofumi, becoming a lord, giving all the people he’s saved new meaning in their lives. Ahh it was perfect for me. Not one episode disappointed me; it’s been hit after hit. This is not an isekai to undermine; it’s an isekai series I would LOVE to see more of in the future with the new fresh ideas The Rising Of The Shield Hero has brought to the playing field.

That’s Lord Naofumi To You Now!!!

6 months has just flown by from the first episode of this amazing series. I can’t believe it and I suspected from the start that this series would be an anime favorite for me. It is, along with Naofumi’s character itself. I NEED A FIGURE OF HIM STAT!! NOW, I have all the excuse to buy all the shield hero merch, haha!!

If you have not watched this isekai, I suggest you do. This series blew me away and it’s going to blow you away. For now, it’s not goodbye since we will see you again shield hero!!

Till next round my dearest Raphtalia, Naofumi, and Filo!!!

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