“Aliencore” eh? that’s what the band has actually jokingly called their deathcore/death steel style, and also after hearne a couple of times it actually does seem to fit (and of course everyone knows we needed one more sub-genre in the steel world). If you take it Beneath the Massacre and also Obscura and mixed them along with every Atari game ever made (you young human being might must do some study on the interwebz if friend don’t know what an Atari is), you would certainly come out v the brand-new LP from Rings of Saturn. It’s a twisting, turning, beeping ball of chaos.

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From the push notes: Lugal Ki En is a theoretical release based on a story in i m sorry the Aliens wage battle on the angels and demons of the cosmos after having dominated humanity — the album title interpreted from old Sumerian picture writing to average “King the The Earthlings, mr Of The Cosmic World”. Commments guitarist Lucas Mann: The concept of the album in a signature is that lengthy after the Aliens conquer humanity, they evolve come a suggest where castle transcend space, time and reality to take it their occupation into the realm of the gods where they wage war on angels and also demons.

So there you have it, and also again ~ listening to the album they truly have controlled to take the concept and also convey the musically. This is mainly done by the pinched harmonics and very high tone, almost beeping etc riffs (if someone deserve to please describe how this done feel totally free to perform so, as I recognize I’m nice clueless). The this main motif that offers Lugal Ki En that is ambiance and uniqueness.

The vocals are a dual growl-scream, and also of course the drumming is overly clicky and sounding almost programmed (the drumming and the guitar matching are therefore close and also so insane I should say i would have to hear these men pull this turn off live prior to I would certainly be encouraged there wasn’t a little Pro Tools/studio magic walk on here). The aforementioned riffs are thrown approximately like candy, yet they do mix increase the tempos in ~ times, so it’s no all a speedfest (though it seems that way at times). “Natural Selection” watch the band sluggish down just a bit and get into kind the a djenty groove, and also “Godless Times” shows they’re more than qualified of pulling turn off the much loved breakdowns.

Be that as it might the layout as a entirety does get a tiny old, even for a deathcore fan prefer me, and I feel it is one of the weaker release on what is one of my favourite labels – distinctive Leader. The whole album runs just under 45 minutes, which ns feel was about 10-15 minutes too long. They could have tightened the album increase a bit, yet if you’re in search of something a tiny different you have the right to do lot worse the this one.

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