COVID notice

NOTE: Masks, social Distancing & Temperature check will proceed to be compelled to obtain access to the 18 Richmond Terrace Facility

As part of the measures adopted by the NYS unified Court system to combat the spread out of COVID-19, the complying with actions space being enforced by the Richmond county Surrogate’s Court effective July 12, 2021:

Petitions and also other papers will continue to it is in filed by mail USPS regular mail or Return Receipt letter Services, and Special letter i.e. Fed-Ex, UPS, etc. To: The Surrogate"s Court Richmond County, 18 Richmond Terrace, SI, NY 10301.

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Please administer your contact information, including an e-mail address, with your filing. If papers are to be delivered, receipt by a drop Off crate located, in ~ the Surrogate’s Court that Richmond County, 18 Richmond Terrace, 2nd Floor Stuyvesant ar Entrance, is acceptable and will continue to it is in coordinated with the Court. contact the Court at 718-675-8500, automatically upon Drop-Off. Court personnel may contact petitioners or their counsel as needed, when filed papers are reviewed. Court attorneys will continue to call the parties in matters because that conference, which will continue to be conducted virtually, or through telephone. every matters booked to be heard at calendars have actually been, or will be booked virtually, through remote, and/or In-Person. Notices the future days of court appearances will certainly be interacted by telephone. Inquiries on calendared matters and conferences deserve to be made at 718.675.8505. Until further notice, citations room being authorize by court bespeak - alternating service and also appearances. -- Please view the Court"s website because that sample citations and orders.

Return of quote & online Appearances Microsoft groups Information

Monday Calendar Return that Citations

Wednesday Calendar for Motions, Conferences and also Other Proceedings

Surrogate"s Court Calendar list

Surrogate"s Court Calendar list This list is update on Friday, because that the complying with week.

The regards to this notice are subject to alteration as the require arises.

Guardianship Fingerprints & location / publicly Searches

Authorization because that Guardianship Fingerprints and also Title/Public Searches – By appointment Only. Public find Appointments will certainly be reserved in ½ hour segments, one person at-a-time, one appointment, every entity, per week.

The public searcher will certainly be forced to get in the structure (at the handicap entrance, edge of Schuyler St and Richmond Terrace), and also proceed through the vital checks and also assessments. Friend must have a face covering and also submit come questioning and also temperature checks by the Court Officers. The records Room office will be stocked through Lysol Spray, record towels , hand sanitizer, gloves etc., and you will be compelled to clean (wipe down) the computer system keyboard , mouse, terminal , printer etc , BEFORE and AFTER every appointment. Us would likewise ask the your In-Person service be minimal to the Basement Level, records Rm B-3, the 18 Richmond Terrace facility, and also you should take care of any kind of restroom demands prior to her appointment.

Office Info

18 Richmond TerraceStaten Island, NY 10301

SurrogateHonorable Matthew J. Titone

Chief ClerkRonald M. Cerrachio

Deputy chef ClerkJane E. Stilwell

call Numbers that the Richmond Surrogate"s Court
General Clerks Office718.675.8500
Help Center718.675.8508 Law Department718.675.8505


After the fatality of a love one, surviving family members members often uncover they have numerous tasks to perform so that the decedent’s affairs may be placed in order. Dealing with these responsibilities in a stylish manner can be a confusing and included hardship come the survivors.

The Surrogate’s Court of Richmond County exercises jurisdiction end the probate of wills and grants letter testamentary and letters of administration, and guardianship the infants and also developmentally disabled individuals. It also approves adoptions, exercises manage over executors, administrators, trustees and guardians, overcome upon and also settles accounts of fiduciaries and also renders judicial decision to the foregoing matters.

This Court meets the needs of end 500,000 inhabitants of the borough of Staten Island. Certainly the Court because that years has garnered a reputation for high requirements of top quality service and has been staffed through multi-talented court personnel. However the unique character of this Court has been preserved dating ago to its earliest days.

Surrogate Matthew J. Titone and also the Richmond ar Surrogate’s Court stand ready to assist family members whose relatives suffered physical injury or were killed as a an outcome of the terrorist-related plane crashes of September 11, 2001 or the debris removal efforts that took location in the immediate aftermath of those crashes. The Richmond county Surrogate’s Court help Center is obtainable Monday v Friday 9:00AM come 5:00PM to aid families with concerns relating to their deceased relatives, indigenous permission to get in a sealed residence to answering procedural questions concerning the management of an estate.

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To call the Court please speak to 718-675-8500 or visit us at 18 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY, Room 201.