This week’s presidential inauguration sought to carry the U.S. Together to induct Joseph R. Biden as the 46th Commander-in-Chief. The event brought together a number of familiar faces, including the Obamas, Jennifer Lopez and also Lady Gaga, yet it to be Senator Bernie Sanders and also his statement mittens that took the cake together the many talked about moment of the day. Also Star Wars’ mark Hamill is gaining in on the funny by posting several of the many memes Sanders has actually inspired.

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Unlike his co-stars, note Hamill is an avid Twitter user, which means he’s been seeing hilarious Bernie Sanders mim crowd his timeline, particularly those that take the senator come the realm of a galaxy far, far away. Inspect out a couple of of these edits that have Luke Skywalker sharing scenes with the 79-year-old politician:

There really room so many, yet these room really clever. The very first one top top the peak left has Bernie sitting next to Luke in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, alongside Chewie and also Han Solo. Also from A new Hope, the optimal right image attributes Bernie attending the celebratory ceremony for Luke, Han and Chewie after ~ the destruction of the death Star. End on the top right is my personal favorite that the batch – Bernie obtained the finest seat in the residence for Darth Vader and Luke’s lightsaber fight. Climate on the bottom right, Bernie join The Mandalorian timeline, sitting alongside Ming-Na Wen’s Fennec Shand.

Needless come say, Star Wars fans got very creative with their Bernie Sanders memes. And also don’t worry, Hamill common more:

Bernie is yes, really popping up everywhere in the Star Wars universe other than for Luke’s back… despite if girlfriend look hard enough you could find that one, too. The councilor was also edited right into a Bacta Tank, the cockpit of an X-Wing and also again at the New Hope celebration, however from an additional angle. I"m not sure if note Hamill has seen the infant Yoda ar of the meme-ery, however fans space comparing the strength of Bernie to his viral baby brother, Grogu:

Bernie Sanders memes have actually hit every section of the internet really, with celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Hart and also Paul Bettany also sharing their very own versions of the memes v themselves in the frame. Reynolds was all about Deadpool sitting following the senator, whilst Bettany got a kick out of him getting here in an illusion box in a recent WandaVision episode.

Senator Bernie Sanders confirmed on Late Night with Seth Meyers that he has seen himself revolve viral though, at the time the photo was taken, he to be oblivious come the moment due to the fact that he was paying attention to the Inauguration ceremony taking place. Hey, the wasn’t the just one to walk viral ~ the occasion though, as Lady Gaga obtained a vast boost, thanks to she outfit looking favor something straight out of The Hunger Games. Political events can it is in dull but, thanks to the internet, the force was through this inauguration.

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