Keyaru has actually concluded the the only ability of a healer is to heal. The is why the was continuously exploited. Later he realizes his mistakes and thinks that his life was over. He made decision that he will redo it every so the he deserve to have the future he desires. Keyaru keeps on having actually a dream telling him to obtain stronger, and also it problems him all the time. He keeps on hear voices comes deep inside him, while the still thinks Anna saw him.

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Anna asks the if he is gaining that dream again, and also Keyaru stated yes. The reveals that it is the one where he i do not care a hero and also fight the demon lord. Anna opens up the home window and saw kids playing a hero. She reminds Keyaru the he claimed he would end up being a hero once he was young and also save the whole village. Keyaru replies the were prior to he was mindful of his limitations. Anna reminds Keyaru around his birthday, and he has to select between coming to be a swordsman or a magician. 

Episode 2 Redo of Healer release Date and also Recap

Redo the Healer episode 2 will be exit on Wednesday, 20 January 2021, in ~ 11:30 pm JST. Redo that Healer waiting every Wednesday v the release of new episodes. You have the right to officially get an ext information by visiting the Anime’s website at That is also obtainable for streaming AnimeLab and also Funimation officially. In part county, they contact this Anime through the surname Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi


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