Red-Eyes black color Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh

The very first Yu-Gi-Oh movie says that while Blue-Eyes White Dragon supplies power, Red-Eyes black color Dragon harbors potential. This correctly sums up their respective archetypes' strengths; Blue-Eyes cards wield stronger ATK and focus on life destruction, while Red-Eyes possess more variety and also swarming, v fans tho debating i m sorry holds the far better tribe.

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Either way, variable in the game's numerous dark-attributed assistance cards, and you've acquired a heck of a collection that can still hold its very own in modern-day duels. Yet with numerous supports available, which regime supreme? These are the height 20 cards you require in her Red-Eyes Yu-Gi-Oh deck!


20. Red-Eyes infant Dragon

Type: Monster

Red-Eyes baby Dragon is admittedly a slow play, yet a powerful one. When ruined by battle (set that face-down so opponents won't know what they're attacking), infant Dragon summons a level 7 or lower Red-Eyes monster from her deck, fielding a high-level monster there is no tributing.

More 보다 that, baby equips to the monster, giving it 300 ATK, and also when he's sent to the graveyard if equipped, you gain to include a level one dragon from your deck or graveyard to hand (we'll quickly see some prime candidates).


19. Black metal Dragon

Type: Monster

Black steel Dragon doesn't bring the Red-Eyes name and also only wields 600 ATK and also DEF, however you have the right to equip him from your hand or ar to a Red-Eyes monster you control. The fastened monster profit 600 ATK, and also when Black steel is sent out from the ar to the graveyard (whether equipped or not), you can include a Red-Eyes card from her deck to your hand (which additionally also provides him an excellent link or tribute fodder).

This simultaneously rises the power of your monster if finding a map upon demise, and also note the Black metal doesn't specify map type—meaning you have the right to search out a Red-Eyes monster, spell, or trap! and also since he's level 1, you have the right to quickly discover him with Red-Eyes baby Dragon.

A staple in any kind of Red-Eyes theme, Black metal Dragon also won't rest the bank, costing just one dollar!


18. Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning

Type: Monster

Members the both the Red-Eyes and Archfiend families, Lightning enjoys many supports, and he counts as a normal monster while in the hand or graveyard, qualifying for extr Red-Eyes abilities.

But you deserve to normal summon him once he's fielded to let him once per turn destroy all face-up the opposite monsters through DEF less than or same to Lightning's 2500 ATK. That's a nice albeit slower board wipe, but part of Lightning's very nice one is his capability to aid summon...


17. Archfiend black Skull Dragon

Type: Monster

While technically belonging to the Archfiend series, not the Red-Eyes, Archfiend black Skull Dragon needs a level 6 Archfiend regular monster and also any Red-Eyes monster together material, and you can only summon one copy that him per turn. Luckily, that wields a daunting 3200 ATK, and when the attacks, your foe cannot activate cards or effects until the end of the damage step, guarding against counters prefer Mirror Force.

Additionally, when damages calculation is performed using this fusion summoned card, at the end of the fight phase you deserve to shuffle one Red-Eyes regular monster from your graveyard into your deck and inflict its ATK as damages to your opponent! Coupled with Black Skull's overcoming stats, her opponent's life clues will rapidly drain, most likely winning the duel prior to they can counterattack.


16. Red-Eyes slash Dragon

Type: Monster

Slash Dragon requires a Red-Eyes black color Dragon and any warrior-type monster together material; remember that you can substitute either product with cards choose "King of the Swamp". So he's a little tricky to summon, yet Slash enjoys 2800 ATK and also the capacity to equip a warrior monster from your graveyard to chin (gaining 200 ATK) whenever any Red-Eyes attacks.

But this equips do an ext than raise Slash's ATK; you have the right to once per turn discard one equipped map to negate and also destroy an the contrary play. That's a solid defense, however even if your adversary manages to ruin Slash, he can special summon as many monsters as were equipped to the from your graveyard, so he won't go under without a fight.

15. Return the the Red-Eyes

Type: Trap

As a constant trap, Return's biggest asset is its ability to activate every turn. If girlfriend control any Red-Eyes monster (except "Red-Eyes B. Chick"), Return allows you when per turn special summon any normal monster in your graveyard.

Plus, if Return is ruined by an opponent's card effect and also sent to her graveyard, you gain to revive any kind of Red-Eyes monster from her graveyard, again maintaining your ar stocked.

One the the best generic dragon supports, Keeper functions well in both Blue-Eyes and also Red-Eyes themes. He's obtained solid 2100 DEF and can be cure as two tributes once tributing a dragon monster. Far better yet, when another face-up dragon is destroyed while keeper is in her hand or graveyard, you can special summon him, and also if the damaged monster was a common monster, you might also add a typical monster from her graveyard come hand.

In short, keeper excels at maintaining your hand stocked, minimizing her tributes while recovering your dragons, and his dark attribute blends with the Red-Eyes theme.

13. Red-Eyes Fang v Chain

Type: Trap

Chain equips to a Red-Eyes girlfriend control, letting it attack up to 2 monsters each fight phase. An excellent as that is, you can send Chain come the graveyard come equip an result monster (even your opponent's) to the monster Chain to be attached to, make its ATK/DEF equal to the stats of the fitted monster.

Not only have the right to this strengthen her unit, it's a great way to remove an the contrary monster.

12. Red-Eyes Insight

Type: Spell

Insight sends any type of Red-Eyes monster from your hand or deck come the graveyard, then adds a various Red-Eyes spell or catch from her deck to hand. You have the right to only activate one every turn, but it's a great way to tutor another archetype member if stockpiling her discard pile.

11. Red-Eyes alternative Black Dragon

Type: Monster

You can't typical summon alternative Dragon; to one-of-a-kind summon him, you have to tribute a Red-Eyes from her hand or field, pretty simple to perform in a dedicated deck. Alternative's ATK is an mean 2400, however when ruined by fight or an opponent's map effect, he allows you distinct summon a different level 7 or lower Red-Eyes from her graveyard.

This go from helpful to fatal if you pick a traditional "Red-Eyes black color Dragon", who ATK and DEF will double (from 2400 come 4800).

10. Red-Eyes Retro Dragon

Type: Monster

One that the game's best hand-traps, you'll desire to conceal Retro Dragon in your hand until at least one level 7 or lower Red-Eyes you manage is destroyed and sent to her graveyard. At the time, you can special summon Retro from your hand in defense position and also revive as numerous of the destroyed monsters as possible in their same fight positions. This simultaneously areas Retro when recalling your conquered dragons, and also since it have the right to revive lot of Red-Eyes in ~ once, it's a an excellent defense versus field-wipes favor "Raigeki".

Additionally, you have the right to tribute Retro to provide yourself an extra regular summon that a Red-Eyes monster for the turn, a quite bonus on height of one already-tempting package.

9. Return the the Dragon Lords

Type: Spell

Return that the Dragon Lords simply allows you one-of-a-kind summon a level 7 or 8 dragon-type monster from your graveyard. This can easily recall your strongest beatsticks without having to tribute, and it's great for triggering graveyard-revival ability on cards favor "Arkbrave Dragon".

Additionally, as soon as one or much more dragons you control would be destroyed by battle or map effect, you have the right to banish Return of the Dragon Lords from her graveyard to stop the destruction, providing a revival and shield in one potent package.

Despite requiring a level 7 Red-Eyes and also level 6 dragon as material, Meteor black color Comet sadly lacks the Red-Eyes moniker. That's another tricky summon; fortunately, we'll quickly see a blend spell that'll assist field him. But he's worth it—when blend summoned, Meteor Black lets you send a Red-Eyes from her hand or deck to the graveyard, climate inflict fifty percent its ATK as damages to your opponent.

Not only does this land some decent burn damage, it sets you up because that Meteor's next ability: once sent indigenous the monster zone to the graveyard, you deserve to special summon a common monster from her graveyard, recalling a regular Red-Eyes black color Dragon or a gemini unit prefer Black Flare. And also of course, Meteor Black's titanic 3500 ATK annihilates just around any evil one in battle.

7. Allure that Darkness

Type: Spell

A clip in any dark deck, Allure draws two cards, then banishes one dark monster from her hand (or your entirety hand if girlfriend don't have actually one). Because you're spending 2 cards to obtain two, your overall hand dimension doesn't change, but you're deck-thinning and also getting to pick and choose your arsenal.

6. Red-Eyes Flare steel Dragon

Type: Monster

Xyz monster Flare steel Dragon accepts any type of two level 7 monsters (not just Red-Eyes) as material and enjoys abundant 2800 ATK. Additionally, he cannot be damaged by card effects as long as he has xyz material, a superb defense versus removals, and while he has actually material, girlfriend inflict 500 damage to your foe whenever they activate a card or effect, which can really deplete them alongside various other Red-Eyes burn effects.

Finally, as soon as per turn, during either player's turn, you deserve to (at quick-play speed) detach one product to one-of-a-kind summon a Red-Eyes common monster from your graveyard. Use Flare's very first material to revive your beast (Red-Eyes have to be in the graveyard after being offered as material), then hold on to his last material until you recognize he's about to be eliminated with a non-destruction effect. Flexible yet powerful, Flare steel adds another powerful boss monster to the theme.

5. Dragun the Red-Eyes

Type: Monster

Dragun's worst top quality is his summoning criteria; inquiry "Dark Magician" to add "Red Eyes black color Dragon" or an effect dragon monster together material. Girlfriend can try running Dark Magician in her deck (he does work with regular monster supports), but remember girlfriend could also use a blend substitute.

Thankfully, Dragun's a beast when he arrives, carrying 3000 ATK and also immunity to being targeted or ruined by map effects. Plus, during your main phase, the can ruin opposing monsters as much as the number of normal monsters offered for Dragun's summon, inflicting their ATK as effect damage to your opponent!

That's an for sure brutal effect, all at once eliminating creatures if scoring massive effect damage, however we're still no done—Dragun lets you when per turn discard a map to negate and also destroy an result while giving Dragun 1000 ATK!

Here's one more useful level-1 for infant Dragon to tutor. Black stone has nonexistent battle stats and lacks the Red-Eyes name, yet you deserve to tribute the to distinct summon any level 7 or reduced Red-Eyes from your deck (except Red-Eyes Chick)!

Stopping there, we'd have actually a an excellent card, yet you can likewise return Black rock from her graveyard to her hand through shuffling one more level 7 or lower Red-Eyes monster from your deck into your graveyard, ensuring Black rock will have actually a creature to pull once you next tribute him.

3. Cards of the Red Stone

Type: Spell

Red rock offers a superior, archetype-specific instead of (or supplement) for Allure of Darkness. You send a Red-Eyes monster from your hand to the graveyard, draw two cards, then can send a Red-Eyes monster from her deck come the graveyard.

Again, your hand size stays constant, however you have the right to really fill your graveyard v this effect, a useful method to get "Red-Eyes Wyvern" right into position. What deserve to I say; if you're to run Red-Eyes, you need this card, especially because it's fine under 2 dollars.

2. Red-Eyes Fusion

Type: Spell

Fusion has actually a few downsides, however they're much more than compensated for by its tremendous power. You can only beat one per turn, you have to combination summon a monster listing a Red-Eyes together material, and you can't common or distinct summon other monsters that revolve (you can still set them though).

But you can pull products from her hand, field, or deck, which prevents you from shedding card advantage, and your summoned monster's surname becomes "Red-Eyes black color Dragon", letting it qualified for plenty of of the archetype's effects.

1. Red-Eyes Darkness metal Dragon

Type: Monster

Long compliment as one of the game's best dragons, you can special summon Darkness metal from your hand by banishing any face-up dragon you control, a terrifically basic summoning problem (and girlfriend can likewise normal or unique summon him with other abilities). Either way, that enjoys 2800 ATK and can as soon as per revolve special summon another dragon (not simply Red-Eyes) from your hand or graveyard!

The only restriction is that you can't one-of-a-kind summon another copy of Darkness Metal, but due to the fact that he's limited (as that this writing), there shouldn't be any duplicates in your build anyway.

Red-Eyes in the Anime

Nearly together iconic as Yugi's Dark Magician or Kaiba's Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes was supplied to great effect through Joey Wheeler in the anime, and also thanks come its slew of great evolutions, it's continued to be potent even in contemporary competitive dueling. Red-Eyes remains among the game's most cherished units, and with so many impressive supports, that was challenging to small today's perform to simply 20 cards.

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Red-Eyes also offer some ritual monsters ("Lord the the Red" and "Paladin the Dark Dragon"), however they to win me as the weakest links of the theme, therefore I'd recommend sticking to fusion summons. There's additionally some off-brand Red-Eyes monster to discover (like zombie-based ""Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon"), but for now, vote for your favorite card and I'll check out you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

Questions & Answers

Question: have the right to 'Odd-Eyes Fusion' blend summon any blend monster other than dragon form using cards in her hand or field?

Answer: The combination summoned monster needs to be dragon-type. Depending on the monster in question, its materials don't necessarily have to be.

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