A Quiet Time is the 11th main story mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). This walkthrough will overview you through all goals of A Quiet Time key Quest including all gold Medals for 100% completion.

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Quest Giver: DutchChapter: 2Region: new Hanover

Gold Medal Requirements:

Try to make amends v an old rivalCatch Lenny in the actDon’t obtain arrested

Starting Location: Horseshoe Overlook, new Hanover

Get Lenny Drunk

Dutch orders girlfriend to take it Lenny to Valentine and get him drunk. Now that’s an excellent leadership best there.

Take your equines to the Smithfields Saloon in Valentine, and lean on the bar inside.

As Lenny tries to speak to you, you’ll it is in interrupted by a weird looking male who is mimicking everything you say. Shot to address him in a non-violent manner, and select charm as soon as its available.

Your one drink turns into several. And also at some point you’ll shed track that Lenny and also have to find him.

GOLD MEDAL: try to do amends with an old rival

Before you go searching for Lenny, take it a minute to stop and talk through Tommy, the large guy you virtually beat to death the last time you got in a barfight in Smithfields Saloon.

You have the right to talk come him four times, and also attempt come apologize because that the fight. It appears that girlfriend probably gave him a concussion, due to the fact that he doesn’t respond through much. As soon as you can no longer talk come him, walk upstairs to discover Lenny balancing a glass on his forehead.

You’ll get one more drinking montage, and you’ll shed track of Lenny again. This time he’s simple to find, simply follow the commotion in ~ the bar downstairs.

After a blackout, you’ll wake up up urinating on the ground at the behind of the saloon.

Go in the door come the right, turn left in the main room and also go upstairs, rotate left at the an initial landing, then turn best at the peak of the stairs and go into room 1A.

GOLD MEDAL: catch Lenny in the act

And that’s something you can never unsee. Save talking come “Lenny” till the real Lenny find you and also gets into a slap fight through you.

Your mimicking girlfriend from the beginning will present up again, and also you’ll shot to drown that in a equine trough. When you have manage again, you’re on the operation from the sheriff!

GOLD MEDAL: Don’t get arrested

Everything will be in slow-moving motion, and also at a weird blurry angle, but you can run native the law. Dodge the pillars by relocating to the left, yet watch the end for the barrel halfway under the alley.

As quickly as room behind the saloon, revolve right and run along the wall surface towards the fence.

Even though the note is blurry, you have the right to still jump end the fence by pushing the square / X button prior to you struggle the fence.

If you perform this correctly, you will wake up under a tree rather of in jail. After friend vomit profusely, the mission will end.

This finishes A Quiet Time main mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. Now the next quest Who is not without Sin starts.

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Next Up: Who is not without Sin

For an ext Walkthroughs with all gold medals, check out the complete Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Walkthrough.

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Eduardo says

November 9, 2018 at 5:00 am

I shed all my weapons after ns tried to jump the fence and woke increase in jail, to lose all mine guns. Have the right to I acquire them back? and also if. How?


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