Pulp riot is designed for hair artists to develop stunning vivid colours there is no damaging the hair. Formulated from high quality vegan ingredients, the air conditioning base leaves hair in beautiful condition with intense pigment, high shine and long-lasting results.

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Along with Pulp riot Semi-Permanent Hair Colour and Pulp lytic Faction 8 long-term Hair Colour, you will likewise find the great Pulp revolt High speed Toner!

Perfect for nailing that specific shade your client loves, whether it’s a soft pastel pink or interlocutor platinum blonde, Pulp Riot’s High rate Toners are vital part of any hair artist’s kit!

If you are brand-new to Pulp riot Toners, discover out just how to usage them below…

What room Pulp lytic High speed Toners?

Pulp revolt is recognized for producing the many vibrant and also pigmented hair colours for artists – and, Pulp riot High speed Toners room no different!

Available in a selection of fashion shades come both correct and create hair colour to perfection, they occupational in just a issue of minutes, nourishing the hair when depositing intense colour pigment.

How to use Pulp lytic High rate Toners…

Pulp riot High speed toners are exceptionally easy to usage in the salon. Simply mix to forced ratio, apply to hair and allow to develop before rinsing out:

Step-by-step application:

Mix 1 component colour to 2 parts developer (1:2) in a non-metallic bowlFor a much more subtle effect, boost developer proportion to 1:3 or 1:4Use either 6 or 10 volume depending on lightness that the hairApply toner to dried or wet hair at the shampoo bowlLeave on because that 2 – 20 minutes relying on desired intensityShampoo the toner the end of the hair as soon as readyEither continue to condition, dry and style hair, or apply Pulp lytic Colour on top

Do you Mix Pulp lytic Toner with a Developer?

Pulp revolt toners have to be mixed with either Pulp Riot remarkable Scalp Developer 10 Volume or Pulp Riot remarkable Scalp Developer 6 Volume. Once working with lighter and also finer hair, 6 volume is preferred.


What colour Pulp lytic Toners should You Use?

There are currently 6 shades that Pulp lytic toner available:

Icy – blue/violet base for achieving platinum top top pre-lightened blonde.Violet – violet basic to neutralising yellow tones. Procedure longer to achieve visible pastel violet tone.Silver – blue base for achieving silver- platinum top top pre-lightened blondes. Procedure longer for deeper silver toneNatural – violet base because that a sunkissed tone v a well balanced reflection of cool and subtle warmthRose Gold – red & yellow base for pre-lightened blondes. A longer process time results in a deeper increased gold tone.Ash – olive base for neutralising heat tones and also creating beautiful ash blondes.Pale Pink – A silver base and also true-to-tone, perfect on its own or because that blonde hair.Moonstone – A pale violet undertone toner, perfect because that removing pale yellow tones and creating beautiful metallic blonde results.

Each tube is 90ml, so friend can gain multiple supplies out of every one.


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Can girlfriend Mix Pulp riot Toners?

Yes! Pulp riot is designed because that artists, so every shade toner is intermixable permitting you to create a tradition hue the is as distinct as your customer is.

Once the toner has actually finished working, friend can continue to produce further colour results by using Pulp revolt Semi-Permanent Hair colour on optimal – or, just let the toner do the talkin’!


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Should Pulp lytic Toners Be offered on dried or wet Hair?

You have the right to use Pulp revolt toners on either dry or wet hair – the choice is yours.


When must Pulp riot Toners it is in Used?

Pulp riot toners are finest used on pre-lightened blonde hair, or levels 8 to 10. Try using Pulp revolt Clay Lightener or Pulp revolt #BLONDEAF flour Lightener come lift the hair if needed.

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They can be offered to offset unwanted yellow and also warm tones, or to produce unique fashion shades.


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How lengthy Do You leave Pulp riot Toner On?

Pulp lytic toners are high speed and progressive, therefore you can see outcomes in just 5 minutes! However, you can leave Pulp revolt toners on everywhere up to 20 minutes, depending upon how deep you want the tone. Girlfriend can even watch the tones progress prior to your eyes!


You deserve to buy Pulp revolt High speed Toners online now at Salons Direct!

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