Although PlayStation3 is one of the finest gaming consoles out there, it can still ruin your atmosphere by reflecting a mechanical error or faulty duty in the middle of a game.

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Much like any other technology, PlayStation3 has its very own quirks.

The “PS3 Cannot begin the suitable Storage Was not Found” error is just one of them.

Continue reading to find out just how to deal with this issue and also many much more common PS3 troubles you may confront in the future.

PS3 Cannot start the proper Storage Was no Found


If you gain this error, something has gone wrong through your hard drive.

Many difficulties could reason this error.

Dust or various other particles can be causing the hard drive to malfunction.

It could have gotten disconnected and loose because that an concern with assembly, an impact, or regular wear and tear.

Unfortunately, the could also mean the your tough drive has gone bad, and it’s fried.

Let’s not jump to any kind of conclusions, though.

Go through the procedures below, in order, and also see i beg your pardon one deserve to solve the issue.

A. Clean the difficult Drive

Your best bet is that your difficult drive is just a bit dusty or loose.

To clean it, you require a Phillips Head Jeweler’s Screwdriver.

1. Turn the PS3 top top its ideal side and also find the difficult drive door. Pull the off utilizing your finger or any type of tool you discover helpful.

2. As soon as the lid is off, friend should an alert a blue 8-mm screw attaching the difficult drive cage come the chassis. Remove it making use of the Phillips head jeweler’s screwdriver. Be mindful not to lose the screw.

3. Grab the pull tab ~ above the cage and also pull it towards you till the difficult drive come out.

4. The difficult drive have to be secure inside a cage with 4 4.3 mm Phillips head screws. Remove castle to release the HDD.

5. Now, you must clean both the stole cage and the difficult drive carefully. Blow part compressed air into the compartment where the HDD came out of.

6. Leave the tough drive out for a while, and also then placed everything back in its ar carefully. Make sure you push the HDD in far enough and also that the screw holes space aligned.

7. Try to start the PS3 again, and also hopefully, this time, girlfriend won’t gain that error.

B. Format the difficult Drive

If the an approach above doesn’t work, you should assume the your tough drive is corrupt.

You can attempt to fix the difficulty by formatting it, but you should remember that this will certainly delete every your conserved data, including games, music, pictures, and videos.

1. Repeat the an initial two procedures in the previous section, yet don’t traction on the HDD cage yet.

2. Plug the cable of a PS3 video game controller right into one that the ports sit in the prior of the device.

3. Host down the “X” switch on the controller while pushing the PlayStation’s strength button.

4. Once the “Utilities” display screen appears, eliminate the hard drive indigenous its compartment. You must see a “0” under “Format.”

5. A “Restore incomplete” display screen should popular music up ~ a while. Wait for a blog post to show up asking if you want to format the hard drive.

6. Now, you should insert the HDD earlier into that compartment and also then choose “Yes” ~ above the screen using the controller by pressing the “X” button.

7. You need to wait because that the device to layout the hard drive and also reboot itself. Once the house Menu appears, revolve off the PlayStation.

8. Reattach the Blue screw and place the lid ago into that place. Try starting the PS3 again and see if it works fine.

C. Readjust the tough Drive

If none of the methods above works, your tough drive is sadly at the end of the life.

You have to replace it through a new 2.5” HDD or SSD.

Make sure the journey you decided has at least 120GB or an ext capacity.

The procedure of removing your present HDD is explained in the vault sections.

Once you obtain it out of the cage, swap it because that the new hard drive, and also put everything back where you uncovered it.

2. Not analysis Discs, Games, Videos, Etc.


If you insert a disk right into the PS3, but the device doesn’t review it, think about these scenarios:

1. Your best bet here is that the key is simply dirty.

Eject the disc and clean it completely with a cleaning solution.

2. If the PS3 still can’t review the disk, it could be because of a dirty lens.

The lens is a sensitive item of electronics, but not therefore sensitive that you can not clean the yourself.

Then again, if friend still have a warranty, it’s ideal to permit Sony settle your difficulty for free.

Although cleaning the lens isn’t that hard, acquiring to it have the right to be a pretty complicated job, considering you’d have actually to completely open up the PlayStation.

To carry out it right, follow the accuse in this video:

Once you acquire to the lens, choose a Q-tip, and pour one or 2 drops that a cleaning solvent on it.

Gently scrub the lens until it’s clean.

If you check out cotton threads on the lens, wipe them away with a fiber cloth.

3. Unfortunately, clean the lens was her last resort.

If the PS3 can’t read the disc by now, the Blu-Ray Laser drive is broken and needs replacement.

These drives aren’t meant to work forever, and also their median lifespan is around one to 3 years.

To acquire your console earlier into working order, you’ll need to replace the drive yourself or gain Sony to perform it because that you, or rather it’ll burn one on her discs and corrupt them.

If you decide to carry out it yourself, you should very first figure the end what form of Blu-Ray drive your PS3 uses.

If you have the right to see one exposed control board at its bottom, the drive’s model number is KEM-400.

If not, the model number should be KEM-410.

3. Troubles with Audio or Video


1. If you’re encountering a finish blackout, inspect if all the cables are effectively connected.

2. Then, watch if the screen settings on your PS3 and also TV space in sync.

There can be compatibility concerns with your PS3 video clip or audio settings and your video clip output.

Resetting the PS3 will revert the settings to the standard video that is compatible v all TV sets.

To reset the station, disconnect every the components and hold down the power button for 5 seconds.

3. If you’re obtaining a distorted or bloated image, the video definition might no be the same for the PS3 and TV.

For instance, while using HDTV, you should collection up the PS3 accordingly.

4. If her audio disc no playing, it might be copy-protected.

5. If your PS3 was working simply fine the last time you used it, and also it’s suddenly having troubles with audio and video, you might assume that something’s wrong through the graphic Processor Unit or RSX chip.

It’s ideal to let Sony solve this problem due to the fact that you won’t have the ability to do it there is no the crucial tools.

4. Freezing


Menu freezing, extreme lag, or any type of other type of freezing can occur for many reasons. Below are a few things you deserve to try.

A. Restart the PlayStation

Restarting the console is a simple solution the works most of the time.

Hold down the power button until the system shuts down.

Wait a while for the PS3 come cool down, and also then turn it back on.

B. Check the Connections

A lag in her game can be due to loosened cables or a faulty internet connection.

Ensure the all the cables, consisting of the ethernet cable, are correctly plugged in.

It’s ideal if girlfriend unplug all of them and also connect them again.

C. Examine the Internet

Restart her modem or router.

If the lag keeps happening, you could be dealing with a bad internet connection.

D. Update the Firmware

Sometimes, update the system is every you should fix the recurring lag or freezing.

Download the latest updates to settle the pest and device anomaly.

E. Check the difficult drive

If the lag happens when the system is do the efforts to pack something indigenous the difficult drive, it could be since it’s full.

Check the storage volume and totally free up some space to deal with the problem.

If the HDD has actually enough cost-free space, it could be faulty and need cleaning or replacement.

F. Mechanism Restore

Go come Settings and then system Restore.

This technique might resolve your trouble quickly.

You can also try to remove the tough drive and reinstall it.

If your mechanism freezes without providing you a chance to do so, find a friend v a PS3.

Put your tough drive in your console, so it formats its settings.

Put it ago in your PS3, and also it have to be working fine.

G. Gain It Repaired

If none of the services gets rid the the lag, you must send her PS3 to Sony to uncover out what the difficulty is and fix it.

5. Overheating


Overheating can happen for any device if you leaving it ~ above or use it because that a long time, particularly if it sits in an enclosed area.

If the mechanism becomes also hot, the safety feature will absent in and shut down the PS3 automatically.

It normally won’t turn earlier on for around 30 minutes due to the fact that it requirements to cool down first.

If this occurs, the first thing you should do is come relocate her PlayStation to a ventilated area.

Purchasing a cooling stand can also be an extremely helpful.

Sometimes, too much dust ~ above the system’s materials could be causing the overheating.

Take the PS3 outside and also blow part compressed air into the bottom vents.

If naught works, you’ll should open up the PS3 and clean the thermal compounds turn off the CPU and also GPU.

6. Problem with Lights


A. No Lights

If your PS3 is suddenly emitting no lights, there’s a great chance that its power supply is damaged.

You’ll have to gain Sony to deal with it or replace it yourself.

Open the PlayStation and see which model of strength supply is installed.

Purchase one through the very same model, and replace the power supply.

B. The Red irradiate of Death

The Red light of death (RLOD) happens when the PlayStation’s power condition light transforms to a red blinking light prior to the console shuts off automatically.

That’s usually as result of overheating, so monitor the travel guide in the overheating section.

The RLOD could likewise happen since of an aging difficult drive.

If did you do it been using the PS3 because that a pair of years, a malfunctioning difficult drive is normal, and also you’ll have to replace the eventually.

However, if this difficulty keeps happening because that an almost new console, get an experienced to have actually a look in ~ it.

C. The Yellow light of Death

The Yellow irradiate of fatality (YLOD) is one of the most common problems PS3 customers face.

It may happen due to the fact that of overheating, as with the RLOD.

If so, rotate off the console and also wait for it come cool down.

Then, when you switch it earlier on, listen carefully to the fan.

If you hear the fan beginning to occupational briefly and also then powering off immediately, you have a faulty motherboard.

The soldered joints between the motherboard and also CPU and GPU chips room failing.

Re-soldering the chips to the motherboard have the right to fix the problem.

However, if you don’t hear the fan turning on, yes a difficulty with the strength supply.

Replacing it should solve the issue.

7. Difficulties with the HDMI Cable


If you acquire a “No display” error top top the screen and there’s no audio, her HDMI cable could be damaged.

These cables normally won’t job-related for more than a few years, and you need to replace lock to settle the issue.

Get one of high top quality if girlfriend don’t desire to go through this difficulty again soon.

Tips to store Your PS3 functioning Well


Try to store your PS3 together cool and possible. Don’t put it in an enclosed room or drawer.Keep the PS3 far from dust, as it can reason many problems. Don’t leave it ~ above the floor whereby it have the right to suck up every the dust. Punch compressed air right into the vents when a month.Don’t let a bowl sit in the journey if you’re not utilizing it. That will cause technical worries in the long run.If you check out a new firmware update prepared for installation, wait a couple of days prior to downloading it. Sometimes, once Sony releases updates, they contain undiscovered bugs that just surface once enough users download the update.Ensure yes no disc in the drive before installing updates, or else the Blu-Ray drive can fail.

Under Warranty?


Before attempting to solve any kind of problems on her PS3, girlfriend should check if the still has actually a warranty.

Check the purchase date on the tough copy receipt, and if it hasn’t been an ext than a year because purchase, friend can get your PS3 repaired for totally free by Sony.

If any type of solution provided in the list listed below requires friend to open up the PS3, you’ll have to remove the seal, and also you’ll finish up voiding the warranty.

Before friend take her PS3 to Sony because that a fix, make sure you clean every the dust the end of the system by blowing part compressed air into it.

If they check out a an equipment full of dust, they’ll just void her warranty on the spot.

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For those the you who don’t have actually a warranty, let’s acquire to just how you can solve her PS3 difficulties yourself.