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IMPORTANT:The 220-901 and 220-902 English-language exams were retired on July 31, 2019.Click here for the CompTIA A+ 1000-series training course

143 Videos – Total Running Time: 17 hours 26 minutes

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CompTIA 220-901 A+ Training Videos

Section 0: An Overview of the A+ Certification

An Overview of Motherboard Types (8:31)Motherboard Expansion Slots and Bus Speeds (12:48)Motherboard RAM Slots (4:17)CPU Sockets (3:24)Motherboard Chipsets (6:43)Motherboard Jumpers and Connectors (4:25)
Computer Interface Speeds and Distances (16:07)Wireless Interface Speeds and Distances (4:43)Connection Characteristics (8:29)
Display Connectors and Cables (9:01)Device Connectors and Cables (6:26)Adapters and Converters (6:28)
An Overview of PC Input Devices (7:40)An Overview of PC Output Devices (1:48)An Overview of Input and Output Devices (2:57)

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