The Adventures the Priscilla, Queen the the Desert is a television present that debuted in 1970 . The Adventures that Priscilla, Queen the the Desert stopped airing in 1970.

It attributes Al Clark, and Michael Hamlyn as producer, guy Gross in charge of musical score, and Brian J. Breheny together head that cinematography.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen that the Desert is taped in English and originally aired in Australia. Each illustration of The Adventures that Priscilla, Queen the the Desert is 103 minute long. The Adventures the Priscilla, Queen the the Desert is dispersed by Gramercy Pictures.

The cast includes: Terence Stamp together Bernadette, man Pearce together Felicia, Hugo Weaving together Tick, invoice Hunter together Bob, Ken Radley together Frank, note Holmes as Benji, Hugo Weaving together Mitzi, Julia Cortez as Cynthia, buy it Chadwick together Marion, and also Stephan Elliott as Doctor.

The Adventures that Priscilla, Queen that the Desert Quotes

Terence Stamp together Bernadette

(Terence Stamp) "How long is the run?" (Hugo Weaving) "Four weeks. Equity minimum, two shows a night, house included." (Terence Stamp) "Hello. Can I please have a Stoli and tonic, a Bloody Mary and a lime daiquiri, please?" (Shirley) "Well. Look at what the cat dragged in. What have actually we acquired here, eh? A pair of showgirls, have we? where did you females come in from? Uranus?" (Terence Stamp) "Could i please have a Stoli --" (Shirley) "No. Ya can"t have. Ya can"t have nothing. We"ve gained nothing here for world like you. Nothin"." (Terence Stamp) "You"ve acquired to be fucking joking." (Terence Stamp) "That"s just what this country needs: a cock in a frock ~ above a rock." (Terence Stamp) "Now listen here, you mullet. Why don"t you just light her tampon, and blow your crate apart? since it"s the only bang you"re ever before gonna get, sweetheart." (Terence Stamp) "It"s funny. Us all sit around mindlessly slagging off that vile stink-hole the a city. Yet in its very own strange way, it takes care of us. Ns don"t recognize if the ugly wall surface of suburbia"s been placed there to avoid them acquiring in, or us getting out. Come on. Don"t let it traction you down. Let that toughen you up. I deserve to only fight because I"ve learnt to. Gift a guy one day and also a mrs the following isn"t simple thing to do." (Terence Stamp) "You got us right into this, Anthony Belrose. And also I indicate you begin thinking around how to obtain us back, or i don"t an intricate your chances of ever trying being a husband again." (Terence Stamp) "Ladies, start your engines." (Terence Stamp) "Oh. Uh, gather around girls, uh, permit me present you a trick. You, um, drink the Gin --" (Terence Stamp) "Aaah. Uh, fill the bottle up v water and then put it back in the fridge." (Hugo Weaving) "Va-t"en vous. What about the scotch?" (Terence Stamp) "Aha. That"s where the free tea bags come in handy." (Terence Stamp) "We"ve just recently found that young Anthony here, bats for both teams." (Hugo Weaving) "I execute not." (Guy Pearce) "Oh, therefore we"re straight?" (Hugo Weaving) "No." (Guy Pearce) "Oh, we"re not. So we"re a donut puncher, after ~ all?" (Hugo Weaving) "No." (Guy Pearce) "Then what the hell room we?" (Hugo Weaving) "I don"t fuckin" know." (Terence Stamp) "What a nice dog. What"s it"s name?" (Bill Hunter) "Herpes. If she"s good, she"ll heal." (Terence Stamp) "Oh, that"s a novel idea. Let"s ingredient ourselves to death. Imagine the headlines: "Whales coast Themselves In The Outback". "Mystery Bum sticks Dead In Drag"." (Terence Stamp) "One much more push, I"m gonna come smack his challenge so difficult he"ll need to stick his toothbrush increase his arse to clean his teeth." (Terence Stamp) "Tony, Adam. This is Mr. And Mrs. Spencer." (Hugo Weaving) "Hello." (Guy Pearce) "Hello." (Guy Pearce) "No, wait. Stop. Shit.." (Terence Stamp) "At the very least the bang on her head is bigger than your prick." (Terence Stamp) "I"ve stated it before, and also I"ll say it again: "No more fucking ABBA."" (Terence Stamp) "Don"t "Darling", me, Darling. Look in ~ you. You"ve obtained a challenge like a cat"s arse." (Terence Stamp) "Do tell united state your hilarious joke." (Terence Stamp) "Stop flexing your muscles, you large pile of budgie turd. I"m certain your mates will certainly be much an ext impressed if you just go back to the pub and also fuck a pair of pigs top top the bar." (Bill Hunter) "Bernadette, please." (Ken Radley) "Bernadette? fine I"ll it is in darned. The totality circus is in town. Fine I expect you wanna fuck too perform you? which Bernadette, come and fuck me. That"s it. Come on. Come and also fuck me. Come on. Crap me." (Terence Stamp) "There, now you"re fucked." (Terence Stamp) "Believe me, Bob, these days gentlemen room an endangered species. Unlike bloody drag monarchs who just keep breeding like rabbits." (Terence Stamp) "No, I"ll join this conversation top top the proviso the we prevent bitching around people, talking around wigs, dresses, bust sizes, penises, drugs, night clubs, and also bloody Abba." (Hugo Weaving) "Doesn"t provide us lot to talk around then, walk it?" (Terence Stamp) "Subtle." (Hugo Weaving) "Oh, tack-a-rama. That the hell does every the painting about here?" (Terence Stamp) "Someone v no eight or right foot, by the watch of things."

man Pearce as Felicia

(Guy Pearce) "So -- all dolled up and also nowhere to go." (Guy Pearce) "Mowing those lawns must have been killing on your heels, though." (Guy Pearce) "Oh, you can"t do that v a ping pong ball." (Guy Pearce) "The only life I experienced for the critical million miles were the hypnotized bunnies. Many of castle are currently wedged in the tires." (Guy Pearce) "Oh, for goodness sakes, acquire down off that crucifix. Someone needs the wood." (Guy Pearce) "Are friend Okay? --" (Guy Pearce) "Oh that was fucking charming, girlfriend gutless fill of dickheads." (Guy Pearce) "Hey, have the right to you confirm a rumor because that me? Is it true that her genuine name is Ralph?" (Guy Pearce) "Congratulations, Missy, mine darling, girlfriend did it. One lap of the broken Hill main drag, in drag. That"ll teach friend to take it on the Fairmont Boys college snap champion." (Guy Pearce) "Who desires to watch my map that Tasmania?" (Guy Pearce) "I typical who is the fish the runs this bloody hotel in the center of nowhere, anyway? your mother?" (Hugo Weaving) "No, mine wife." (Guy Pearce) "Ooh, don"t call me you"ve gained an ex-boyfriend tucked far out below somewhere." (Hugo Weaving) "No, mine wife. I"m married." (Hugo Weaving) "Oh, fuck." (Guy Pearce) "Oh, for goodness sakes, look in ~ yourself, Mitz. How countless times carry out I need to tell you? eco-friendly is not your color." (Guy Pearce) "I met this Swedish tourists referred to as -- Lars, Lars and Lars." (Guy Pearce) "This is obtaining too weird. You, and also a mrs ? What walk she used do for kicks? put a bucket on her head and swing turn off the handle?" (Guy Pearce) "Sorry -- Ralph." (Guy Pearce) "Well, girls, what can I say? Here"s to a an enig very fine kept." (Terence Stamp) "Shame it"s not gonna stay that way, isn"t it?" (Guy Pearce) "Do you think I"m going to let girlfriend walk away through all the attention? No chance, come on girls. Let"s go shopping." (Guy Pearce) "Oh. Oh, Mitzi. It"s gabardine. I haven"t watched gabardine because that years." (Guy Pearce) "Come on, snap out of it. You"ll it is in fine. Come on, love." (Hugo Weaving) "Oh --" (Bill Hunter) "That"s it, mate. Girlfriend scared us all because that a minute." (Guy Pearce) "Just had actually to have that extra little bit of attention, didn"t you? nice one, lovey. Pretty one." (Guy Pearce) "Who teach you to waltz?" (Hugo Weaving) "My wife." (Guy Pearce) "Oh, how sweet." (Guy Pearce) "How perform you favor your small boys, girls?" (Guy Pearce) "Do you understand why this microphone has actually such a lengthy cord?" (Unnamed) "Why?" (Guy Pearce) "So it"s easily retrieved after I"ve shoved that up your ass." (Guy Pearce) "You haven"t got any kids stashed away the end there also have you?" (Guy Pearce) "Ta-da. What do you think?" (Hugo Weaving) "When do we need to return it to the school?" (Guy Pearce) "This old guy he play two. He play knick-knack v my poo."

Hugo Weaving as mite

(Hugo Weaving) "Oh, get back in her kennels, both that you." (Hugo Weaving) "What type of bent-childhood -- did friend have, Adam Whitely?" (Hugo Weaving) "What execute you assume ns do? Lie?" (Sarah Chadwick) "Assumption, mine dear Mitz, is the mother of all fuck-ups." (Hugo Weaving) "Tack-a-rama." (Hugo Weaving) "Well, are we bunny-hopping every the way to Alice?" (Hugo Weaving) "I"ve um -- been asked to do a present out of town." (Hugo Weaving) "No that"s enough. Oh, mine tits are falling down." (Hugo Weaving) "Jesus. Give thanks to you. Give thanks to you, it"s an excellent to be home." (Hugo Weaving) "Well, hear to this one. After us did the ABBA show, Kevin had one the those liposuction prick enlargements." (Guy Pearce) "He didn"t?" (Hugo Weaving) "Yep. Execute you recognize what castle do? lock siphon every the fat the end of your love handles, and also actually inject it right into your wing-wang." (Guy Pearce) "Ugh. Yucky. I intend it offers a whole new an interpretation to "cracking a fat", though, doesn"t it?" (Hugo Weaving) ", girlfriend know, I never heard that play." (Terence Stamp) "Play? the didn"t play, dear. Trumpet didn"t have actually a single musical bone in his body. No, Trumpet had actually an unusually huge foreskin. For this reason large, in fact, that he might wrap the entire thing approximately a Monte Carlo biscuit." (Hugo Weaving) "I think we just crashed a party." (Hugo Weaving) "Night, john Boy." (Hugo Weaving) "Come on girls, off your snatches. Rehearsal time." (Hugo Weaving) "Bernice has actually left she cake the end in the rain." (Hugo Weaving) "Purple?" (Guy Pearce) "It"s no purple, it"s lavender. Whaddaya think?" (Hugo Weaving) "It"s quite -- in a hideous sort of a way." (Hugo Weaving) "Where are you going?" (Terence Stamp) "If girlfriend think I"m going come sit about watching Picasso take it on the public transit system, you"ve got one more thing coming. I"ll be ago with the cavalry in a couple of hours." (Hugo Weaving) "Aren"t us fabulous?" (Hugo Weaving) "You stupid bloody idiot. Drugs, for Christ"s sake. Well, 3 cheers for you. Ns hope you"re bloody well happy now. Girlfriend bloody posesthe wit." (Hugo Weaving) "What"s happening?" (Guy Pearce) "Um, ns don"t know." (Terence Stamp) "Oh, mine God. Oh, Felicia. Whereby the Fuckawei?" (Hugo Weaving) "What wake up if they turn out prefer Adam?" (Terence Stamp) "You stuff "em ago in and ask because that a refund." (Hugo Weaving) "What fun. Baby bottles the booze."

Julia Cortez together Cynthia

(Julia Cortez) "Me carry out for you. Me sing." (Bill Hunter) "No, Cynthia, you no perform. They perform, not you." (Julia Cortez) "Refreshments. Lemonade here; ns make." (Bill Hunter) "That"s very nice, darling. You re welcome -- go back inside." (Julia Cortez) "Lemonade here; i make. Lemonade for guests." (Bill Hunter) "No, darling, please." (Julia Cortez) "I make chockrit cracker." (Julia Cortez) "Me perform for you. Me run too." (Bill Hunter) "My wife offered to it is in in the, uh -- entertain business." (Julia Cortez) "Yeah. You perform here?" (Julia Cortez) "I no choose you anyway. You got tiny ding-a-ling."

buy it Chadwick together Marion

(Sarah Chadwick) "Morals space a choice, and he"ll decide his own once he"s great and bloody fine ready." (Sarah Chadwick) "Stop wearing out that mirror."

bill Hunter as Bob

(Bill Hunter) "Well. A genuine life "Les Girls" show. Right, this calls for a celebration." (Bill Hunter) "Hello." (Julia Cortez) "Hello." (Bill Hunter) "Who space you?" (Julia Cortez) "I your wife." (Bill Hunter) "Guess I"ll be going house then." (Julia Cortez) "No. Friend no going. I coming to. I your wife. See?" (Julia Cortez) "I your wife." (Bill Hunter) "If friend don"t mind me asking, what type of cabaret act execute you do?" (Guy Pearce) "We dress up in women"s clothes and also parade about mouthing the indigenous to other people"s songs."

note Holmes as Benji

(Mark Holmes) "Does he have actually a friend at the moment?" (Guy Pearce) "No, no the doesn"t." (Mark Holmes) "Neither walk Mum. She offered to have a girlfriend, yet she acquired over her." (Mark Holmes) "You desire to come beat in my room? I"ve acquired Lego." (Unnamed) "More. More." (Mark Holmes) "We want more." (Sarah Chadwick) "Yes, magnificent.

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Bravo." (Mark Holmes) "More. We desire more."

Stephan Elliott as physician

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