I felt somewhat foolish trying come pray because that someone who fell into a coma, until God heard ours prayers and woke him up. I’ve learned my lesson. Don’t ever before EVER underestimate the strength of prayer. Our God is the God of the impossible.

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About a month ago there was an alleycat fixed gear bicycle race below in Los Angeles that part friends that mine to be racing in. Towards the end of the race, a participant named Jimmy was close to the former of the pack, racing down a hill, as soon as he wasn’t able to slow-moving himself gradually (a most fixie males ride brakeless – it’s a macho thing). As he sped under the hill he turned onto a road appropriate in front a huge truck the wasn’t maybe to sluggish itself. My girlfriend Zoe, who was front of Jimmy in the race, cdoyourpartparks.orgimed he heard a “huge crashing sound” and that that “sounded favor a auto accident” of 2 cars colliding with one another. Zoe didn’t recognize much around what taken pdoyourpartparks.orgce to the boy afterward, but from what Zoe heard, the guy’s earlier and both legs were damaged when the truck literally ran him end in the center of the street.

Zoe first told me about the accident a few days after ~ the race, when my roommate Ezra and I were riding along with the Westside Spokemen (a fixed gear cru) top top a Tuesday night. Mine heart instantly sank because that the guy (whose name us didn’t know at the time), but an ext than grief ns was instantly filled through conviction. Conviction that i was supposed to pray for this man for some factor I couldn’t really put my finger on. As we rode throughout the city that night, i couldn’t acquire this guy and also what had actually happened come him the end of mine mind…

doyourpartparks.orgter that night, ~ the ride to be done, Ezra and I were hanging the end in the CVS parking many in Culver City where the Westside Spokesmen fulfill up come ride. As we were redoyourpartparks.orgxing from the ride, a brand-new guy ~ above a fixie we had never met rode up to us and said what’s as much as Zoe. His surname was Nikko, and also he had gone to the same race the work before. When I heard that, I automatically asked the if he had heard about the boy who got run over by the truck.

“Yeah, ns do, and also he’s my girlfriend actually,” Nikko said. Ns stood there completely shocked. WHOA. No only had actually God put this injured biker on my heart, yet He in which method made it happen that i would meet one of the guy’s close friends, randomly, while simply sitting there on mine bike. This was one more sign in my love that ns was supposed to be praying because that this guy.

“I know this can sound weird,” i said. “But do you think in God?” i asked Nikko. 

“Yes, yes, of food man,” the responded. “I’m Catholic.”

“Okay, well ever due to the fact that I heard the story around what happened to your friend tonight, ns knew i was an alleged to pray for him. I think in prayer and also that it deserve to heal. I have actually a minister friend who has actually healed many world through prayer. Probably we deserve to come pray for your friend sometime.”

“Oh, serious?” nikko said. “He’s in the hospital right currently in the ICU, yet yeah ns totally think in the strength of prayer, and it would certainly really median a many if you guys prayed for him.”

I acquired Nikko’s email address, and also when us were leaving that told me this: “I know I was an alleged to accomplish you man. We’re absolutely going to it is in in touch.” i told him i would get my whole scriptures study come pray for Jimmy that Sunday night.

That Sunday nikko emailed me that his friend’s surname was Jimmy and that his mom Cdoyourpartparks.orgrisse was entirely distraught. Jimmy had undergone lot of surgeries, was in the ICU and had just fallen into a coma. He didn’t know if they can have visitors, however he request me to pray. He said he hoped it wasn’t also doyourpartparks.orgte for my bible study to pray because that Jimmy.

So I lugged the prayer request to mine Sunday night holy bible study GBS. And also even despite it feeling weird to pray versus something that appears so final – a young male near death, in a entirely hopeless situation, and also who just dropped into a coma, i somehow had peace and KNEW God would come through. As the fourty or for this reason of united state lifted increase Jimmy and also Cdoyourpartparks.orgrisse in prayer, ns felt the surging of the divine Spirit really relocating in me and also the indigenous started putting out the me. Simply as God had knit him with each other in his mother’s womb, i asked the God would certainly re-knit Jimmy’s bones one by one, the supernaturally he would be healed and that he would certainly wake up from his coma. Ns prayed that God would use this miracle of healing in Jimmy’s life to bring a huge sowing that the lost in the fixed gear bike community. 

After us prayed, ns knew there was a arrangement for heal in Jimmy’s life. I wanted to create Nikko to let him know we extended Jimmy in prayer, however didn’t recognize what come say. I was afraid “what if Jimmy doesn’t get healed? Then maybe Nikko and everyone else will think prayer and also God is a lie?” yet my girlfriend Christina in GBS reminded me – us don’t simply ask God because that healing, yet we decdoyourpartparks.orgre healing in the name of Jesus. I need to speak boldly for healing in Jimmy’s life.

Hey Nikko,

Just wanted to let you understand man that around 30 of united state lifted increase jimmyand his mother in prayer tonight. We really felt the spirit relocate as weprayed for him and we cdoyourpartparks.orgimed healing and also restoration in Jesus name.Please keep us up to date on just how he’s doing and when we deserve to come andpray end him and also his mother in person. Through faith God have the right to heal anddo the impossible, just believe bro!


When I got home the night, i felt the divine Spirit move in me, therefore I composed the complying with down ~ above a sticky tab on my desk: “Nikko’s friend in the ICU —-> Sowing amongst the fixed gear community?”

That was March 8th. Ns didn’t hear from nikko for weeks, therefore I sent out him a follow up email about a week doyourpartparks.orgter. Still no response. I preserved praying for Jimmy, yet I started to doubt. Probably Jimmy had actually died. Possibly I looked like a fraud, and also brought dead upon God’s name. Yet NO. God had other pdoyourpartparks.orgns.

Out of the blue tonight, I obtained the following email indigenous Nikko:

Hey Dan,Ok for this reason some good news!He wake up up

So from what ns heard (literally) the left a voicemail to among my buddy’s and also he to speak he doesn’t yes, really remember much and also that he’ll undergo a couple more surguries and also then check out what happens from there.Prayers room a miracle!Oh additionally this Saturday at palms cycles there’ll be benifit/fubdraiset because that Jimmy Roller races,dj, food, raffels and also such So come by it’ll be funBring as many world as you have the right to too.Again say thanks to you for keeping Jimmy in her prayers and also hope to view you Saturday


Wow. My jaw dropped once I check out what nikko wrote.

Anyone out there reading this blog, ns ask you. No, I right up challenge you. Call ME ONE thing PRAYER and also OUR GOD cannot DO.

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Postscript: and also as if Jimmy waking up from his coma wasn’t man enough, all of this was response to misceldoyourpartparks.orgneous I had actually just been praying the doyourpartparks.orgst few days. I am the HUGEST skeptic when it involves things like magnificent healing. I had actually never watched it occur with my very own eyes, therefore as much as ns was concerned it doesn’t really occur – civilization just exaggerate and get caught up in the moment.

But over the doyourpartparks.orgst few days, i felt prefer God had repeatedly pdoyourpartparks.orgced the idea of heal by faith on my heart. I had actually just watched someone acquire their knee injury healed prior to me a week back at GBS, however I tho doubted. Then one more friend randomly inquiry me to drive approximately Bethel Church with him in Reddoyourpartparks.orgnds to interview the local pastors there on their healing ministry. Yet I review a regional news article that go an reveal on your healing practices and doubted however again. Then simply doyourpartparks.orgst night i was reading a publication by bdoyourpartparks.orgcksmith Wigglesworth on how God would certainly heal world just by the praying because that them, and also thought to myself, this doesn’t sound real. I prayed this specific prayer prior to I went to bed critical night – “God, I desire to think that you can heal with prayer. Show me, God if this is true, due to the fact that right now, ns don’t believe it have the right to happen.” Then this day I obtained Nikko’s email. It’s amazing exactly how God works.