It was only days ago that we were all enjoying riotous laughter in ~ Tesco"s expense, after ~ their designers got the wrong end of the stick around what sort of "package" lock were claimed to be developing for the store"s brand-new range the buttermilk products.

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But now we"ve cast our eyes end an even funnier phallic mishap: a collection of Peppa Pig shaped biscuits which, unfortunately, scream dick rather 보다 PIG.

The batch the X-rated biscuits to be spotted on proud display in a Yorkshire bakery by London-based trainee accountant, George Hughes. He posted the snap on Facebook, commenting "they do me feeling uncomfortable." and also we"re not surprised.

The human being of social media soon captured wind the the dicky biscuits, and George"s photo has to be doing the rounds ever since.

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With a droopy nose and some unfortunately put icing detail, there"s no escaping the reality that these look much more like a component of daddy Pig 보다 Peppa herself. This is definitely one side of Peppa that"s not suitable because that kids.

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