I had thought my heisting days were over, and also I placed aside mine Payday 2 in donate of games like Kenshi and Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I'm pleasantly surprised, after having picked the game ago up again, that the gameplay is quiet agreeably timeless and also enjoyable. The just reason i had ever before put the video game down to start with was due to the fact that I struggled to uncover a an excellent beginner's build that suitable my playstyle.

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If friend haven't already, go choose yourself increase a copy that Payday 2 for your desired medium, and hopefully I'll watch you out there heisting with me!

Without more ado, let's get on to the beginner's build guide you came right here for!


You have to follow this construct guide in the particular order in which the is written, or you space going to battle on her grind come greatness! The stimulate is Enforcer, Fugitive, Ghost, Mastermind, and also then Technician skills! Go out of order in ~ your very own risk, but never be fear to experiment.


Select Armorer Perk Deck Immediately!

Arguably the most important feature to the game, and also most crucial choice you might ever do is i m sorry perk deck you room going come level-up and also run when in game. Because that this ultimate beginner's construct you are going come be compelled to pick armorer and level it up to the very last map in the deck. This won't be simple task, however as you acquire used to the playstyle the the build you'll also begin to to fill up each card v points faster and also faster.

The factor you are selecting the armorer perk deck is due to the fact that we want to ensure the you space as much of a tank, or damage sponge, together you have the right to possibly be. V this deck, you'll have the ability to run the shotgun armorer construct on One Down death Sentence an obstacle without lot of a actual worry.

This perk deck compliments the Enforcer skill tree perfectly, and also the Enforcer skill tree need to be your main focus before any other skill tree as you play and level-up.

This is your bread and butter, and also for one suggest you can't go without it.

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Ghost and also Fugitive: only Two Points

For the Fugitive and also Ghost skills you only need to spend one suggest in each. Under Ghost you'll desire to choose up the very first tier of Artful Dodger. Every this is walk to execute is give you the extra stamina essential to store up in heists like heat Street, and also get you throughout no man's land once your friend is lie dead top top the other side of the map.

Next, go and also pick increase the an initial skill in Brawler, because there is nothing worse than gaining downed by a melee struggle that suck up your entire health bar. This skill will check out to it the those inescapable sucker punches to the earlier of her dome do not placed you down and out. For one point, friend can't go wrong in negating that unfortunate and undesirable damage.

Now, if you are an inherently skillful player adhering to this beginner's overview to a T, friend should have the ability to take ~ above heists at the fatality Sentence an obstacle without rage quitting every time you gain downed. Don't go thinking you can solo simply yet, however, due to the fact that you still require the Mastermind skills.

Converting cops come the next of lawful angry for her greater an excellent is a must!

Kyler J. Falk via "Payday 2"

Mastermind Is an essential For Singleplayer and also Multiplayer

Before you get excited end the sight of acquisition cops prisoner and forcing them come fight for you, you must plug her points into the medic skill tree simply as I have presented lock above. This is because that one reason, and one reason only; if you do not take the skills I have listed here in the skill tree climate you space an absolutely worthless tank. Get your darn skills up to the Aced Inspire, and you'll be prepared to solo death Wish or take it on fatality Sentence an obstacle in multiplayer.

As I'll describe later, these skills are invaluable to her success at greater difficulties and you'll notification that those there is no them often reason heists to fail or obtain kicked from the lobby before they get the possibility to damage your run. When you've done this mandatory action you may then move on come the fan-favorite Controller tree.

Though no wholly important to success, the setup over for the Controller tree allots you the ability to take part attention off of you. Next from raising your survivability, this piece of the Mastermind tree will certainly make soloing anything up to the death Sentence an obstacle much easier. Climate placing the one suggest in sharpshooter is optional, because all the does is boost your accuracy.

Once you've made it this far, you've probably currently learned your style and also deviated indigenous this fantastic beginner's guide; yet for those of girlfriend still right here I want you to pour the remainder of your hard-earned points into the Technician tree.

Though extremely unnecessary, these an abilities will afford you extra playtime by shortening drill and saw times.

Kyler J. Falk via "Payday 2"

Unnecessary but Convenient Technician Skills

Within the Technician skill trees we desire Breacher and also Oppressor to look the same. This are, arguably, unnecessary an abilities to take it on but you'll evaluate cutting under the timers top top those pesky drill and also saw mission objectives.

Equally, you space going to significantly appreciate the increase in stability and also hip-fire accuracy if you're running the shotgun develop that I highly suggest.

Let's relocate on to what her inventory have to look like, due to the fact that all you should do now is refine your style!

This is what her inventory should look like; don't forget your medical professional Bags!

Kyler J. Falk via "Payday 2"

Inventory Overview

As you deserve to see, the Akimbo Goliath 12G Shotguns space my primary and the individual Goliath is my secondary, and also this is a calculate decision based solely on that Shotgunner ability tree i told girlfriend to place points right into earlier. The quantity of damage you deserve to hammer out with these will have you acquisition on One Down death Sentence heists v a laugh on her face, and also only a slight little bit of chaos in your trousers indigenous minor panic.

Optional, however necessary for my style, room the incendiary grenades you check out in mine grenade slot. I don't use any kind of throwables except for incendiary grenades, due to the fact that incendiary grenades have a decent AoE and will assist in stalling mobs you require to gain away from. The amount girlfriend can lug is six, and trust me, those couple of extra throwables—as compared to three constant grenades—could it is in the difference between survival and also failure.

The final an important bit to this beginner's construct would need to be your choice in equipment to bring along. As you deserve to see above, I have actually chosen the doctor bags. Physician bags will prove invaluable come you and your team, especially once you discover to strategically place them and also direct her team come them in time of peril.

If you're like me, you prefer to pat solo, and also for solo players we require to explore the AI crew members and also their obtainable customization so the your singleplayer games can be the best possible experience.

If you're playing singleplayer then her AI crew members must look something choose this!

Kyler J. Falk via "Payday 2"

Life Is simpler With solid Friends!

AI crew members, the way you equip them, and also where you location them in a solo heist will spell the difference between a beginner's failure and also payday. Together such, you'll desire to equip your crew as seen over in the photo guide. The method I have actually my AI fitted ensures that they have the right to pack a punch, but also take on much more under-the-radar roles favor emergency medic.

Ammo booster, shield piercing, and Inspire are the perk formats I usage on my AI respectively.

My ammo an increasing AI guarantee that ns never need to stop running and gunning. The shield piercing AI almost always guarantees that ns don't need to worry about those pesky shields locking themselves right into invulnerable corners and also downing me when I shot to jump-shot your heads. Then my Inspirer permits me to go down every once in a while without worrying around them do the efforts to pick me increase in the center of a substantial mob and dying appropriate on peak of me.

Per the boosters girlfriend choose, well, I'd say go through what provides you feel the most comfortable for your playstyle. For me, that is always about longevity and also consistent output.

When choosing the tools for her AI crew, I suggest the meta. Going with greatly upgraded maker guns will always be a for sure bet, but it doesn't ache to litter a minigun in there, or also opt for a greatly upgraded semi-automatic sniper rifle. This is, really, simply a player preference since your AI crew members struggle harder and much better than most players you'll conference in multiplayer.

Now you have actually all the devices you should be a effective heister in Payday 2, however to close the end this invaluable beginner's guide I'd like to tell you just how you must play the build itself.

How to Play the Shotgun Armorer Build

Needless to say, you won't be playing any stealth missions properly with this build; however you don't must worry about stealth unless you are achievement hunting. This build is the loudest and proudest of lock all, and also that is what you require to go into into every lobby knowing. Don't get in someone's stealth game and also mess their run up just since you think friend can obtain away v zero concealment and also no suppressors.

Every lobby you join with this build needs to be loud, and also as such you need to play it favor a loud build. This walk not, i repeat, this walk not average you are an indestructible grasp of war. No, this build makes you a less-destructible understand of guerrilla warfare tactics, and you should keep in mind that hit-and-run tactics are your ideal friend. Staying alive is always far better than failing the target or gaining put in custody.

When to run this build I want you to uncover yourself a nice small hiding spot on every heist, in every area, and also learn as soon as it is ideal to run and also gun. Equally essential is discovering when you must hang off, permit your whole team take it a fall, and also then clear the means for reviving and also healing them. Your emphasis with this construct is survive at every costs, and as such you need to be tactically-minded—know as soon as to strike and when to observe.

Hanging in the back can seem like you're a burden to the team, however if you're playing right no one will an alert when you do due to the fact that your actions frequently save the entire crew from custody. Payday 2 is quite interesting in the way, whereby survival is more important 보다 completing your goals, and also this construct makes you a survive master.

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Focus on finding those hiding spots the you can duck into and drop a doctor's bag, and also never be fear to hang back taking pot-shots on opponents who would certainly otherwise walk unnoticed by her team. Survive, survive, and also survive; due to the fact that even together a tank/damage sponge the is your only real job. You are not Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Predator," you space not Sylvester Stallone in "Rambo."

You room a tank, and your task is to outlive your whole team so the your entire team can finish the objective together. If girlfriend play favor the careful tank, the method this beginner's overview tells girlfriend to, you'll uncover yourself climbing the ranking of Payday 2 quicker 보다 your fruit peers.