Synopsis Pups save a swimming pool Day:The story starts on a warm day in Adventure Bay, together Rocky and also Rubble end up up working on the sand in ~ the playground, then collapse in exhaustion from the heat. Realizing the pool is opened up today, castle head end to the pool however discover that the pool is empty. Deciding this is a project for the PAW Patrol, Rocky and Rubble run off to discover Ryder.At the Lookout, Skye is getting ready herself, and also calls to Marshall to hurry up. Marshall go a tiny overboard with every little thing he needs, but he is all set to get great and wet.As a couple of the citizen cheer Rubble and Rocky as they run past, the duo shortly bump right into Ryder exterior Mr. Porter's restaurant. Alex joins them simply in time come hear the pups point out the swimming pool being empty. As Alex worries about the north pool, Ryder assures him every little thing will it is in fine, and calls the PAW Patrol to the Lookout.When the pups arrive, Marshall end up bouncing into the elevator because of his floaty, and asks how he did. The various other pups sell their scores, leave them every to re-publishing a good laugh when Marshall sees the range in the indecision of his judges. Once at the top, Ryder offers them their orders: Marshall and Rubble will go with Ryder come the town's water tower to inspection what is bring about the water come be unable to acquire to the pool. Zuma and also Skye can go come the swimming pool and try to save the spirits of Alex and also the other kids up. V that, the pups deploy and also head out.When Ryder, Marshall, and Rubble arrive at the water tower, they uncover one of the concrete assistance pads has slipped totally free of that spot, leading to the water tower to skinny over and also cause the ar of pipe over the valve come buckle and collapse inward native the stress. Seeing that they need more assistance, Ryder calls Chase and Rocky to lend a paw v their winch and also forklift respectively. Chase and Rocky are prepared to walk - the is, they will be, when Chase takes turn off Skye's swimming cap.Meanwhile, at the pool, the youngsters sigh over the lack of water, and also Skye and also Zuma feel sorry for them. Zuma it s okay an idea and goes come Mr. Porter's to obtain some ice cream cream bars and also popsicles for the kids. Once he gets earlier though, the heat has actually reduced every one of them right into melted goo.Back at the water tower, Chase and Rocky arrive, and also Ryder relays orders to them: Chase will certainly equip his winch, Marshall will use his ladder to anchor the onto the water tower therefore Chase have the right to lift it up, Rubble will lay under fresh dirt and also gravel to help keep the concrete pad indigenous slipping again, and Rocky will use his forklift to raise the heavy concrete slab and also move it clear till the dirt and fresh gravel space in place.Back at the pool, together Alex again laments over no water yet, Skye it s okay an idea and flies come Jake's mountain to retrieve some snow for the kids to play through until the pool fills up. The kids are grateful, however Zuma shortly finds himself hidden in snow, joking at how an initial he was a hot dog, now he's a pup-sicle, and also then shivering from exactly how cold the snow is.Meanwhile, ago at the water tower, v Ryder supervising the effort, the water tower's concrete slab is shortly put earlier in place, and also the water tower is lowered ago onto it, this time, the slab stays in place, and also the tower is balanced and also level. All the is left to do is change the bend pipe and also the PAW Patrol can send the water v to the pool. Rocky has a spare piece in his truck, and also once Ryder closes the valve, Rocky supplies his wrench to remove the dented piece, and place the new, reinforced piece into the spot. When it's secured, Ryder prepares to turn the water back on.Back at the pool, Alex is enjoying being rocked back and forth on an blow up raft through Katie and Zuma, when the inflatable springs a leak and deflates, Zuma supposedly puncturing it v his this by accident. As Skye laughs, Ryder contacts her to permit her know that the repairs room done and he is about to revolve the water back on, therefore let everyone know. Skye does simply that, and also everyone gathers to watch the pool fill up. In ~ first, all that happens is part gurgling and also the water just filling the drain, much to everyone's disappointment, yet then, the water shooting out choose a geyser, lot to everyone's happiness. Alex is ready to obtain wet, but Zuma, gift the water security pup, speak them to wait until the pool fills increase completely. When it does, Zuma provides the OK because that Alex, Julius, Julia, and also Precious' owner, to reap themselves, if Katie relaxes poolside. Ryder and the various other pups arrive, and Alex thanks them for every little thing they have done.A tiny while later, Chase and Rocky are set up to judge the cannonball dispute with Rocky hope he is for sure in the lifeguard's seat. As Chase provides the command, Skye, Rubble, Zuma, and Marshall jump into the pool, yet the resulting splash still soaks Rocky, and also he offers them a \"0\" for splashing the judge, much to Katie and Ryder's amusement to end the story.Circus Pup-Formers:The story begins with Chase introducing the pups as they perform their circus acts, ending with Marshall finishing up acquiring three buckets stuck on his head, lot to his unhappiness because it was due to his clumsiness. Increase on the Lookout, Ryder is enjoy it his grain when the receives a call from Ringmaster Raimundo. Unfortunately, the trains moving the circus have end up being separated. The train moving the equipment and Eunice and also Ellie made that safely, yet the 2nd one carrying all the other animals and also performers is disabled and also might not make it in time because of the repair work-related being done to deal with it. Raimundo needs help, and also Ryder agrees to carry the PAW Patrol to aid with setting up the big top.Ryder calls the pups, and also after Marshall crashes right into the elevator, losing two that the buckets ~ above his head in the process, the team arrive in the tower and also learn of Raimundo's need of assistance. The pups are all needed this time, and the entirety PAW Patrol head the end to the to run track whereby Raimundo is waiting v the equipment and the circus elephants. V the pups' help, the big top is shortly up, however there is still no authorize of the second train. Raimundo it s okay a speak to from his circus lion Leo, that is upset end the repair delays, and tries to patience him down while Ryder concerns as well. The repair of the second train is taking much longer than castle expected. Market Goodway, Jake, Katie, Cali, and also several other citizens are already lined approximately see the show.Soon, Ryder and the pups take your seats in the audience, but Raimundo takes facility ring v really negative news: The 2nd train is quiet delayed, so the circus will have to be canceled. Refusing to let anyone be disappointed, Ryder uses the PAW Patrol to execute in the place of Raimundo's missing cast. As soon as Marshall mirrors off much more of his clown clumsiness in a demonstration, Raimundo hands the reigns the the present over to Ryder.Skye do the efforts to perform the tightrope, however when she falls, she uses her pup-pack to fly to safety. Marshall join in performing a clown routine with his water cannons, and the pups have a tiny fun through Ryder as he juggles pup treats. Soon, the grand finale takes place, and also the pups feather off a springboard to kind a pyramid on peak of Eunice while Ellie poses alongside her mom.As everyone cheers because that Eunice, Ellie, Ryder, and also the PAW Patrol, Raimundo has good news: The 2nd train's repairs are lastly done, and the rest of the circus crew space on your way.

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Raimundo many thanks the PAW Patrol for all their help and, in a circus-related twist ending, Ryder take away the pups home in a clown car, together Raimundo, the circus elephants, and the audience give thanks to them as they depart.