The Ozark trail nine-person immediate cabin time is a spacious cabin style tent with a 7 foot ceiling and can be collection up in under 2 minute. No assembly forced (except tent fly and also pegs) and also you"re collection up for days at a time. Display room acts as a twin barrier because that bugs. Deserve to fit 2 queen waiting beds.


Sets up in 2 minutesSleeps 9Large display room7 foot ceilingTent crest includedElectrical cord accessNice colorALL season


Too hefty 40 lbsFor festival campVery difficult to right tent earlier into original bagAttention: California occupants WARNING! This product contains chemicals to the State of California to cause cancerNot recommended because that backpacks

I had been in search of a bigger tent than the one I currently had. Ns researched this tent for fairly awhile prior to I do a purchase. The time went top top a rollback because that $174 so i hesitated and didn"t buy it. Then, a special bundle through two queen beds because that $199.81... So ns bought it.

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I"ve always wanted an immediate tent and also heard exactly how easy the is to pop up. After ns ordered the product at, I went to the save to pay cash. The delivery took a tiny longer 보다 expected. I obtained two queen wait mattress ~ above time yet did not receive the time till fine over time approximated delivery. I virtually went to refund the tent, but it did no qualify
the time.

I didn"t think I had actually a large enough space in mine backyard to pitch this time (14x13.5) ns barely squeezed it in mine yard. I laid under a tarp before I took the end the tent from its box and it take it me around 15 minutes to put up (&and i don"t choose reading instruction however it is top top the within of the duffle bag).

During my research study on this tent ns watched several YouTube videos on just how to collection up time by you yourself or through two people. This time is a little heavy since of the steel poles pre-attached come the tent, so i recommend having a companion to help pop up and also lock in the poles.

Unfortunately, the steel pole in the back of the time did not lock into position, so this time is defective. Ns did not continue to set up the display screen porch (which has no floor) or placed the rainfly on. I did go within the time to stand up and not hunched over and also noticed the mesh ceiling with several ventilation. I"m certain this tent is good during a wind storm and also rain/condensation issues.

I have actually read numerous reviews about how happy civilization are v this cabin having actually no leaks or wind gust problems. Yet for myself, i am disappointed to have actually been so thrilled to stimulate this time with good intentions and also ending in a return ago to the store.

I love it, it"s durable and easy, yet I think I will certainly order a tent the isn"t sooooo hefty or cold. I think the doesn"t issue if it takes a little longer to pitch, less weight is a lot of better. I don"t desire to provide myself a hernia over an immediate tent. Plus without the load of a 40-pound tent, i can bring firewood! Happy Camping!!!

As found on the save site.

Me w/Ozark time I collection it increase in 15 minutes. Ns did not connect the rain fly nor did ns prop the front porch. Take under was simple as pie...

This is the Ozark trail 9 person instant cabin set up in my backyard snug in a 14 x 13.5 space (height is 7 feet / 84") the display porch is attached, however I did not complete opening up all the items to assemble this tent since the earlier steel pole did no latch/lock (you probably might use a stake to pin it down).

Tent is make of polyester and also steel with huge windows and also mesh screen.

Me gift goofy with Ozark trail 9 human being instant cabin made of polyester and steel with display porch attached at the front of the tent and room divider to separate sleeping spaces & many ventilation. The screen porch is a an excellent place to keep a cooler, chairs, and also dogs!

This is the duffle bag the tent come in. It to be very complicated to roll the tent earlier into its original shape to go back to store. I"ve read many world have had the exact same problems and also went to military surplus to buy a bigger long lasting storage bag.

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These are the two QUEEN Mattress I obtained with mine bundle order. I did not open up these boxes because they too required to be went back with the tent. The Ozark 9 human cabin have the right to fit two Queen Mattresses comfortably. These sweet 6.86 lbs. (4.5" x 12.25" x 14.5") ...