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Essential Info


Quests: do No Evil, Crocodile Tears, location 6 menaphos

Skills: Combat level the 100 or higher (recommend)

Items: Combat equipment


Getting Started




Speak come Hassan in the seller district in Menaphos. He will certainly ask you to send a report come Emir Ali in Al Kharid. Expropriate the quest, and he will likewise tell friend to find a publication on royal genealogies in the Menaphos grand Library.

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A publication on royal Genealogy




The grand Library is in the imperial District that Menaphos. That is a rather huge underground library, dimly lit by flame. Maybe not the best architecture plan, yet we deserve to assure the possibilities it burns down during your visit is minimal. Speak come Kohnen the Librarian, who will speak that all of the books on imperial genealogies are destroyed and also you will have to consult someone external the city for help. He argues speaking come Aristarchus in Pollnivneach. To carry out this, you will have to ask commander Akhomet for a decree the passage. Tell her the reality - the you need Aristarchus come trace earlier royal genealogies. She will certainly agree to give him a decree that passage.


Gear up for a small fight and also get yourself to Pollnivneach (Portsmaster Kags can get you there for free). Speak to Aristarchus behind the camel pen. He will agree to head to Menaphos, however you will certainly be attacked by 4 level 122 thugs upon hearing the his decree of passage. Kill them and also then head to Menahpos. When you have actually killed them, go back to the Menaphos library. Aristarchus should be right at the entrance. Speak to him and also he will offer you a publication in the library on royal genealogy, disguised together a children"s book

. Head to Senliten to fill in lacking gaps in the book. It appears Osman may be the rightful heir come Menaphos, yet tells you to play down this in your conversation through Osman.


Finding Jabari


Speak come Osman, and also then Emir Ali. Jabari, the assistant come the succession of Menaphos, will certainly come into the throne room and shot to protect against the relay the information. Jabari will clone himself and then, once Emir Ali asks you to restrain him and his clones, will certainly flee elsewhere. You must now track down Jabari and his clones roughly Al Kharid.


Jabari will certainly be on the roof of a house near the Al Kharid lodestone. Girlfriend will have to roof climb here in a similar manner come what girlfriend did the in stolen Hearts quest. Head to the roof the the crafting store, walk across the plank, slide down the awning, run past the room v the screaming woman and also walk throughout the washing line, then rise the ladder. You will be v Jabari, who will disappear upon talking v you. The is currently on optimal of the Al Kharid bank. Press on, cross the planks, climbing up the ladder, cross the rope, climbing down a rug, swing throughout the wooden frame, bounce ~ above the awning, and climb increase the brickwork. Speak come him again and, together expected, he will certainly disappear.


Now Jabari is behind the Al Kharid Furnace, this time top top the ground floor. Lodestone teleport to Al Kharid and speak to him there. The will now be in a tent southeast that the silk trader. Again he will disappear. Now, Jabari will be in a tiny room close to the city entrance. Now, in the format of a 12 year old player circa 2006, the will challenge you to a fight in the duel arena.


Fighting Jabari




You will now have actually to challenge Jabari. Jabari will certainly fight with magic and also be weak to slash. His key mechanism of assault will it is in to have actually a set of clones, and you will require to uncover the right Jabari. This is in a comparable style come the nomad fights. Attacking the wrong Jabari will certainly hit you for 10% of her life points. Over there is no skill to finding the right Jabari - the location of the correct Jabari is random. If that takes girlfriend too lengthy to discover the correct Jabari, you will certainly be defeated. After ~ picking out the correct Jabari you will must defeat the correct Jabari. Jabari uses bleeds, so shot to not move throughout the fight. After beating the exactly Jabari, you will have to repeat this procedure three much more times.

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After defeating him, Jabari will try to kill you through a magic spell. This is quit by the god Het, that will dismiss Jabari. Speak come Het, and also then go back to Emir Ali. ~ a couple of cutscenes, friend will complete the quest. Congratulations, pursuit Complete!






Relic that Het

2 TH keys

1 QP


The Relic that Het have the right to be rotate in to the faction leader that your an option for 5500 reputation.