"I Wonder (Departure)" is a tune by ABBA, exit on their 1977 album ABBA: The Album. It was originally part of the ABBA-produced mini-musical The Girl through the gold Hair, which they performed in ~ the end of each of their 1977 concert tours.

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In a hypothetical sequel come Mamma Mia put together by the Telegraph, the track is sung at a suggest in the musical wherein Sophie "dreams of cutting loosened and heading abroad".


The tune is around whether the narrator have to leave behind every little thing she knows in stimulate to seek something greater. The is similar to the track Belle native Beauty & the Beast in this sense. ABBA : permit The Music Speak argues that the track parallels Frida odoyourpartparks.org life story, in regard come the "momentous decision she absorbed her at an early stage 20"s to leaving her young family members in quest of singing stardom".


A live recording of the offered as the flip next to the solitary "The name of the Game", recorded during the Australian leg of the tour.


i Wonder (Rosanne Cash song)

"I Wonder" is a song written by Leroy Preston, and recorded by American country music artist Rosanne Cash. It to be released in October 1982 as the 2nd single from the album somewhere in the Stars. The song got to #8 top top the Billboard Hot country Singles & tracks chart.

Chart performance


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How many

"How Many" is the lead single from the motion snapshot soundtrack for the movie Circuit. It was released top top December 3, 2002, and was Taylor Dayne"s last single for five years, till the 2007 release of "Beautiful".


The track peaked at No. 6 ~ above the Billboard hot Dance Music/Club pat chart.

CD maxi solitary track listing

"How Many" (original version) "How Many" (Big Bang Radio Edit) "How Many" (Guido Osorio club Mix) "How Many" (Lifestylus Deep and also Heavy) "How Many" (Fiburn and also Urik society Mix) "How Many" (Menergy"s Sound factory Vox Dub) "How Many" (Guido Osorio Dub) "How Many" (Friburn and also Urik Dub) "How Many" (Lifestylus Dub) "How Many" (K-Pable Mix) "How Many" (Vibelicious Radio Edit) "How Many" (DJ Manolo and Gene therapy Mix) "How Many" (Big Bang Mix) "How Many" (Bet Boyz Vocal Dub) "How Many" (Dj"s Inc. Mix) "How Many" (Nocturnal minds Mix) "How Many" (Vibelicious Anthem Mix) "How Many" (Wes Wallace Dub) "How Many" (Eddie X and Spiritual gift Mix) "How Many" (the Larry K standard Club Mix)

A sword is a bladed weapon intended because that both cutting and also thrusting. The precise meaning of the hatchet varies v the historical epoch or the geographical an ar under consideration. A knife in the many narrow sense consists of a directly blade v two edges and also a hilt, but depending top top context, the ax is additionally often supplied to refer to bladed weapons with a single edge (also described as a backsword).

Historically, the sword emerged in the bronze Age, evolving indigenous the dagger; the faster specimens day to ca. 1600 BC. The later Iron period sword remained relatively short and without a crossguard. The spatha, together it occurred in the Late roman army, came to be the predecessor of the European knife of the middle Ages, at an initial adopted as the Migration period sword, and only in the High center Ages, developed into the classic arming sword through crossguard. The word sword proceeds the Old English, sweord.

The use of a sword is well-knodoyourpartparks.org as swordsmanship or (in one early contemporary or modern context) together fencing. In the Early modern period, western sword design diverged into around two forms, the thrusting swords and the sabers:

Swords (album)

Swords is a compilation album by Morrissey, exit on 26 October 2009. The album features 18 single B-sides built up from the coming before three Morrissey albums – You room the Quarry (2004), Ringleader that the Tormentors (2006), and Years of refusal (2009). Morrissey approve a full of 24 studio B-sides throughout 2004-2009, and also numerous live B-side tracks, make Swords an incomplete collection of his non-album job-related of the era. However, in his testimonial of the album, Stephen thomas Erlewine the allmusic.com notes that "Not all the flipsides are here, yet all the notable ones are."

Initial copies of the CD incorporate a bonus bowl of eight songs recorded live in Warsaw throughout Morrissey"s 2009 tour. The compilation was supported by the Swords Tour, featuring dates in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Ireland, and also the joined States.

Track listing


The band

Swords (song)

"Swords" is a track by Leftfield, released together the third single from their album Rhythm and also Stealth. That was additionally their last solitary release until 2015. The track featured vocals by Nicole Willis. It to be featured top top the soundtrack to the movie walk in April 1999 and released as a solitary on 5 June 2000 top top the difficult Hands record label, published by Chrysalis Music.

Track listing


Swords (Radio Edit) - 4:05 Swords (Left field leave Mix) - 5:27 Swords (Video Version)


Swords (Left ar Revisited Mix) - 4:43 Swords (To Rocco Rot Remix) - 5:16


Swords (Left field Revisited Mix) - 4:43 Swords (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix) - 5:55 Swords (Cari Lekebusch Remix) - 5:03 Swords (To Rocco Rot Remix) - 5:16


proviso (iOS game)

Clue (full title: CLUE: unravel the Clues and also Crack the Case), well-knodoyourpartparks.org as ""CLUEDO"" in the UK and Europe, is a logic puzzle game developed by EA Montreal and published by digital Arts on the apologize iPhone and iPod Touch on the to apologize iTunes Music store in may 29, 2009. This version is one entirely new game, based on the many recent spin-off video game of Cluedo: discover the Secrets.


Game designer Elijah Renard explained:

Plot and gameplay

Rather 보다 being a plank game, proviso plays out much more like a straightforward point-and-click game where the player travels approximately the rooms from the mansion to collect hints from the 6 doubt to decipher whodunnit. Each situation is time limited, and every action one takes provides up a collection amount of time. Properly making a correct ide within the allotted time provides the player the maximum 4-star score because that the level.

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The player plays a reporter who has to obtain the peak story to deal with a case, and also get a promotion.