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"One soup in the Fire" is a song co-written and also recorded by American country music artist Trent Tomlinson. That is a ballad dedicated to Trent"s father, Don. The song was released in might 2006 as the second single from Tomlinson"s debut album nation Is mine Rock, and also reached a optimal of number 11 ~ above the U. S. Billboard Hot country Songs charts in beforehand 2007. Tomlinson created the track with Bobby Pinson.

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Daddy"s been a back-row BaptistWith his re-publishing of front-row sinHis Saturday night tho on his breathEvery Sunday as soon as he"d walk inHe"s never ever led the BenedictionHe"s never sang in the choirBut he"s an angel with no haloAnd one wing in the fireMama resides by the BibleThe holy bible lives by the bedAnd she"s lied alone so numerous nightsWith bibles in her headPrayin", an excellent Lord, just be with himI understand his faith is tiredBut he"s one angel with no haloAnd one wing in the fireAnd I understand he lives a small left of livin" rightAnd he"s come close to goin" way too far a couple of timesBut I"d trade a thousand prayers if just one prayer would certainly come trueLord, please think in him, choose I believe in youDaddy"s always been there because that meFrom T-Ball come touchdownsFixed mine car and fixed my heartWhen they"ve been broken downI recognize he call for much more forgivenessThan many folks carry out requireBut he"s one angel v no haloAnd one soup in the fireAnd I know he resides a tiny left that livin" rightAnd he"s come close come goin" method too far a few timesBut I"d trade a thousands prayers if simply one prayer would certainly come trueLord, please believe in him, choose I think in youWell, I just can"t imagineWhat Heaven could be likeIf me and mama make itWithout dad by ours sideLord, might you please rememberWhen it"s time to contact us higherThat he"s one angel with no haloAnd one soup in the fire

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Trent Tomlinson Trent Tomlinson (born July 3, 1975) is an American nation music artist. After several failed attempts at finding a document deal, Tomlinson to be signed to Lyric Street records in 2005, with his debut album nation Is mine Rock, exit in at an early stage 2006. This album developed three optimal 40 singles ~ above the U.S. Billboard Hot nation Songs charts: "Drunker than Me" in ~ No. 19, "One soup in the Fire" at No. 11, and also "Just might Have her Radio On" in ~ No. 21. Three further singles to be released in 2009. An ext »

Written by: Bobby Pinson, Trent Tomlinson