Episode 6, we’re virtually in the mid-season finale that One Punch guy Season 1. Episode 6 seems rather interesting and also what Genos and Saitama space up to


The location of One Punch man Season 1 episode 6 is “The Terrifying City.” v Episode 6, we’re nearly in the mid-season finale that One Punch guy Season 1. Illustration 6 seems fairly interesting and also what Genos and Saitama room up to. Let’s testimonial One Punch male Season 1 episode 6.

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One Punch guy Episode 6 starts with Saitama reading a book while Genos is trying to learn from his master. Simple-minded Genos believed that record Saitama’s everyday routine would aid him in his lessons and training.

Saitama still has actually no clue what come teach Genos as toughness training is not beneficial for him together he is a cyborg. At the very least Saitama feeling guilty for thinking whether he’s scamming him. You have actually to provide Saitama part credit for his honesty and also concern in the direction of Genos.

It turns out that C-class heroes need to scout their work. They have to attend to minor crimes and most of them involve legwork. Saitama ended up security his week without doing any hero job-related which puts him in trouble.

Genos defines that if a C-class hero doesn’t occupational for a week, climate they will get removed indigenous the hero registry. Knowing about this new information throws Saitama in panic and he rushes the end to look for work but to no avail.

It’s weird the the terrifying city didn’t have a project for Saitama!

Guess who Back?!


The modern Ninja appears in front of Saitama complicated him because that a fight. It was funny come see just how Saitama didn’t remember Sonic’s name. Sonic tries to fight him, but Saitama declines and also leaves to find work. In a right of rage, Sonic strikes Saitama but he breaks Sonic’s sword and leaves the stunned.

Another hero, Tank peak Toger appears and criticizes Saitama for running approximately in town and also scaring the people. Getting pissed off, Sonic attacks Tank-Top Tiger for interrupting Saitama and his fight. Tank-Top Tiger it s okay knocked the end or in this case, melted out!

One Punch male Season 1 episode 7 Review
One Punch guy Season 1 illustration 7 is one of the most interesting episodes so far. What strategy will Saitama take and also what’s happening through Genos.

The Terrifying City


Sonic mocks Saitama for ending up being a worthless hero. The starts terrorizing and destroying the city. With no hero around, right here comes Saitama’s chance to shine and protect the city. Saitama knocks Sonic out v one beat again!

At the Hero association HQ, they gain reports around Sonic. Because that investigating Z-city, they sent A-class heroes gold ball and also Spring Mustachio. A brand-new mysterious female character appears.

She look at Powerful! So, she Tornado. She didn’t look happy v the decision that not sending out her. Hope to see much more of her later in this season.

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The heroes arrive at the Z-city because that investigation. Kombu infinity appears and the heroes battle it out. The heroes couldn’t stand versus Kombu infinity and end up losing.

A carefree Saitama shows up in prior of the monster and gets attacked. Saitama kills the monster and also the rest in soup! This is definitely the terrifying city whereby hunters can become prey in an instant!


Saitama loss the monster and uses it together Kombu soup. Is it even edible? Is Kombu an excellent for hair growth? Genos can be pretty savage in ~ times. It to be weird and funny to view a tamed Genos doing family chores.

Saitama rises in C-class ranks and also Genos is sixth in the popularity poll. Through this One Punch male Season 1 episode 6 concerns a conclusion.