For the pan of anime franchises “Dragon sphere Z” and “One piece Treasure Cruise“, an can be fried crossover occasion was announced in the direction of the end of 2016. It was an ultimate fight fought in between the finest characters that “Dragon sphere Z” and “One piece Treasure Cruise”.

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One piece Treasure Cruise:

“One item Treasure Cruise” is one adventure role-playing video game that contains personalities from the popular One piece universe and also challenges players to assemble the the strongest crew, loss adversaries, and attain objectives based on fan-favorite One piece stories.

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Dragon sphere Z: Dokkan Battle:

“Dragon ball Z: Dokkan Battle” is an action-based free-to-play anime game. The video game is based upon the well known anime franchise “Dragon round Z”. The game brings the renowned Dragon ball Z saga to mobile platforms with beloved characters, action-packed battles, and also board game-like gameplay.

It is quite noticeable that both games are no designed through some great skill. The just reason for their success is that both games are based upon famous anime series.

The fact that both games are entertaining and contain a substantial story is just icing on the cake.

Bandai Namco, top top the various other hand, discovered a method to do our imaginary cake even much better by combine the two gamings in a crossover occasion that took location till November 24, 2016. It was being called as the “Ultimate Crossover” without any type of exaggeration. Maybe a teeny-tiny bit.

It was a unique instance that football player from both games appeared throughout the board in both games.

The Crossover Battle:


In the ultimate crossover event, two characters appeared as bosses. One to be “The Freezer” based on the series Dragon round Z. The other one to be from “One piece Treasure Cruise”, “Doflamingo” taken indigenous the series of One Piece and also it showed up in the “Dragon ball Z Dokkan Battle”.

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During the campaign, the player that defeated the bosses multiple time in both games’ special stages was tallied according to a suggest system and also the outcomes were released on a devoted website. Individual football player from almost everywhere the civilization are invite to participate. The points gathered can be offered to gain wonderful gifts.


Just after ~ logging in during the can be fried Crossover, One item Treasure Cruise players got a distinct four-star jumpsuit. D. Luffy Gum-Gum Gatling Gun, wearing a rainbow jewel every day. In Dragon sphere Z Dokkan Battle, it was the unique character supervisor Saiyan Goku who was the prize character and also was given an additional dragon stone to play through daily.

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On top of that, over there were an excellent rewards that could have been earned by fighting the crossover bosses in an occasion that ran through November 2. Every player in both gamings had the opportunity to take under Frieza and Doflamingo to knife points towards a running all at once total, unlocking nine different tiers that rewards for players in both games. Players could track the development everyone was making on the ultimate Crossover website.

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The more players participated in the campaign, the an ext they contributed towards the 9-stage reward program. In it, each stage had a certain number of points, v which great rewards were unlocked for all the players who had registered throughout the campaign. As soon as the 9th level of the rewards to be reached, the highest difficulty level to be unlocked because that the special level. Over there were plenty of awards including rainbow gems because that “One piece Treasure Cruise” and also dragon stones because that “Dragon round Z Dokkan battle, to add nine characters for both games. To gain the rewards, players must have earned points and the point out targets in Dragon sphere Z battle Dokkan and also each One piece Treasure Cruise.

The ideal thing around the event was the if the player had not play either of the games, both gamings were cost-free to download.

Quests of Crossover:


In the can be fried crossover, there were special searches designed because that both games. Some of the quests for both games are stated separately.

For One item Treasure Cruise:

A unique stage v level three challenge appeared top top the extra island.A final kind of the boss “Freezer” from the Dragon ball Z collection appeared.A distinct competition prize was likewise placed. It to be rainbow gems and also a special summary of a character.

For Dragon ball Z Dokkan Battle:

A distinctive stage with level three challenge appeared on a distinct event.A final kind of the ceo “Doflamingo” native the One Piece series appeared.Dragon stones were placed as the unique competition reward.

Some can be fried Battles:

The crossover saw some great battles. As we all know that the battles in between bosses have always been eye-catching. 

A ceo fight storyline special Luffy vs. Frieza and also Goku vs. Doflamingo to be made easily accessible during a one-of-a-kind crossover event. The collaboration was because that players who love both “Dragon ball Z Dokkan Battle” and also “One item Treasure Cruise”. V the crossover, you would just have discovered the personalities “One Piece” and “Dragon sphere Z” on a battlefield.

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Even after ~ “Crossover: unique Events,” the stages for the “One Piece” and also “Dragon ball Z” crossover will be available.

There to be a special event collection for every different stage of the crossover.

The One piece Treasure Cruise ultimate Crossover (Dokkan Battle) was held in between October 23 to November 24, 2016.

Some various other crossover events were also planned and also held in the past and some that them were hits and some to be flops.

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