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Join us at top top The Border in W. Springfield, MA to reap authentic mexico food consisting of mesquite-grilled fajitas, tacos, and also ice-cold margaritas.

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End your work day through a happier Hour in ~ On The Border by digging right into $5 Bar Bites and sipping top top drinks beginning as low together $3!

Weekday Specials

Available all year-long, ~ above The Border"s daily specials carry you border-style favorites at discounted prices. Shot one today!


Turn Sundays into a Fiesta through our Fiesta Trio. Begin with soup or salad. Move onto lunch-sized mesquite-grilled fajitas. Peak it all off through dessert!


Begin the week v plate after ~ plate that hand-rolled enchiladas, consisting of Chicken Tinga, Seasoned floor Beef, or Cheese add to a side of rice and also beans.


Get your taco resolve every Tuesday through a la carte tacos starting at $2. Discounts easily accessible in restaurant and also on our online ordering site.

On Wednesdays us celebrate through discounts on our sizzling fajitas! Dine-in or order digital to enjoy lunch-sized fajitas with flour tortillas and rice and also beans.

Bold food selection Flavors at On The Border

Now in ~ your local On The Border

We"re welcome Guests earlier with all your favorites, plus brand-new bold plates and drinks. Shot something bolder today!

On The Border updates your Nutritional info on a continuous basis. You can accessibility this guide anytime by click the link here.

Yes! Our food selection was created all including those Food allergies or diet restrictions. Use the links listed below to access the menu relevant to her needs.

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Allergen Menu

Vegetarian Menu

If you’re passionate around delivering good service and want to job-related with great people, take into consideration a project at on The Border. To join our team, you re welcome click here.