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Residence & student Life Enrichment past The class generally Asked Residency inquiries

The information below reflects pre-pandemic campus offerings. Updates will be made accordingly and in consultation through the relevant departments.

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Summer High institution Students Residence & college student Life

High school students participating in the University’s Pre-College Immersion, Summer Scholars, and BASE Camp programs will certainly live in twin rooms, re-publishing a common bathroom, and also have accessibility to lounges on every floor. Twenty-four hour assistance will be noted by live-in staff, resident assistants, and the Office of public Safety. student can additionally take benefit of the countless amenities readily available on University"s beautiful 200-acre campus, i beg your pardon include a advanced library, high-tech computer and science labs, and the campus dining hall and also Stag Snack Bar which sell a wide variety of menus items.  Office of Residence Life will also schedule a selection of entertaining and also fun occasions for students come enjoy, including however not minimal to: 

Field trips to regional beaches and the cityKaraoke socialsDodge sphere tournamentsMovie nightsVideo game contests and much more

Students will interact in a series of co-curricular activities, including however not minimal to:

"How to it is in academically effective in college" workshopOne-on-one scholastic advisingLibrary presentationsCollege search and application workshops

There is not a commuter choice for Pre-College, base Camp, or the Summer scholar Program. College student who apply to these programs should attend the full residence program. However, high institution students can select to take any kind of summer course available at end the summer as a visiting student. Visit the Part-Time Visiting Students page to find out more.

If your kid takes component in a residence program, he/she have to remain on campus because that the entire program. If students must go house for emergency reasons, college student are compelled to contact their residents assistant and fill out the proper paperwork.

Resident aides are college-aged students that will live v high institution students throughout the duration of their program. They will organize social programs for the residential student on a nightly basis and accompany them on all field trips. Resident assistants are accessible 24 hours a job if a question or problem arises.

Students will eat most meals in the Barone Campus center main dining room. Some meals will certainly be offered within their residential room or at an off-campus location.

Students enrolled in our high college residence program have accessibility to the entire campus throughout their program. This includes yet is not minimal to the university athletic fields, library, dining facility, and snack bar.

What need to my child pack?

Please refer to our "what to bring" checklist.

Is there protection on campus?

Yes. The room of Public security is staffed through 27 permanent members who patrol campus ~ above bike, foot, and also vehicle 24 hours a day, 365 job a year.

Please check out last year"s schedule. Closer to arrival, participants will obtain a finalized schedule.

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Residential students are not allowed to bring cars to campus. university will carry out transportation because that off-campus activities.

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