President Trump’s reelection campaign claims a video it post on society media mirrors Joe Biden botching the Pledge of Allegiance. Yet Biden’s words were taken the end of context. That wasn’t trying to recite the complete pledge, together the article could lead some to believe.

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The prime-time programming for the autonomous National Convention every night top top TV had a recital the the Pledge of Allegiance, consisting of the phrase “under God.” two individual democratic caucuses skip those words during daytime meetings — prompting insurance claims that misleadingly suggested they were dropped throughout the convention.


Q: Did president Obama authorize an executive order banning the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools?A: No. That case comes native a satirical story on a fake news website.

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The rumor the President Barack Obama refuses, or doesn’t know how, to say the pledge the allegiance simply won’t die. Since early in his presidential candidacy, we’ve been getting e-mails with photos that purport to show Obama failing to appropriately salute the flag during the pledge that allegiance or the nationwide anthem. The photos have actually reliably to be real, however taken out of context. The most recent example, because that instance, consisted of a genuine photo of Obama standing through hands folded while everyone else saluted or put their hands over their hearts —

Q: how do civilization who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 pose a threat to civilization who have actually been vaccinated?

A: an unvaccinated human being who is infected with COVID-19 poses a much higher risk come others who are additionally unvaccinated. Yet vaccines space not 100% effective, so over there is a opportunity that one unvaccinated person might infect a vaccinated human being — specifically the vulnerable, such as elderly and also immunocompromised individuals.

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