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nice storage and lots the room because that components but there room some worries when it concerns cable monitoring in the back. Fits the color scheme it works. And has a fan hub because that fans to have actually a many air :).

When ns was initially making my build I wasn"t really sure what sort of layout I wanted. The was until I experienced this case. It was love at very first sight, and also I knew climate the design template would be blue/black, with square edges. If this instance really watch amazing, I"m not sure I would recommend it for novice builders. The paint and also finish have the right to scratch easily, and it has actually rather unconventional internals. When this renders it look better, it certainly makes working in it harder. There is just barely enough space for my board, exact same with the CPU cooler and also cables in the back. Particularly the an are on the ago is quite small, so cabling and also just obtaining the back on have the right to be tough. Again, if you know exactly how to route cables and also such you deserve to really do a an excellent looking build, yet I wouldn"t introduce it for first time builders.


I bought this situation purely because that looks, I"m just very picky and most instances didnt appeal to me. This one yet looks great and uses alot interm the what a instance can offer. That is realitively quiet however utilizing the preinstalled fan hub has the fans running 100% all the time. Thats really the just noise friend hear from it however using a software application or pwm systems to manage them should help the fan noise. My just other complaint would certainly be the sound dampening installed on the dashboard without the window. Because the wiring all routes behind the mother board this panel is a pain to put on correctly with the extra sound dampening. I"m happy they contained the sound dampening to quiet the computer yet they can have put a little more room so the wouldnt take so much effort to get that panel on. Otherwise ns wouldnt change anything around the case. The window shows turn off the computer parts yet hides enough to save it clean. Rubber grommets and plenty of holes to course wires makes it so you deserve to keep the clearly shows wiring clean and also ziptie and stuff the left end wires where no one can see them. And the dust covers over the front peak fans and the bottom because that the psu fan room a quite touch to save as much dust the end of the inside as possible.

Well precious the price offered. Would be nice if it come with some of the Noctis 450 features (the added LED lights and PWM pan hub) but not a transaction breaker

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Simply amazing. Develop quality is superior to my old case (bitfenix shinobi window). Especially love the psu shroud and also color plan to enhance my various other components. Air flow is minimal but that is to be intended in a silent case. Filter"s are very easy to remove and also clean.