A likeable cast, a convoluted plot and capable direction incorporate to provide an interesting heist caper that involves four stage magicians referred to as The Horseman.

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Now You check out Me revolves roughly a group of magicians who contact themselves The 4 Horseman. They have assembled at the behest the an anonymous stranger and also each brings their own skill set – illusion, escapology, mentalism and sleight that hand. They phase a collection of intricate shows that room actually heists design to right wrongs and eventually extract revenge. The film stars Jessie Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Ilsa Fisher and Dave Franco as the Horseman and also Mark Ruffalo as the FBI agent who is tasked with searching them down. There is capable support native Morgan Freeman as a magic debunker out to disclose the Horsemen and also Michael Caine as the millionaire that funds them.
The film was directed by Louis Leterrier, whose constantly moving camera helps preserve the breathless pace. The film combines stage magic and illusion with a series of elaborate set pieces, although occasionally the an innovation borders top top pure science fiction. The film"s narrative structure actually supplies the cheat of misdirection however the ultimate end-game isn"t a finish surprise, if only due to the fact that there"s a finite number of people that can be behind everything. However Ruffalo is always good, Eisenberg plays the cocky magician well and Harrelson is entertaining. It"s a fun two hours that actually does worthy a second viewing, simply to watch if the piece fit together.

Now You view Me was in reality shot ~ above 35mm however it was finished using a 2K Digital intermediate (DI), i m sorry presumably developed the basis for this Ultra HD Blu-ray release. The film to be upscaled to 3840 x 2160p and is gift in its correct 2.40:1 element ratio, the disc supplies 10-bit video depth, a wider Colour Gamut (WCG) and High Dynamic variety (HDR), and is encoded using the HEVC (H.265) codec. We reviewed the region cost-free US Ultra HD Blu-ray relax of Now You check out Me ~ above a Samsung UE65KS9500 Ultra HD 4K TV v a Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player, back the film has yet come be released on the layout in the UK. The Ultra HD Blu-ray boasts fantastic levels the clarity, consisting of skin pores, towel textures and also fine details top top buildings,. However because it was upscaled indigenous the original 2K DI, in straight comparisons through the continual Blu-ray the distinction in regards to actual information is minimal, with many shots appearing nearly identical in close-up. That doesn"t average the photo looks the same, far from it, however it does average that any kind of differences room the an outcome of factors other 보다 resolution.
The usage of 10-bit video clip and a more comprehensive colour gamut absolutely results in an image that has slightly more saturated colour and much better gradations in those colours, whilst the black color levels and particularly the zero detail showed up superior. The use of HDR not only allows for an ext detail in the shadows but additionally delivers specular highlights such as the sun glinting turn off the metallic trim that cars and also there is greater an interpretation in brighter facets such as clouds, phase lights and also windows. It"s this enhancement of better dynamic range that really provides the difference and when switching in between the very same scene top top the Blu-ray and the Ultra HD Blu-ray, the latter just looks more defined and has greater impact. Because Now You see Me was shot top top 35mm over there is a healthy and balanced amount of natural grain in the image, which the HDR grading can sometimes exaggeration slightly but in its entirety this is a beloved film-like image that is sure to please.

Now You check out Me was originally released theatrically with Dolby Digital and also Datasat 5.1-channel mixes and it"s these that kind the basis of the DTS-HD grasp Audio 7.1-channel soundtrack discovered on the Theatrical and also Extended cut of the regular Blu-ray. Yet for the Theatrical reduced on the Ultra HD Blu-ray, Lionsgate appear to have actually commissioned a new Dolby Atmos role play audio mix, which us reviewed utilizing a Denon AVR-X7200WA and also a full 7.2.4 setup v overhead speakers.
The original 7.1-channel mix was already excellent v plenty of results steering and also bass moment to compliment the flashy visuals. This brand-new Dolby Atmos mix takes that currently strong foundation and add to a degree of height to the sound design, using the overhead speaker to either add greater atmosphere to scenes or come emphasise particular tricks. A an excellent example the the use of the elevation speakers to include greater realism is a scene the takes location under elevated train tracks, wherein you can plainly hear the trains rumbling overhead. The crowds in ~ the four Horseman shows have a higher sense that immersion and also tiering, whilst Dave Franco"s card-throwing results in sound whipping all about the sound field with a lovely feeling of precision. The score is spread throughout the former soundstage, whilst the conversation is rendered cleanly and clearly, staying centred in ~ the all at once mix. The usage of low frequency results is extremely effective, providing the phase illusions greater impact – the scene where the "teleport device" suddenly snaps shut is a good example. The Dolby Atmos mix isn"t the many aggressive instance that we"ve heard yet it regularly uses the greater flexibility afforded the sound developers in much more subtle and also effective means than simply drawing attention to the overhead channels. The object-based nature that Dolby Atmos certainly enables for more precise steering that surround effects and given the constantly moving camera this really helps to boost the all at once viewing experience.
The united state Ultra HD Blu-ray relax of Now You see Me come in a black color Amaray instance with two discs, the Ultra HD Blu-ray and the full HD Blu-ray. The Ultra HD Blu-ray doesn"t use local coding, yet the Blu-ray is locked to region A. The Blu-ray contains both the Theatrical Cut and also the prolonged Cut, whilst the Ultra HD Blu-ray is simply the Theatrical Cut. The package also includes a digital HD copy of the film, return you most likely won"t have the ability to redeem the password in this country. all the extras are in HD and included on the consistent Blu-ray: Audio Commentary – This commentary track is v producer Bobby Cohen and director luigi Leterrier both of whom comment on the making of the film, return Cohen seems to do more of the talking. Quiet it"s an informative and also largely entertain track, through plenty of exciting behind the scene anecdotes. Now You check out Me Revealed (11:52) – This is a standard behind the scene promotional featurette that has interviews with the cast and also crew. A Brief background of Magic (11:52) – This featurette is organized by magician David Kwong, who also acted together a consultant on the film, and it looks at every of the 4 Horsemen, giving us a bit of background on the real-life magicians who provided the same techniques. Deleted Scenes (31:57) – There space a full of 13 deleted scenes, some of which were either consisted of or re-worked because that the expanded Version yet most that which were obviously reduced for being also expositional or revealing a character"s intentions as well early. Teaser Trailer (01:51) Theatrical Trailer (02:26)

Now You see Me is a funny rollercoaster that a movie, through a plot that is built like a magic trick, utilizing misdirection before revealing its ultimate twist. The actors are likeable, the direction effective and the plot, whilst constantly silly, will save you entertained till the an extremely end. If we had actually one complaint, it"s that the movie lacks sufficient real magic tricks and also illusion, relying too greatly on what can finest be explained as sci-fi technology. But the film continues to be an enjoyable slice of hokum and also on 2nd viewing some, if no all, of the narrative in reality holds up how amazing well.

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This brand-new Ultra HD Blu-ray relax of Now You view Me boasts a lovely photo that retains a film-like quality that shows its initial cinematography, whilst including greater an interpretation and impact thanks come the HDR grading. The mix of 10-bit video and a broader colour space means that also though the film provided a 2K source, the Ultra HD Blu-ray is the remarkable viewing experience. The enhancement of a new Dolby Atmos soundtrack provides the UHD Blu-ray the exceptional audio experience as well, through an inventive and also immersive soundtrack that compliments the flashy visuals. There"s an extensive Cut the the film on the continual Blu-ray, along with a reasonable collection of extras, renders this package precious picking increase if you"re a fan.