The Ospreys space coming off of a effective season, but they’ve reloaded and are feather for more this year.

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Last season’s 14-11 document isn’t fully indicative the the talent this team possesses. What’s encouraging is the they return all of their production, and also add even more weapons that will prove handy.

Much like UNF’s men’s squad, the ladies challenge quite the hard non-conference schedule. They kick turn off the season top top Tuesday, Nov. 9 in ~ Florida State, the 16th-ranked team in the nation. 

This is only the beginning of a an overwhelming slate, together the Ospreys additionally face a pair of SEC programs, Georgia and Auburn, on the road. In addition, they also face a pair the ACC programs, Clemson and Miami, prior to ASUN play.

While playing bigger schools on the road often serves as a type of fundraising, it can additionally help difficulty a team and also prepare them because that conference play. With brand-new schools authorized the conference, things are just bound to it is in more an overwhelming this season.

After a sweep of the Liberty Flames during the consistent season, the Ospreys eventually fell short when the mattered most. The disappointing departure from the ASUN competition will certainly serve as an inspiration for this upcoming run at the title.

UNF forward Jazz shortcut attempts a free throw. (Justin Nedrow)

Experienced front Jazz Bond has been an anchor that this team, however this season will bring about some family members ties as her sister, Jaida Bond, moved in from phibìc Alabama. The 2 sisters squared off in arguably the most amazing ASUN video game of the 2020-21 season, both putting up ridiculous numbers. It was capped off in dramatic fashion v a Jazz shortcut buzzer beater for the UNF win.

While part siblings might not acquire along every the time, Jazz shortcut appreciates the chance to play v her sister. “Just being able come learn just how she is in her adulthood stage has actually been very interesting,” stated Bond in ~ the UNF basketball Media Day.

The Bond sister are much from the only threats the Ospreys have at their disposal. Returning because that her fifth season is sharpshooting security Rhetta Moore. Her three-point shoot not only helped provide UNF with lot needed buckets, however it has additionally helped further develop her game.

UNF guard Rhetta Moore make the efforts a complimentary throw. (Justin Nedrow)

“They’ve yes, really been harping on me this year to use my shooting fake since people are going to label me as a shooter,” Moore said. “Using the three point shot to sort of open up the video game in various other ways,” she added.

Veteran management is something the Ospreys have actually no shortage of, as Tiffany Tolbert exemplifies. The fifth-year guard has been plagued through injury, yet looks forward to a healthy and balanced run through this invited squad.

“The knee is holding up as an excellent as that can,” said Tolbert. “I’m simply excited to have one last dance with these gals best here and see where we finish up.” 

While having great leaders top top the roster is important, the person leading the group is maybe the most necessary facet that a team direction. Head coach Darrick Gibbs viewpoints his saturday season in charge at UNF, and doesn’t want to clear up for critical year’s heavy results.

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UNF Head Coach Darrick Gibbs addresses those in attendance at UNF basketball media day. (Justin Nedrow)

“Nobody’s gonna give an ext than what we currently put in prior of oneself in regards to what we desire to accomplish,” Gibbs said. “It’s a issue of complicated on a continuous basis… and also just preparing them because that the moment that room ahead.”

It’s no an enig that the Ospreys room talented, together they placed second in the ASUN Coaches Poll. This team is qualified of good things, it’s simply a issue of finishing gamings when it problem the most. Here’s to an exciting season, Osprey Nation!


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