Our long-awaited and much-anticipated Auditorium Remodel task is beginning on august 23rd. We’ll be close up door Coop Court beginning August ninth to include a stage, lights, and also sound equipment to prepare for services while the Auditorium is under construction. We’ll begin having services in Coop Court on august 29th and also to do room for everyone, we’ll be including our 1:00 PM business time back. In addition, fine be expanding our café hours and it will now be open 8 to be – 1 PM.

At ours 1 pm service, please note that we are encouraging student to join their families in the main service, and our youngsters Ministry will be offering preschool and nursery (ages birth to 5 year old).

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Kids at Home? don’t worry, we’ve gained this! ours doyourpartparks.org kids are online.our youngsters ministry is earlier in-person on east campus in ~ 9, 11 to be & 1 afternoon on Sundays

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Rocky Point

Registration closeup of the door | Mission trip | Oct 14-17, 2021

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Sunday 9 & 11 to be (Bible Study)Watch online or in-person top top Wednesday nights at 6:30-8 pm (Worship & tiny Groups).

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Wednesdays | 6:30 afternoon | virtual & ON-CAMPUS

Alpha is a place to discover the Christian faith with others. That a series of conversations concentrated on the questions of life, faith, and meaning.

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Alpha Online

Prayer inquiry & PRAYER WALL

One the the best things around being a component of a church family members is the you don’t have to do life alone. If you have actually a prayer request or response to prayer the you’d choose to share through us, merely click the button below to re-superstructure it, and also we’ll be praying for you this week.

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Prayer Wall

The command Pastor sequence Plan

For 58 year doyourpartparks.org has actually thrived because of the quality and also depth that its leadership. We have actually a good team of Elders that consists of our lead Pastor. Ours staff and volunteer leaders are empowered and equipped to lead well. We have actually a staff and leadership framework that has proven end the critical six years that we can…

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thanks for your attention in contacting us at doyourpartparks.org Christian Church. Please usage this kind or contact the office at 520.298.5395 if girlfriend have any kind of questions and also we"ll get earlier with you.

Kid"s safety and security Guidelines ×


situated under a tent in former of the welcome center Won"t start until 15 minutes prior to each business to permit time because that cleaning Volunteers will certainly ask you health and wellness screening questions If your kid has noticeable symptoms or claims yes come screening questions, we will certainly ask girlfriend to sign up with us online that work

Drop Off

Masks are recommended for youngsters age 5 and also older. Limited personal items will certainly be enabled with your boy in the great - us recommend a little diaper bag or Ziploc bag containing 1 diaper and also 1 party If your boy is end the period of 3, they will wash or sanitize their hands as they enter the room

Pick Up

you re welcome remain exterior of the classroom If your child is over the period of 3, they will wash or sanitize their hands as they exit the roomp

In The Classrooms

Volunteers and staff will certainly wear masks Snack time will certainly be done as normal, with snacks being prepared just by volunteers wearing masks and food dealing with gloves

Cleaning in between Services

All bigger toys will certainly be wiped and also cleaned in between services all rooms will get a deep cleaning in between services