The Crimson Tide and also Volunteers met for the 104th time in the 3rd Saturday in October rivalry, which always ends through one next lighting success cigars.

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Alabama and Tennessee will met because that the 104th time top top Saturday evening. 

Coming in, the Crimson birds led the all-time series, 58-37-8 (57-38-7 NCAA), condoyourpartparks.orgsting of a 10-4 (9-4 NCAA) mark at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Alabama head coach Nick Saban was 16-1 for his career versus UT, including a perfect 14-0 mark with the Crimson Tide. 

Alabama's winning streak contains the 35-13 victory the last time the two teams squared turn off in Tuscaloosa top top Oct. 19, 2019. 

Here's what he had actually to say throughout the postgame press conference: 

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban




Opening statement:

“Well, it’s a an excellent victory because that our team. It’s constantly great. It’s a an excellent rivalry to me, to us, come a lot of civilization in the state of Alabama. I think our crowd was great out there; they had actually an affect on the game, especially the college student section.

“We did some points that we need to get fixed obviously. Shed a pair coverages on defense, fumbled the sphere at the nine-yard line, acquired a punt blocked, roughed the punter on fourth and 30. doyourpartparks.orgmply some points that us shot ourselves in the foot with. Ns think those points really need to get corrected, or they’re going to price us at part point.

“I called the players they have actually a bye week coming up. We have a genuine team we need to play in 2 weeks. We need to obtain some rest. We have to recover, yet we additionally need to focus on what we must do to finish the season and get several of these points corrected.

“Obviously, we want to focus, yet I’m not going come be an unfavorable about the game, I’m no going to be an adverse about the team. yes, really podoyourpartparks.orgtive about the method they went out there and also kept competing in the game also though the wasn’t perfect. Us made the theatre we required to do to win the game. I’m excited. I’m happy. I’m pleased. Over there are just some things we must do better. I still think we shouldn’t should be humiliated to go out there and also play the way we’re qualified of. We should be a team that works to beat wants to beat various other teams because of who we are, what our DNA is, what ours dispodoyourpartparks.orgtion is, what we want our identification to be, and we need to keep functioning on that.

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“It to be a good win because that Alabama. It was a good win because that the state, the world in the state, and every one of our fans and also supporters, and our players.”

Christopher Walsh has actually covered Crimson birds football due to the fact that 2004, and also is the author of 26 books including Decade the Dominance, 100 points Crimson tide Fans should Know and Do prior to They Die, Nick Saban vs. Univerdoyourpartparks.orgty Football, and Bama Dynasty: The Crimson Tide"s roadway to univerdoyourpartparks.orgty Football Immortality.