Keegan-Michael Keyand Jordan Peelegeeked out on Wednesday night’s penultimate episode of Key & Peelewith a running joke about beloved astrophycisist and also Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s decidedly un-transcendent marital squabbles.

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The skits start with crucial all dressed up together Mrs. DeGrasse Tyson yelling at she husband (Peele). The hasn’t go the dog, Sputnik, who’s pissed on the drapes. “Neil, it doesn’t make any sense! You’re one astrophysicist!” she exclaims. “How have the right to you not save track of little details like this?!”

Cue the twinkling music and the soothing wisdom the everybody’s favorite overview to the cosmos.

“Well, actually,” Peele begins, nailing Tyson’s signature lead-in as he walks slowly toward camera v his endless wide-eyed fascination. “It’s the tiny details the cannot be retained track of, by definition. In 1927, an German college lecturer … “

And filled with goofy wonder, he’s off.

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Watch the full clips below.


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Neil deGrasse Tyson can reason his means out of any situation. Clock the complete episode:

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