"My greatest Dream is a world Without Jews"

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An entry has been produced by a new member, and also right currently I"m no too certain what to carry out with it. Google pictures nets a pair of results, and I"ve viewed the phrase used on this very website when or twice. But honestly, external of one tweet by Lauren Faust, there shows up to be nothing in the way of spread, and there plainly aren"t enough images to fill the end the "Notable Examples" section.

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I"m usually requesting assist with the spread, and also finding much more examples that this picture in use. Any type of volunteers? :>


The pic that Faust tweeted came from among the pony.MOV videos by HotDiggityDemon.The expression itself come from an additional HDD animation around sonic.

I did some searching, and also I think I can have uncovered the beginning of the quote:

"It is indeed possible that this terrorist methods maysucceed where the roman soldateska the Titus and thepyres of Torquemada failed, namely, to bring to realitythe sanguinary dream of knife Marx--a people withoutJews."

this is the advent to A civilization Without Jews by knife Marx, gift an alternate title come his publication On the Jewish Question. This part, the introduction, was created by Dagobert D. Runes.

Here"s the links:http://www.resist.com/Onlinebooks/Marx-WorldWithoutJews.pdfhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Jewish_Question

I"m surprised come hear around that origin only dating back to 2012

I remember hear this phrase quite a couple of times roughly forums and I thought it could have been a bit older 보다 that

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