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As we constantly say top top this site, here we show tattoos for all tastes.

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In this details article, we have actually compiled a series of strange and also funny tattoos that will surely make you smile.

If you room curious, sign up with us on this tour, we have 109 images of funny and also comic tattoos, perhaps you favor it to do it.

And if not, then at least you will spend a really entertaining time.

Our selection of funny tattoos (and a small strange)

Well us have found everything top top the net, tiny comic tattoos , which would certainly go virtually unnoticed, huge and to mark tattoos, because that men and women , with characters, logos, symbols and also much more.

Let’s go to the images please.

Funny tattoos

In this ar you will uncover all kinds of funny tattoos.

You will see that later we have likewise prepared part categories of strange and also comic tattoos.

But to begin with, let’s see a small bit that everything.

Wings in the back

Client: «I would favor to tattoo a pair of wings on my back»

Tattooist: «Of course, execute not say more»

And this was the result.

Or is a girl through a most sense that humor, a pan of chicken wings, or this tattoo is a complete failure.

Out that service

It’s amazing exactly how some human being take benefit of a defect in your bodies to obtain a funny tattoo.

They have an admirable attitude.

In this case, a male with a problem in his ear chose to tattoo the expression «Out that order» which way «Out the Service».


Damn baldness

Hell, look at what this sheep has done.

He is balding this an excellent man.

Here is the evidence of the crime:

Beginner tattoo

This is a test tattoo.

Please ignore it.

report this adPriceless

There space things that space priceless.

For everything else, over there is a well-known credit card.


My dad will certainly kill you

If you’re seeing this tattoo and also my dad finds out, he sure will desire to death you.

Look in ~ the image and you’ll know what i mean.


Oh no, no no washer

Please, put on a washer.

This will stop an undesirable pregnancy or something worse.


Piglet number 1 visited the market

As us said, some civilization have a good sense of humor and they show it through their tattoos.

In the lack of a finger, we choose a funny architecture for a an excellent tattoo on the foot and go.

Tattoo top top the toes

This design, besides being fun, surprises through its high quality.

It is an significant tattoo.

Here walk the photo:

Pizza Hut, burger King, Mc Donalds and also more

The tattoos that this guy explain plenty of things.

Among them, his physics condition.

Dummy jumping on the trampoline

Wow, I could be all day watching just how this tattoo moves.

A genius who had actually this idea.

Terrorist tattoo

Who would get a tattoo like that?

Be careful, it will explode in 3, 2, 1 …!

Tattoo that Superman Lego

This superhero works tough to keep every little thing in place, all the time.

Look at the picture

Pikachu tattoo

The funny thing about this tattoo is the the original design included only the Pikachu that appears on the illustration sheet.

But it to be so terrible that whoever was wearing that on his skin looked for a good tattoo artist to transform the style into a decent tattoo prefer the one we see in the image.

Pinocchio Tattoo

Oh, no, it deserve to not be.

I have the right to not think what i see.

But it appears that someone made decision to obtain a tattoo like the one shown in the picture.

Where is Wally?

If you want a funny tattoo, this is wonderful idea.

So you can an obstacle your girl friend or boyfriend, an overwhelming him to uncover Wally.

I’ll leaving you right here many an ext images of tattoos as strange as they space funny.



Eye tattoos

Eye tattoos in weird places deserve to be really funny … or disturbing.

We are going to watch some images.

Eyes in the neck

To check out everything, nothing better than large eyes in the neck.

These seem to it is in angry.


One eye

This tattoo offers a really strange look come this masculine head.

It looks prefer an extraterrestrial with just one eye.

Eye tattoo ~ above the eyelids

Another incredible tattoo.

Tattooed eye on the eyelids.

He want to have actually blue eyes and also he additionally liked come dream v his eyes open.

With this tattoo he killed two birds through one stone.

Here are an ext images of funny and also funny tattoos with eyes.

Navel Tattoos

The navel is often part of the design in comic tattoos.

Now let’s watch a few examples.

Minion tattoo

It sticks out your tongue, the an extremely daring.

It is a really comical design.

Rare and also disturbing tattoo

This is the strangest and also most mental tattoo that the entire article.

I do not recognize what that is and also I carry out not want to have it in mine belly.

Direct chop, beer thrown

This is a beer belly, literally.

Look at the image.

Buddha Tattoo

An excellent style of Buddha, whose navel matches the one that carries that in his abdomen.

Very ingenious.

We have much more pictures v funny tattoos in the navel.

Here they go.

Funny tattoos ~ above the fingers

The finger are appropriate for carrying little and fun tattoos.

We room going to check out some images.

Pipe tattoo

If you favor to acting a pipe yet the doctor has actually told you that you need to leave …

At least you can acquire a tattoo prefer this one:


Mustache tattoo

You will wear a nice mustache whenever you want, without having to wait because that it come grow.

Without having actually to cut it native time come time and also without puncturing your girlfriend.

Tattoo that fingers the embrace

A tender and fun design.

This is the image:

We have more images the funny tattoos on your fingers:

Tattoos ~ above the butt

There space those who dare come wear a funny tattoo ~ above the butt.

You would perform it?

Would you be able to choose a style like that?

Look at this images.

Funny tattoos top top the chest

Male nipples likewise lend themselves fine to being part of funny tattoos.

They it seems to be ~ to it is in quite constant in men’s tattoos.

Look in ~ the photos.

Mexican tattoo

There is not much to say.

Just look in ~ the image.


Another tattoo through Wally

Oh, well, here’s Wally again.

What a surprise.

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Here us have an ext photos:



Well, we’ve got to the end of our picture gallery v weird, funny and extravagant tattoos.