“An insightful, much information and, most-importantly, enjoyable and also easily-digested look at exactly how we mis-use tech today and also specifically just how to recognise and also break the negative habits countless of us have actually developed.”


“The tone is calm and compassionate while an appealing typographic design further humanises the topic. Both schools and also workplaces would benefit from adopting and promoting the high-level of technology self-awareness and also guiding ethics of engagement set out here.” Amazon 5* Review

What space you ready to lose for a associated life? My mind Has Too numerous Tabs open explores the cost that our digital life inflicts on our offline existence, and also offers a toolkit come anyone who has lost your way.

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Whether you are taking care of a companion who is mindlessly scrolling fairly than listening to you (phubbing), flooding society media v your child’s image (sharenting), or panicking whenever you misplace her phone (nomophobia), learn how to recognise and label dependent behaviours – both of yourself and others – and find actionable answer in this book.

Complete with diagnostic travel guide to tell-tale signs and also a manifest for boosted digital citizenship, this habit-improving bible offers the conversation-starting vocabulary us so desperately must understand and also untangle our relationship with technology for a an ext humane world.

“Learn how to recognise and label dependence behaviours – both of yourself and others – and also find action answers.”

Doomscrolling – endlessly consuming doom-and-gloom news, a habit perpetuated by attention-seeking algorithms that triggers anxiety and also depression

Comparison society – 52% of teenagers feel less confident because of feeling insufficient when comparing your social media file with other people’s

Vampire Shoppers – dead-of-night, sleepless shoppers who invest a third more than daytime shoppers, and selection from nocturnal gamers to worn down parents

Digital Legacies– before the finish of the century there might be 4.9 billion deceased net users, yet just 7% of united state want our digital profiles kept after death

Cyberchondria – Dr Google is causing a tide of misdiagnoses from anxious searchers, v 35% the all us adults among this number

And many much more inside ‘My brain has Too many Tabs Open’…

"An insightful, informative and, most-importantly, enjoyable and also easily-digested watch at how we mis-use technology today and specifically how to recognise and also break the poor habits plenty of of us have developed. The tone is calm and compassionate if an appeal typographic style further humanises the topic. Both schools and also workplaces would benefit from adopting and also promoting the high-level of technology self-awareness and guiding principles of engagement collection out here.“

Amazon 5* Review

"Engaging story-telling and also practical solutions. Ns really enjoyed reading this book - each chapter has actually a problem and then some handy solutions. It is every well and good to speak "use social media less" but actually having actually a focused method to wean ourselves turn off it makes it feel possible. The style is easy to read and has offered me pause for thought. Us all need a copy the this book!“

Amazon 5* Review

"As well together being a great read, this publication is a really timely wake-up call. Goodin reflects us exactly how we have the right to make a conscious choice to prioritise real human relationships over pseudo digital ones.“

Amazon 5* Review

"A very readable outline of the main problems modern technology poses the average person. Goodin"s book offers attainable and realistic methods to reduce an innovation use and the burdens it can place on us as individuals and also our relationships. Never ever felt patronising either, i beg your pardon is important, due to the fact that who desires to it is in patronised?"

5* evaluation Goodreads

"I flew with this publication in an afternoon as so much of that resonated with me. Native ‘nomophobia’ to ‘multi-screening’, the publication identifies a organize of unhelpful after-effects of our digital world, and also entertainingly illustrates lock with real life examples. It goes ~ above to offer pithy and also practical advice about how to address each problem, and also has make me freshly evaluate my partnership with tech. Very recommended.”

Amazon 5* testimonial

"Thought-provoking, real-life scenarios that the results of our periodically tenuous relationship with modern technology - and a number of mechanisms because that identifying and also finding services for dependent behaviours."

Amazon 5* Review

"Highly readable publication that offers us all pause for thought particularly as our reliance top top the digital civilization seems to be spiralling in the critical 18 months."

Amazon 5* Review

"I really appreciated this book. Goodin presented lots of facts follow me with an individual stories that give an insight into why too much time online have the right to be an issue. She has good advice that we can all use to our tech usage."

5* evaluation Goodreads

Practical solutions and descriptions of situations we all battle with daily will aid you untangle your connection with tech and also put you back in control, no your phone call or the social media platform. Take back control now.

“Tanya Goodin is a digital decoding campaigner and also agony aunt sounding the alarm on digital lifestyle concerns we wrestle v daily”.

Tanya has actually written another two books on our relationship with technology: ‘Off: her Digital decoding for a far better Life’ is a pocket-sized overview for all periods on convert off and also enjoying a more balanced connection with tech. ‘Stop Staring in ~ Screens’ is a practical handbook for families to read together to uncover ways of living happily with displays at home.


“She presents an easy ideas alongside helpful suggestions for exactly how to implement them – leaving friend inspired and also motivated by the end.”


“Perhaps the ideal compliment I have the right to pay this is that as soon as i started analysis this, mine 13-year-old son started looking end my shoulder, and also in brief order said, “I desire to review this as shortly as you’re done. And also I want to carry out this.”

“I’ve transitioned from technology pioneer, v 25 years at the digital coalface, to digital canary. And spent the last te warning around the comes danger. Now I want to aid everyone survive the avalanche of difficulties that endangers to engulf us.”

If you"re interested in talking to Tanya, or booking she for an event, please usage the kind below to obtain in touch.

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