Answer: supplies a range of turntables that differ contempt in operation and also features. The AT-LP60 turntable is a popular selection for casual listening. One factor for this popularity is the turntable’s fully-automatic operation, which enables the user to placed on the record, press play, walk away and also enjoy the analog sound. Proper setup that the turntable is, that course, important, however the AT-LP60 has actually a reasonably simple setup process, so you will do it be up and also running in no time.

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Belt and tone arm setup

Carefully eliminate the turntable native the packaging and also verify that every one of the parts and accessories are present. You should have:Turntable v dust cover and also pre-installed cartridge and stylusDie-cast aluminum platter v the journey belt attached come the bottom ring the the slip mat, 45 RPM adapter, two stereo audio adapter cables, and also the user manual.Place the plate on the turntable’s facility spindle, making certain the plate is completely seated.Rotate the plate by hand until the large rectangular opening v the red ribbon is positioned in the top left corner of the turntable, likewise known as the “10 o’clock” position. This will disclose the brass colored motor pulley. (Note: make sure you room exposing the brass pulley and also not the white plastic write-up at the “2 o’clock” position.)While holding the platter steady, eliminate the tape holding the red ribbon come the platter, then use the ribbon to guide the journey belt (attached to the underside that the platter) over the brass engine pulley. Make particular the belt is appropriately seated ~ above the motor wheel so that is speak in the pulley’s groove. This is essential to ensure the the turntable operates at the proper speed. Also, verify the the belt is not twisted top top the engine pulley.Once the belt is properly set up on the motor pulley, you might remove and also discard the red ribbon.Place the on slide mat on the platter and also (with the tone eight still fastened to its rest) turn the platter ten time in the clockwise direction. This is to make specific the automatic device is completely cycled.Remove the plastic tie the is securing the tone eight to that rest and discard the plastic tie.

Connection setup

Connect the turntable’s permanently attached strength cord come an AC outlet through the proper voltage for the AT-LP60 you space using. The voltage the the AT-LP60 deserve to be uncovered on the label located at the rear of the turntable.Connect the RCA (red and also white) plugs come your wanted playback device (commonly a stereo receiver or it is provided speakers).

The video clip below consist of these exact same setup instructions in addition to helpful intuitive representation.

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It is the easy! Sit back, placed a record on, press the Start button on the front of the turntable and enjoy! If you have any questions, you re welcome feel totally free to contact our Audio solutions Department.