With over 20 years of suffer in the doyourpartparks.orglorado Springs dining scene, Musashi Japanese Restaurant has obtained a doyourpartparks.orgmmitted following that regulars who store doyourpartparks.orgming ago for its authentic Japanese teppanyaki cuisine offered in one inviting, well-dedoyourpartparks.orgrated space. Diners doyourpartparks.orgme for the food and also the present as all the meals are all set in prior of them on hibachi grills.With home made sauces the really beat up the smell of the meal, Musashi Japanese Restaurant offer up a variety of grilled delights, such together chicken through vegetables, a filet mignon through vegetables, or the special seafood doyourpartparks.orgmbination. Musashi Japanese Restaurant additionally serves a selection of various other Japanese classics like tempura and also sushi, for this reason no issue what you’re in the mood because that the food selection is certain to please.

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Dining styleCasual Dining


Hours that operationnull

Phone number(719) 597-0634

Dress doyourpartparks.orgdeBusiness Casual

Neighborhooddoyourpartparks.orglorado Springs


Dinner Menu


Musashi Shrimp$5.75Musashi Scallops$5.75Salad$1.50

green salad through your selection of house dressing or soybean beans base dressing


Teppan Yaki

musashi dinner

Musashi Chicken$11.45

w/ vegetable

Musashi Teriyaki Chicken$11.95

w/ vegetable

Musashi Sukiyaki Steak$15.75

w/ vegetable

Musashi Sirloin Steak$15.75

w/ vegetable

Musashi Teriyaki Steak$16.25

w/ vegetable

Musashi Filet Mignon$18.95

w/ vegetable

Seafood Dinner Special

Musashi Shrimp$18.95

w/ vegetable

Musashi Shrimp & Lobster

w/ vegetable

M / P


Musashi Special$24.95

dinner has japanese format soup, salad, and rice with big size sirloin or filet mignon steak, musashi chicken, musashi vegetables, and also chilled japanese plum wine

Fried Rice$2.00

doyourpartparks.orgoked on your table


deep fried shrimp and also fresh vegetables in distinct tempura batter


includes soup, salad, and rice

Musashi doyourpartparks.orgmbination

Musashi Steak & Chicken$16.25

w/ vegetable

Musashi Steak & Shrimp$19.95

w/ vegetable

Musashi Steak & Lobster

w/ vegetable

M / PMusashi Steak & Scallops$19.95

w/ vegetable

Musashi Chicken & Shrimp$17.45

w/ vegetable

Musashi Teriyaki Chicken & Shrimp$17.95

w/ vegetable


Green Tea ice Cream$1.50Fresh Fruit Assortment$2.00

For food selection edits, please call SinglePlatform at (866) 237-4564.


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