The overworked Young Man dropped into a hole, which leads him to one more world. Currently he has become a young boy called Arito and also lives his life accompanied by fluffies. While gift guided by an old Elf named Orst, he enjoys his new life in the miracle forest.

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Saikyou no Ossan Hunter Isekai e: Kondokoso Yukkuri Shizuka ni KurashitaiVol: 3+; Ch: 19+MangaUp!2019 - ?
TagsActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiMonstersOverpowered main CharactersPerson in a weird WorldSlow LifeDaijizen no Mahoutsukai Ashuto, Sutareta Ryouchi de sluggish LifeVol: 1+; Ch: 11+AlphaPolis2020 - ?

Ashuto to be the progeny the a an excellent aristocratic family, yet was chased out of the residence when his magical aptitude was discovered to be aligned through plants and was labelled together a failure. In ~ his father’s arrangement, he to be to serve as the lord of the haunted forest, Obelstein. Somehow, he concerned meet with a member of the rare high elves, Elumina and also they lived together. Following that, countless rare species gathered in the forest, and also a dragon the legends bestowed top top Ashuto through tremendous magic power—? Turned right into a great mage overnight, Ashuto aims to produce the best town with his plant magic!

TagsAdventureFantasySlice the LifeForestMagicSlow LifeI became a Legend after my 10 Year-Long last StandVol: 7+; Ch: 22+MangaUp!2019 - ?

With no various other options, Luck makes the an option to hold the line against the unending demonic hordes alone, come make sure his comrades deserve to escape through their lives. However, v a combination of fortune, skill, and ingenuity, he holds the line because that ten right years, at some point coming the end on top single handedly. Currently he needs to tackle the dilemma of just how to occupy self in a civilization where that holds a myriad that roles: that of a legend, that of a veteran, and that that a brand new face.

TagsActionAdventureFantasyAge TransformationMagicMonstersOverpowered key CharactersVampiresBartlett Eiyuutan: sluggish Life Shitai no ni Dekinai Jakushou Kizoku FuntoukiVol: 1+; Ch: 6+Comic Polca2021 - ?

This entry currently doesn"t have actually a synopsis. Check ago soon!

TagsComedyFantasyIsekaiMagicPerson in a strange WorldReincarnationSlow LifeDaijizen no Mahoutsukai Ashuto, Sutareta Ryouchi de slow Life (Light Novel)Vol: 1+AlphaPolis2019 - ?

Ashuto to be the progeny that a good aristocratic family, but was chased out of the home when his miracle aptitude was uncovered to be aligned v plants and was labelled as a failure. At his father’s arrangement, he to be to serve as the mr of the haunted forest, Obelstein. Somehow, he concerned meet with a member that the rarely high elves, Elumina and also they lived together. Adhering to that, numerous rare species gathered in the forest, and a dragon the legends bestowed upon Ashuto with tremendous magic power—? Turned into a great mage overnight, Ashuto intends to create the biggest town through his tree magic!

TagsAdventureFantasyLight NovelsSlice that LifeForestMagicPossibly the greatest Alchemist of all TimeVol: 4+; Ch: 31+AlphaPolis2018 - ?

Not even a hero, Takumi Iruma gets accidentally mixed in through a group of heroes preferred to be summoned to another world. Together compensation because that the mix-up, a goddess offers him the appropriate to choose any kind of skill he wishes for! Hoping for a peaceful and also quiet life that has nothing to perform with fighting or going into battle, he chooses a look at boring production skill. However, it turns out "alchemy" is the most an effective skill that allows him to produce everything native a holy sword to paris ships! This cheat ability he unexpectedly gained turns him into a wealthy seller and makes him undefeatable in battles! A heartwarming adventure story about (possibly) the most powerful alchemist in another world!

TagsAdventureFantasyCheatsHiatusIsekaiMagicPerson in a strange WorldSlow LifeSummoned Into another WorldBy the elegant of the GodsVol: 7+; Ch: 39+MangaUp!2017 - ?

Slime"s up because that one freshly deceased middle-aged businessman! as soon as the god reincarnate the in an additional world as a boy with magical powers, he discovers that magically-tamed slime room an untapped organic resource! ~ above his sudden death, middle-aged otaku businessman Ryoma Takebayashi finds self in a curious situation. 3 gods request his cooperation in their divine plot, which requires him to reincarnate in an additional world together a young boy! Equipped v magic, young Ryoma undertakes a carefree visibility in the forest, leisurely learning more about his brand-new abilities and also surroundings. And also when he encounters slimes choose those in video games from his former life, Ryoma supplies his newfound magical powers to get an imaginative with his research! will the god get an ext than castle bargained because that in Ryoma?!

TagsAdventureFantasySlice that LifeGuildsIsekaiIyashikeiMagicMonstersPerson in a strange WorldReincarnationSlimesSlow LifeAdapted come AnimeSee every recommendations
By the elegant of the gods 2TV

Reincarnated as a kid in an additional world, middle-aged Japanese office worker Ryoma Takebayashi is life life come the fullest in the kingdom of Seilfall and also testing his skills in unforeseen ways. Currently Ryoma"s about to display off his company acumen by utilizing alchemy and the understanding from his previous life?! together his slimy experiments in monster taming take it a new turn and monster hunting quests from the Guild fill up his schedule, Ryoma isn"t wasting a minute that his 2nd chance at life!

TagsAdventureFantasySlice the LifeIsekaiIyashikeiMagicMonstersPerson in a strange WorldReincarnationSlimesSlow LifeBy the elegant of the GodsTV (12 eps)Maho Film2020

Only 39 years into a life complete of poor luck, Ryoma Takebayashi passes away in his sleep! taking pity top top him, three divine beings show compassion by reincarnating him together a young boy to a magical, new world. Now he safety his time researching and also caring for slimes. Yet after healing an injured traveler, Ryoma decides to set out v his brand-new friends top top a journey to use his strength to help others.

TagsAdventureFantasySlice the LifeIsekaiIyashikeiMagicMonstersPerson in a strange WorldReincarnationSlimesSlow LifeExplicit ViolenceKuma Kuma Kuma be afflicted with 2TV EMT Squared

Second season of Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear.

TagsAdventureComedyFantasyBearsIsekaiMagicMonstersPerson in a strange WorldRPGTensei Kenja no Isekai Life: Dai Ni no Shokugyou wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni NarimashitaTV REVOROOT2022

Whether in ~ the office or in ~ home, this firm drone Yuji Sano functions all the time. So once his residence PC flashes a message about him gift summoned to one more world, Yuji restarts his machine...only to find that he"s inadvertently embraced the summons! now in a fantasy civilization far removed from paperwork and computers, Yuji has just one point on his mind: waking increase from what he think is a dream and getting back to the mountain of job-related he left behind! however this other world has other plans because that Yuji, who quickly discovers his Monster Tamer character class enables him come befriend slimes! and thanks to your number, those slimes help him absorb so lot magical knowledge that that gains a second character class in the blink of one eye! exactly how will Yuji wield his power now that he"s the greatest sage the kingdom has ever before known?! and also what around all that paperwork?!

TagsAdventureFantasyIsekaiMagicMonstersOverpowered key CharactersPerson in a weird WorldRPGSummoned Into an additional WorldShe Professed it s her Pupil that the way ManTV Studio A-Cat2022

Sakimori Kagami has actually woken up in the human being of Arch earth Online, a VRMMORPG he"s been playing vigorously for a lengthy time. The catch? he made someadjustmentsto his character once he last logged on, which he thought he hadn"t saved. Rather of his common avatar of an old, mustache sorcerer, he"s in the human body of a young woman! now he should convince the human being of this civilization that he--she--is a pupil the the wiseman who vanished without a map thirty year ago.

TagsActionAdventureFantasyGender BenderIsekaiMagicMMORPGMonstersPerson in a strange WorldRPGTrapped in a video clip GameKuma Kuma Kuma BearTV (12 eps)EMT Squared2020

Yuna"s not your usual 15-year-old. First, she"s crazy affluent from playing the stock market. Second, she"s a recluse obsessed through a VRMMO game, and she"s really an excellent at that too. She life is pretty lot perfect—until she wakes up one day inside the video game she loves and earlier at level one. She needs to start over, but this time, she has a powerful bear suit that"s guarantee to take her places!

TagsAdventureComedyFantasyBearsIsekaiMagicMonstersOverpowered main CharactersPerson in a weird WorldRPGI’ve to be Killing Slimes because that 300 Years and Maxed the end My LevelTV (12 eps)REVOROOT2021

After dying of overwork in the real world, I’m reincarnated together an immortal witch, and also I spend 300 years enjoying a be safe life. At part point, though, I finish up in ~ level 99! all those years invested killing slimes to do the money to pay the bills offered me a ton of suffer points… Rumors that the level 99 witch spread, and soon I’m approximately my ear in curious adventurers, duelist dragons, and also even a monster girl call me her mom! “This isn’t a dojo, therefore don’t come here to fight me…!” I’ve never been on one adventure, yet I’m the the strongest in the world… What’s walk to happen to mine relaxing life?!

TagsComedyFantasySlice of LifeIsekaiMagicOverpowered main CharactersPerson in a weird WorldReincarnationRPGSlimesSlow LifeWitchesSee every recommendations



SkylarkdoctorApr 22, 2021

I understand meaning of sluggish life however I dislike useless MCs. I check out 10 chapters and dropped since this mc was raised in most dangerous forest where even top adventures prevent going, taught by a solid and way man, had actually fenris as familiar however still gets incredibly scared as soon as he look at a monster like why? Weren"t girlfriend killing lot stronger monster in fatality forest.


Dumb MC. He has actually been clear advice but will not heed to them and regret later. He is reincarnated v the memories of his past life ~ above Earth. How can a functioning adult be together dumb and also underconfident together him? The MC was an adult however he behaves choose a child who has a sheltered childhood. He is useless and weak. The only great thing is the fluffiness.

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I though the this to be pretty good, if you are lookingsomething light and fluffy then this would certainly be nice great. It"s additionally pretty fun following the MC on his adventures and also meeting brand-new characters. So in its entirety I would certainly say this isn"t bad, and great if friend just take place to have some time come spare.