So previously this month ns promised to carry out a number crunch to check out if the is feasible to gain the finest ending in Mass impact 3 via the solitary player video game alone, as has been asserted by Bioware’s Jesse Houston. Whether the endings are actually any type of ‘good’ is a topic of debate, although my feelings are reasonably well synthetic up by this game Front article, yet I want to view if Bioware’s claims were true provided their very own statements, no our judgements. To the end, ns asked Bioware via twitter if their definition of ‘Best Ending’ was the synthetic ending, and to day have not obtained a reply.

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The factor I inquiry is since there has been some dispute on the internet regarding what constitutes the ‘best’ ending, v the typical consensus being that it is the one wherein Commander Shepard lives. Although there are 16 confirmed finishing variations, back the variations are really slight. Regardless, this is no a discussion around the merits of the ending–rather a question as to whether the ‘Best Ending’ is possible.

The factor this is questionable is because players, by and also large, have characterized the ideal ending together the ending where Shepard lives–i.e. Whereby you get the cutscene reflecting Shepard is tho alive. This finishing requires an effective military toughness of in between 4000 and also 5000 if you have a high enough reputation (importing an present ME3 personality required) or 5000+ if you execute not have a high reputation score. So allowing for a 2nd play with (which is a requirement I would take into consideration unsporting, but in line v the letter the Bioware’s claims), the inquiry is: deserve to you acquire over 4000 war Assets in solitary Player alone in the base video game inclusive of currently available base video game DLC? Or taking right into account the 50% battle readiness: deserve to you gain over 8000 war Assets in a single Player game without playing multiplayer

In short: No.

Even if you go back to play through Mass result 1 and also 2 and make details choices with the sole aim that maximising your war assets, the ideal you can obtain in a single player game is 7729, and also without playing any type of multiplayer to change your war readiness, that provides you a battle readiness that 3864.5 (depending ~ above rounding).

In Mass result 3, you can obtain a total of 4819 war Assets irrespective of vault game choices in Mass result 1 and also 2. This requires taking Diana Allers and also using the appropriate Paragon/Renegade choices in her interviews, sustaining the militarily reliable side of any kind of citadel conversation, doing all the side searches in time and scanning all planets.

You can obtain up come 2910 points much more depending top top the selections you make across the Mass impact trilogy. Come get all of these however, you have to do or have done the following:

Recovered every one of the Matriarch’s writings in Mass effect 1.Saved Captain Kirrahe in Mass effect 1.Killed Urnot Wrex in Mass impact 1.Allowed Balak to make it through the Mass result 1 DLC: Burning under the Sky.Saved the Rachnii Queen in Mass effect 1 and released her again in Mass effect 3.Helped most of the Zhu’s hope homesteaders survive Mass impact 1. Shiala must have been pardon in Mass effect 1 and helped top top Ilium in Mass result 2.Completed Kasumi’s commitment mission in Mass result 2 and also had Kasumi make it through the self-destruction mission.Jack must have actually survived Mass result 2.Samara must have actually survived Mass impact 2.Zaeed must have survived Mass effect 2 with full loyalty.Jacob must have survived Mass effect 2 through his loyalty quest completed.Grunt must have survived Mass effect 2 and you must have completed his pursuit by killing the Thresher Maw.Mordin Solus must have survived Mass result 2 (and likely needs to it is in loyal).Save all the Normandy crew in Mass effect 2 (have all the upgrades come the Normandy). Pick to reinstate Kenneth and Gabby to the Normandy in Mass impact 3.Kept Maelon’s genophage cure data in Mass effect 2.Collected a big amount of surplus sources in Mass impact 2.Keep the collector base intact in Mass impact 2.Completed the come DLC because that Mass result 2.Completed the emperor DLC in Mass result 2 together a Paragon.Refuse to take Dr. Chakwas v you on the Normandy in Mass effect 3.Refuse to take it Ashley/Kaiden through you on the Normandy in Mass result 3 once they come to be a Spectre.Convince Kelly Chambers to change her identity in Mass result 3.Choose to use the Grissom Academy students together Biotic artillery in Mass result 3.Do not save the Turian nest in the Volus Ambassador search in Mass effect 3.Support Admiral Xen over Tali in scavenging the Geth dreadnought in Mass effect 3–do no rescue civilians.Do not punch Khasila Bint Al Jilani in any kind of of the Mass result games.Save Admiral Kal’Zoris top top Rannoch in Mass effect 3.Convince Admiral Raan to rescue Admiral Gerral’s heavy fleet in Mass impact 3.Convince the Geth and also Quarians to protect against fighting and both sign up with you in Mass effect 3.Convince Mordin to sabotage/delay the genophage healing in Mass effect 3.Get C-Sec to focus on huge crimes (Support angry officer and also cafe owner in Mass effect 3).Do no authorise the Alliance private’s carry at the Spectre Terminal (Mass effect 3).Do not permit the Asari in the hospital to have a gun (Spectre Terminal, Mass impact 3).

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This is the exhaustive perform as far as I have the right to determine, yet as you’ll note it does need the sacrifice of a many your complimentary willed choices. Even then, it’s no enough. However, if the ‘best ending’ being referred to by Bioware is the synthetic ending, which is unlocked at an efficient military toughness of 2800, which would mean, yes there are plenty of war assets nevertheless of your past background or multiplayer, yet brings us right earlier to the question of ‘is the ending great enough’. That course, Bioware is meant to carry out an announcement about the plan DLC because that Mass effect 3 any type of day now, for this reason we’ll just have to wait and see.