If you’ve been playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and wonder why the game appears to take control of your kart occasionally, then you’ll be pleased to understand that there’s a method to turn this function off.

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For the switch remaster that Mario Kart 8 Nintendo has introduced clever steering, a nifty new feature that avoids your kart native veering off the track and will protect against you from crashing into walls and barriers. This is useful for younger or more inexperienced players of the game, allowing them to handle its more daunting courses and making Mario Kart 8 an ext inclusive as a result. However, it also prevents players from gift able to attain the ultra mini-turbo while drifting, and additionally makes it more an overwhelming to take benefit of the game’s assorted shortcuts and also corner cuts.

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Weirdly, Nintendo has opted to make this alternative the default control technique for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and also doesn’t indicate that it can not be turned turn off in the game itself, v there gift no settings options on the key menu. To disable clever steering you instead need to begin a race, push the + button to go into the menu, and also then push the left trigger. From this menu you have the right to also allow or disable tilt controls and also auto-accelerate, in addition to disabling the mini-map.

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Smart steering is a welcome inclusion for parents who desire to play Mario Kart 8 with their kids, or for those who desire their friends and family members who aren’t have to well-versed in video clip games to provide the game a shot. However, for those of us who favor to have actually as much manage over our karts as possible, then transforming the attribute off will certainly be the first course the action.